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The Harmonious Partnership between Brain Waves XR and Ohmydoll’s High-Tech Body Rub: When Technology Meets Sexuality

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Brain Waves XR, a global leader in using the phantom sense in VR for therapeutic and experiential purposes, has partnered with Ohmydoll, a high-tech body rub company in Canada, to provide a fully immersive high-tech body rub experience. Brain Waves XR has developed virtual reality processes that allow users to experience touch in VR via its proprietary process called The Touch Flow, as well as feel desired emotions in VR through its Hybrid Flow process. The partnership aims to provide a unique sexual experience that is safe, enjoyable, and legitimate for customers in a way that is comparable to real encounters or even better. The mission is to contribute to removing the stigma surrounding sex, provide adults with a real alternative to prostitution, and help adults achieve relaxation and better mental health.

Ohmydoll uses the Flow technology from Brain Waves XR for virtual reality experiences. Customers can choose their preferred mood for the experience, such as the Desire Flow or Intense Flow, through Brain Waves XR’s Hybrid Flow. The VR experience is mixed with sex toys such as sex dolls and other machinery to provide the physical and tangible aspects of the experience.

The Founding of Brain Waves XR and Ohmydoll

Kais Latiri, the founder of Brain Waves XR and Ohmydoll (Oh My Doll), explains that his passion for gaming and technical knowledge of improving the gaming experience led to his understanding of the existence of the phantom sense phenomenon in VR. He realized that matching a sex doll with VR porn could be an innovative way to enhance the VR experience. Thus, he opened the first Ohmydoll location in Montreal in 2018 to test people’s reactions to the novelty and improve virtual reality processes. From mid-2021, they were able to develop a stable version of the phantom sense that enabled customers to feel the touch sensation continuously throughout the experience.

Believing that the potential of the phantom sense in virtual reality extended beyond just immersive sex, Kais Latiri founded Brain Waves XR. The company aimed to explore a more generalized approach to this aspect of VR and create a technology that could benefit a wider range of users, such as those seeking mental health and relaxation benefits or training applications. Within 18 months of its creation, Brain Waves XR successfully developed and refined its understanding and use of the phantom sense, expanding its capabilities beyond touch sensation. The company achieved this by manipulating the light emitted from VR headset screens, resulting in the ability to design desired emotions and offer a range of immersion modes to elicit positive feelings. This innovative process was named the Hybrid Flow, reflecting the combination of technology and psychology behind it. Brain Waves XR continues to push the boundaries of what is currently possible in VR, with its pioneering developments holding exciting potential for a range of applications.

The Challenges Faced by Brain Waves XR and Ohmydoll

Challenges lie ahead for both Ohmydoll and Brain Waves XR. Ohmydoll faces regulatory challenges in the sexual wellness industry, specifically regarding the high tech body rub zoning regulations. Kais Latiri believes that the company needs better zoning regulations across cities, provinces, and states around the world. Some cities, like Edmonton, provide more accommodating regulations for the nascent high tech body rubs, while others still have outdated zoning regulation laws that prohibit sexual wellness industries like Ohmydoll from opening commercial spaces in desired locations. Kais Latiri stresses that Ohmydoll is not interested in playing the Uber game with cities, but rather wants things to be done the right way.

On the other hand, Brain Waves XR, a pioneering startup in the VR phantom sense field, faces a different challenge – choosing the right opportunities and partnerships. Kais Latiri believes that sky is the limit for Brain Waves XR, but the company needs to allocate its resources to the right industries to create maximum value for society and shareholders.

“Kais Latiri’s Advice for Entrepreneurship: The Importance of Knowledge and Obsessive Passion”

Finally, Kais Latiri offers advice to anyone thinking about starting a business. He believes that two critical things are needed for a business to succeed: knowledge and obsessive passion about the idea. Knowledge gives one the ability to act on the idea, while obsessive passion provides the fuel to never give up and persevere through hard times. Kais Latiri stresses that knowledge and obsessive passion act like a circle, constantly building on each other until the idea becomes successful.

Tatyana Dyachenko