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We are a Sustainable Fashion brand based in the UAE and India, shipping our products across the globe. Our fabrics are hand-loomed in traditional methods by a group of weavers from an ancient weaving village in Tamil Nadu, South India. Our weavers are primarily women who weave in an eco-friendly green building. These are the people who have been into weaving for many generations now. We have GOTS certification from the cotton fibre to the final fabrics. The same community also makes the garments. Fair wages to the workers and their well-being is our primary importance. We make up-cycled bags out of the fabric remaining from the sampling and production process, and our customers love them. Our brand is well known for its colourful prints and has a profound story behind every print. Every print is unique and inspired by Art, Architecture, Literature, Travel and History.

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

Vino supraja an Architect turned Fashion Designer. She studied Fashion at IFA Paris, Shanghai, and Fashion Marketing at ESMOD, Dubai. Her collections have walked on the ramp in Shanghai Fashion Week, Brooklyn Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and several other runways. She has won International Awards and recognitions for textile design.

Like any other fashion designer, She was attracted to the runways, red carpets, glitz, and glamour of the fashion industry. Her mentor in Dubai exposed her to the other side of fashion. The truth hit her very hard. She couldn’t accept that she was part of an industry causing enormous pollution on earth, a ruthless sector of the environment. That planted the seed in her mind to start an ethical, sustainable brand. Thus she founded the sustainable and ethical fashion brand vino Supraja based in the UAE and India. She is writing a book about sustainable fashion that will be published very soon and available globally.

The challenges the business/market is facing

Educating consumers is the main challenge that we are facing as a sustainable fashion brand. The market isn’t well aware of sustainable fashion and why it is not merely a trend but a necessity. 

The sad truth is, we are caught in the world of #ootd, and there is a general perception that repeating an outfit is a big blunder. New clothes come with cheap price tags, and people can afford them. The old, used garments are being thrown away so easily. As you know, in this world, a truckload of garments is being added to landfills as waste every single second. As clothes no longer carry a story, they have no emotional connection. We are not buying clothes because they are special, but because they are on sale. We write regularly on our blog about capsule wardrobes, a zero-waste lifestyle, and discussing sustainability on every possible occasion. The change is going to happen slowly, but it will happen.

The opportunities the business/market is facing

The conversation about sustainability has started to happen in every domain. People are getting to know the importance of leading a sustainable lifestyle. Sustainable businesses must hang in there and wait for the people to transform. Change in people’s mindsets is the key, and it is beginning to happen.

Advice to others about business

An entrepreneur’s life is full of challenges. The biggest challenge is to convince people to make eco-friendly choices. Apart from that, when you are the boss, building a culture at your workplace, maintaining a disciplined schedule, keeping the people who work for you happy and creating a positive environment are all the everyday challenges. But, entrepreneurship is a journey. It’s ok to make mistakes and stumble down. What is very important is to gather up and rise agai