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The Triple-A-Way™️ Ltd

The Triple-A-Way™️ Ltd is a Life and Weight Coaching Company based in the United Kingdom but operating Worldwide. Founded in 2021 by Faye Casement an ICF Certified Professional Coach (CPC). The Company’s mission is to help women find lasting weight loss by ditching traditional diet methods that have not served them leaving them battling a history of yo-yo dieting. 

The Triple-A-Way™️ has at its core 3 simple guiding principles Awareness, Action, and Accountability. The Triple-A Members are taught how to channel these skills for lasting weight loss, without ever counting a calorie/point, eliminating a food group, or buying products thus allowing the Triple-A Women to lose their weight naturally and holistically.

It is unlike many traditional diet methods as it helps its members work on the whole of their life by teaching them self-coaching methods, self-love and mindfulness as well as working on weight loss. The company motto is “Your Life, Your Weight Loss, Your Way” as the Faye believes strongly that the key to sustained weight loss is creating your own unique weight loss journey that fits your life rather than what often happens in dieting which is where the diet is shoehorned, forcefully in some cases, into someone’s life leading to them feeling restricted and quitting.

The owner Faye Casement has her own weight loss story to tell which is what led to her founding the business. 

After hitting her 40s Faye started to question the direction or should we say lack of direction in her life. Overweight since childhood Faye too had her own battle with yo-yo dieting and weight loss. She had a successful career in Human Resources but couldn’t seem to get to grips with controlling her weight. 

For years Faye had battled with her weight. She had tried several diets none of which had provided her with the method or tools for lasting success as she would lose up to 28lb but then find the method unsustainable and quit, often leading to weight regain plus some which is a common story for a lot of dieters. 

How it all happened was an accident. Faye reports she woke up one day and realised she had never listened to a podcast before. She stumped across a weight loss podcast and from that moment was introduced to self-development and life coaching having never explored either, especially in relation to weight loss. She says:

“It was such a breath of fresh air to learn that it was not me that kept failing after years of failed diets but that it was the system that was wrong for me. All the diets I had tried before failed as they left me feeling restricted which set off my inner rebel as she did not want to follow the rules that made her feel bad. What I thought I was working on was losing weight, what I actually found was a lifelong system that can help me overcome any life challenge”

Fast forward to today’s date and Faye is at her goal weight. A weight she has not been since she was 18! Having lost over 70lb she is adamant that weight is not coming back this time thanks to the method she has adopted because she knows she can use it for life and for the whole of her life.

Off the back of her own journey, Faye created the Triple-A-Way™️ Weight Loss Program. It combines intuitive style eating, mindfulness, self-compassion, and life coaching techniques to assist the members to find food freedom and lasting weight loss. 

The Triple-A-Way™️ has a lot to offer potential clients, with a focus on sustainable weight loss methods that can be used for life. The Founder Faye is passionate about helping women find food freedom, leading healthier lives as well as using those tools to grow in other life areas, such as, careers and relationships. 

However, the company like many faces challenges.

One of the biggest challenges that the company faces is a lack of trust from potential clients. This is because many companies in the industry make false promises and do not deliver on their results. There can also be a tendency to gravitate to bigger well-known brands thinking them to be more trustworthy. 

Faye says “I have been there, I get it, there is a tendency to stick to what we know. You must truly ask yourself though if these worked for you before why did you quit in the first place? Also are you happy being part of a large scheme where you can get lost in the crowds”? 

The Triple-A-Way™️, however, values satisfaction and a personalised approach so Faye is personally on hand to coach clients to succeed and to resolve any issues should they arise. Faye chooses to keep the number of members she supports to a small number to allow for a personal feel to the program.

Another common problem faced is that many dieters are often looking for a quick fix, so sustainable weight loss methods can be harder to sell. The difficulty with quick-fix diets is they often lead to dieters quitting, regaining, and sometimes adding more on. 

Faye says, “It is understandable why people do this. Often, they are so desperate to lose weight this can lead to poor choices. Thousands of dollars are spent each year on these quick-fix schemes but really, it’s just money down the drain and more lost time towards true food and life freedom”.

The Triple-A-Way™️ is a sustainable weight loss method because it helps to retrain dieters on how to eat for life so they can ditch the diet. It also gives members the tools they need to make healthy choices and maintain their weight long term.

Faye also reports, it can be difficult to get noticed as a small business, especially when competing against well-known brands that can use paid advertising and have a whole marketing team behind them. Marketing and branding are key to any business and with Faye being a one-woman band she does this all herself. This said she enjoys the creativity and connecting in with people on social media and has loved learning about marketing alongside her coaching qualification as her coaching school taught her not only high-quality transformative coaching tools, she can share with clients but also offers business support.

The Triple-A-Way™️ has faced challenges since its inception but it also has many opportunities ahead.

The beauty of the internet is that there are no geographical boundaries so Faye can work with clients from all over the globe. This has enabled her to create her Free Facebook™️ Community “Wellness 4 Women – Life, Weight Loss & Everything” ( something she is very proud of. The community allows Faye to spread her unique message. She wants to help as many women as she can to break free of old restrictive diet methods that in the end leave them stuck and miserable and so she delivers a weekly free weight loss show in the group every Wednesday. 

Faye says, “I want a safe space for women to come and learn about weight loss and mindset. There are many diet groups out there that are toxic and contain a lot of unsafe advice I am trying to address the balance”. 

She also has plans in the pipeline to launch a podcast to extend the company’s reach and get her message of weight loss with self-compassion rather than restriction out to a wider community.

As a small online business, Triple-A-Way™️ has a real opportunity to make a difference. As a small business, it is agile and can grow and mould its services around what the clients need. Currently, Faye has 4 ways of working with her, but the options ultimately are endless. Large corporate weight loss companies tend to be very rigid in their approach but as a small business owner, Faye can change and adapt quickly to the needs of her clients. 

When asked what advice Faye had for others in business she said “You have to be passionate about what you do if you’re not it will become a chore. Also, don’t give up, there will be roadblocks along the way, but these can often lead to new and exciting opportunities if you are open to them.”

Mindset is critical to weight loss, and it is critical in any business venture. Through her weight loss journey and self-development work, Faye has learnt it is essential to plan and assess each move. She recommends getting curious about what is working and not working but doing so with kindness and curiosity to keep up the momentum. Faye often comments on the parallels between her weight loss journey and starting a business. She comments “There are times when starting a business just like in weight loss you will think it is impossible and that you will not succeed, this is normal. What counts is what you do when these thoughts come up. Acknowledge them and move on”.

Faye has created a system that works for her that keeps her focused, motivated, and accountable to herself. This is one of the key things she teaches her clients for weight loss so they can make positive shifts in their lives, and she applies it to her business daily also and recommends you do the same. Faye claims being the captain of your own ship in life, weight loss and business is critical. She says also to keep learning, keep figuring it out and you will succeed.

On final notes, Faye says “Founding the Triple-A-Way™️ has been an exciting journey and she is excited about all her plans for the future.”

Faye is passionate about helping women to love themselves and their bodies no matter what size they are and to see weight loss as a side effect of making peace with food rather than the be-all and end-all. 

The Triple-A-Way™️ is aiming to change the way we think about weight loss one woman at a time.

If you would like to know more about Faye, her company or weight loss service please visit