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Tips from Tia with Tia Cristy

Tips from Tia is an educational and entertainment resource for lifestyle tips. The company shares tips, tricks, and natural alternatives to make everyday life easier. Stress is an epidemic taking place worldwide, but Tips from Tia strives to reduce minor stressors by eliminating troublesome lifestyle issues. Find out tips, like removing stains or alternative uses for lemons, cleaning your hair dryer, or un-stinking your shoes. There are loads of tips on skincare, DIY, healthcare, relationships, and much more. Tips from Tia is a trusted source that vets the tips before sharing them with you. If you need a tip, search for it on first.

Founder’s/Owner’s Story and What Motivated Them to Start the Business

Tia Cristy is the founder of Tips from Tia. Tia has always known tips and hacks like some people know baseball stats. It’s been her second nature. As a teenager, Tia’s friends would call her MacGyver, the main character of a TV show, MacGyver. The crafty genius could fix anything with duct tape and a hanger, no matter the show’s plot. And as a teen, Tia would offer successful fixes to common lifestyle issues to anyone who was struggling.

She became a writer at a young age and continued writing into adulthood. Along with being a newsprint columnist, Tia became a radio personality, working around the country in Arbitron’s major markets. Being a high-achiever, Tia found joy in writing stories while learning new skills. She had the pleasure of flying puddle jumpers, dancing with the Philadelphia 76ers Dream Team, and graduating from car racing school.

In early 2012, Tia bought a new home, but little did she know her world would come to a startling halt. She got very ill over six months. After many tests and tons of research, Tia discovered her home was making her sick. Mold Toxicity Poisoning affects 24% of the population in a debilitating way. It causes a multitude of physical symptoms, including endangering the body’s organs. It also inhibits motor skills and cognitive skills.

As Tia worked to remediate the mold from her home and body, she became highly proactive in retraining her brain and healing her system. One of the therapies she chose was typing out all the tips and life hacks she could remember. It was the perfect way to jumpstart her memory while practicing her motor skills. She started a website called Tips from Tia to hold herself accountable in her daily therapy. Honestly, Tia thought her mom might read it, but surprisingly, she gained subscribers and followers rapidly. Within six months, Tia was on the mend, and her site grew exponentially.

It became evident that sometimes the darkest moments in our lives spark the brightest future.

In the first year of Tips from Tia, Tia received thousands of emails and comments on how these simple tips were profoundly valuable to readers. She realized that what came easy to her was actually monumental in helping others. One emotional letter gushed on how Tia’s simple tip saved this particular woman’s home life. Another ‘Thank you’ letter was how a quick tip changed a child’s life for the better.

Tia knew this therapy turned passion project was more important now than she could have ever thought. So, she decided to go all in, making it a trusted source that would stay available to the world. She took courses and got her boards in nutrition to solidify what she was doing with the site. She gained the title of Tips Expert.

Today, Tips from Tia has over a million unique visitors and hundreds of thousand subscribers and followers. Tia still strives to help others on a regular basis by giving lifestyle tips through the web and social media, like TikTok. Not only can these tips help reduce everyday stresses, but they might just help save someone in a more significant way than she could ever anticipate.

The challenges the Business/Market is Facing

Tips from Tia resulted from a personal storm that turned into something wonderful and substantial. The overall challenges since then have varied in size and come and go in various ways. Take the Covid-19 Pandemic; as the world stopped, most sponsors paused all business because, just like everyone else in the world, they were unsure of what would happen next.

Other challenges include keeping up with the shifts in technology. Algorithms, keywords, social media, security, and many other things are constantly changing. For example, Instagram algorithms change constantly. As a result, it can present daily challenges. In addition, there becomes a new learning curve every so many months, so having the proper assets, resources, and outlets to keep the company informed and up to date is imperative to stay in the game.

Tia knows that consistency is vital in all facets of business and life. The vision remains crystal clear, even if the ‘how’ is a constant pivot. Any entrepreneur needs to keep that in mind when creating their business. No matter what the company is, keeping a steady pace toward your ‘why’ will allow you to succeed. If your vision isn’t clear, your probability of reaching it drops significantly. 

One of Tia’s favorite analogies is the GPS. If you don’t know your destination, you’ll never have the direction to get there.

The Opportunities the Business/Market is Facing

The coolest part about today’s society is there are opportunities in everything you do in any business you create. Tips from Tia, for instance, has the fantastic opportunity to reach a wider audience through various outlets. There’s the web, social media, podcasts, and much more. A great bonus for Tips from Tia is that people want to be less stressed. It increases their desire to find tips on everything lifestyle. Life hacks have always existed, but in this day and age, with social media, it’s at an all-time high.

Seasoned entrepreneurs know that every opportunity can cause a challenge and every challenge presents an opportunity. It’s a fabulous circle and a fantastic ride as long as you maintain optimism and tenacity. The key is to remember to create things that help others first, and things start to fall into place.

Advice to Others About Business

Tia’s number one piece of advice when it comes to starting a business is don’t be in it for the money. Chasing money won’t get you far. Instead, pursue your passion that will, in turn, help others. Offering a product or service to fulfill a need will be far more rewarding to an entrepreneur than you can imagine. Needless to say, money is a great and essential tool, but it is only a tool in life. Money is not the substance of what life is about. Instead, it’s the tool you can use when making a more considerable impact if you keep reinvesting back into your company.

Anyone who is looking to start a business, look for your passion. However, it’s important to remember that your passion isn’t just something you love but something you are willing to endure. Anything great is hard work, so pick something you can stick with even when nothing seems to be going right because it will eventually grow. Nature consistently teaches us that anything watered will grow, so grow something incredible and hope that, in the process, you can make the world a better place.



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