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True Virtue Naturals – 100% natural skin care line

True Virtue Naturals was founded at the beginning of 2019 and is focused on a 100% natural skin care line formulated without harsh ingredients such as mineral oils (petrolatum), parabens, formaldehyde, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclosan, oxybenzone, phthalates, or alcohol.

True Virtue formulates with pure, high quality and high performance, natural plant-based ingredients that are also cruelty free, ethical, and sustainable coming together to create beautiful hydrating skin care products.

Hi, I’m Kathleen Borger, and like most women, and some men, I’ve spent a lifetime trying store-bought beauty products with promises of healthy, younger looking skin. Indeed, some of these products did live up to their claims, however, the vast majority did not. For the ones that did deliver, the cost of using these products daily was far too expensive, in my opinion.

So I started researching and dabbling in various oils, waxes, and essential oils learning how to

formulate. I ended up coming across an online skin care college based out of the U.K. and started taking their courses.

After approximately 2 years learning about plant-based alternatives, I sat down and created formulations beginning with anti-aging serums, to moisture rich creams, to body washes and lotions. My friends were my focus group initially and they gave me honest feedback so I could go back and perfect my recipes. And just like that, was born.

What was once just a few products for my friends and I, is now a passion for sharing pure, natural skin care products with men and women seeking natural, wholesome, and chemical free skin care.

My goal is to provide products people can trust to nourish and hydrate their skin without any harmful ingredients. Plant-based oils along with natural emulsifiers and preservatives enables our products to work synergistically with each other creating healthy dewy glowing skin. Every formula is handcrafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality.

The feedback I receive from my clients is that my products ‘heal’ their skin problems and I believe this is because the minerals, vitamins, and enzymes found naturally in many plants are the same as those found in our bodies. When you feed your skin nourishment, it knows. And our bodies cells can immediately go to work hydrating and replenishing our skin.

A friend of mine, who is an eyebrow tattoo artist, asked me to develop a product as part of her after care regimen. She was previously using a petroleum based vitamin A product but knew a more natural product would help her clients heal better versus a chemical-based product.

Focusing on creating a vitamin A rich product, I set out researching the best plant based oils for healing that would be high in vitamin A, among other healing plant based oils and essential oils. What I formulated became a healing balm for all things skin.

Clients had success using this new healing balm against itchy, aging, and thinning skin, psoriasis, and eczema. It made their skin issues manageable with less itch and helped calm inflammation and irritation.

Some of the business challenges I have found are from a marketing perspective. Big brands have unlimited budgets, however, smaller local companies, such as True Virtue Naturals, can’t afford to compete on their level.

I have an amazing client base who share their skin care story with their friends and, through this, I’ve slowly built up a loyal customer base. I continue to give out samples for my products as they speak for themselves once people start using them and the orders follow.

I’ve also had requests to be a part of Surprise Sample Boxes. I’ve sent many products to Sweet Delight Sample Boxes along with Calgary Mystery Box, which has resulted in some new clients.

Like most companies, Covid also played a role. Many of my suppliers couldn’t source the high quality ingredients I was using to create my recipes which caused delivery delays as I wasn’t willing to use inferior products. It was a waiting game at this point. Along with ingredients, sourcing packaging supplies was also an issue at times. 

The biggest opportunity for a natural skin care company is that people are just really tired of spending an exorbitant amount of money on expensive serums and creams that are filled with unwanted chemicals that eventually affect our health.

People are instead researching organic natural skin care products that support their skin and their health. That said, there are many natural skin care companies but their serums are upward of $200 for one product for one month. For most people, that is unsustainable.

With True Virtual Naturals, my goal is to keep costs low but quality very high giving all people an opportunity to have high quality skin care at an affordable price. I believe every person should have access to high quality skin care that won’t break the bank.

Covid wasn’t just a negative for True Virtue though, as I took that time to create my online store at I found an excellent, local website designer who walked me through every step and delivered from concept to completion, and even support down the road. He was reasonably priced which helped my small business grow.

He was also instrumental in suggesting more men’s products as he indicated men want good skin care too. So I set to work formulating a complete men’s skin care line with my website designer and his friends as my focus group. He also helped me decide on what products to bundle as bundling gives clients an opportunity to buy a few products at a better price.

Along the way I’ve had requests from US clients which launched me into researching how to sell in the United States. Using the knowledge I gained from my online courses, which detailed each country’s rules and regulations in formulating skin care, I was able to contact the I.R.S. to apply for, and receive, my E.I.N. to enable True Virtue Naturals to sell in the US market

If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would have my own web-based skin care line, I would have said “impossible!” But, step by step it has evolved into what it is now. It all started a few years ago when I would notice these little clues that would point me in one direction or another. I began to follow them as they would pop into my mind and it’s these little clues that have set me on this path.

One step at a time, dreaming has become a reality. I have a great support network and it too is growing with each and every loyal client. Some of my clients have become my friends as we start to share our life stories with each other and we find things in common along the way.

I also found as I help more people, more people are helping me. I am often overwhelmed with gratitude for the offers of help along my path with my business and it also spills over into my personal life. I have butterflies in my stomach as I follow my clues and watch how things are unfolding.

My only advice to other entrepreneurs is to sit quietly and listen for your own clues that arise for you to follow. Step by step you will achieve your goals as the little clues allow your path to open up for you.

Pure. Simple. True. Skin care you can trust to nourish and hydrate your skin.