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The Nutrition Checkpoint – by Alina Miles

Alina Miles is a nutritionist and the founder of The Nutrition Checkpoint , specializing in weight management, treating obesity, diabetes, and GI problems like Celiac Disease, IBS, IBD, SIBO, and acid related issues. Alina received her Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition Science from Purdue University, and is about to complete her Master’s Degree in Applied Nutrition from The University of New England. 

Based in Beverly Hills, California, Alina is passionate about teaching clients how to start a healthy lifestyle with customized meal plans, and it all started from a personal journey. Growing up in Israel, fresh food was always around, but when arriving in Southern California in her early 20’s, Alina did not have any knowledge about nutrition, being far away from her mom’s home cooked food, Alina started consuming fast food on a daily basis. Fried chicken, french fries, coke and doughnuts were a part of her daily diet. Even though she was not overweight, she had many health issues. Feeling fatigue, having acne, chronic constipation, and craving sugar all the time was a part of her daily struggle. 

After having 2 children and gaining weight, Alina started looking for ways to lose weight and eat healthier. She started learning about nutrition and implemented everything she studied into her life, and in a short time, her acne went away, she was no longer constipated, started to have more energy, craved less sugar,and shed the excess weight. Changing the diet and lifestyle helped Alina boost her health and mood in a way she could not think was possible. Alina understood that food can really be our medicine and decided to make it a profession and help other people who struggle with weight and health issues achieve their health goals. 

The Nutrition Checkpoint was created 5 years ago, and since then Alina has helped many people not just lose weight, but also taught them how to cook healthy simple food with easy recipes that can be done for the whole family. The Nutrition Checkpoint website includes many recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks which helps clients get ideas for new recipes. In the last few years, new cooking devices have

helped make cooking much easier and faster. Instant pot and Air Frier are highly recommended for pre prepping food for families and individuals as well. 

Many people want to start a healthy lifestyle and do not know how, do not have time to cook, or do not know how or what to cook. The nutrition checkpoint was created to give answers to these questions, teaching clients simple methods of cooking that can be implemented for the whole family. Pre prepping food for the whole week is the key to success by buying groceries on a free day and preparing meals for the whole week on the weekend or any other free day. 

When eating out,we need to know what food to order and what food to avoid. Changing meals at restaurants by having healthier options is possible, just need to know what to change in the menu. For example, When ordering food in a restaurant, make sure the food is grilled and not fried, ask to change french fries or mash potatoes to steam vegetables or salad instead, and ask to put the sauce or dressing on the side to avoid consuming extra unnecessary calories. 

These days, there are many nutrition websites available online , and what makes individual websites unique is the ability to specialize in certain diets, trends, and health issues and to try reaching a wide list of potential clients that can benefit from the website services. Eating healthy food and losing excess weight is very popular, but knowing how to stand out and be unique is very important for success. 

The nutrition checkpoint specializes not only in losing weight, but also dealing with many GI (Gastro) issues from having gas and feeling bloated after consuming certain foods like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) to having serious gut issues like Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis (IBD – Inflammatory Bowel Disease). All GI problems can be minimized when knowing what to eat to avoid discomfort and pain after consuming certain foods, and be able to enjoy eating again.

The nutrition checkpoint also teaches clients how to consume a balanced diet without restrictions like the Paleo diet, Atkins and other similar diets that restrict carbohydrates and promote high fat protein consumption. Our body needs a balanced diet, meaning we need to consume healthy protein, carbohydrates, and fats in order for our body to be balanced, to get all the nutrients the body needs for optimum weight. The protein should be from lean protein like eggs,chicken or fish, the carbohydrates should come from whole grains like whole wheat whole grain bread, brown rice or quinoa, and fats should be healthy fats like olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds. 

The nutrition checkpoint also teaches clients not only what kind of food to eat, but also teaches how to prepare food in an easy healthy way which also tastes delicious. There are many recipes offered on how to prepare an easy fast breakfast , bake or grill protein and vegetables for lunch and dinner, how to pre prep food for the whole week, and also how to make delicious healthy cookies and snacks that will satisfy our sweet tooth. With all the nutrition checkpoint recipes, everyone can find food they like to eat. 

Counting calories and grams of carbohydrates and protein is not necessary because when consuming the right amount of food, the counting is not needed when eating healthy food that is portioned out throughout the day. Most people do not like to count calories and calculate how many calories they are “allowed” to eat each day. Instead, just following customized diets and meal plans will make life easier for everyone and will be able to enjoy food without thinking too much about numbers. 

More than 70% of chronic diseases are caused by lifestyle. Consuming the right kind of food, physical activity and reducing stress is the key to start a healthy lifestyle. Diet is an essential key to heal the gut. Our body needs balanced food in order to maintain health and balanced weight. Diet is an ongoing process of learning and discovering. The focus should be on what to eat, not how much to eat. 

Getting clients through an online business can be challenging, and the key is to be really fast at responding to potential clients and also to existing ones with any questions

or concerns. Responding on a timely matter shows caring and being professional in the nutrition field. Any question or concern could be really important for clients to feel they are heard and find solutions to any health or nutrition question. 

It is never too late to start eating healthy, start being physically active, and reduce stress by practicing meditation or yoga. For more information please check website, or you can email directly to [email protected].