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Kevin Kim, and Jay Cho are the co-founders of WETOOL CO., LTD, which specialize in aluminum accessories, especially, can be applied on outdoor goods, camping gear, hiking gear, and hunting gear, etc.

Jay had worked more than 20 years on “Cut & Sew Business” as a merchandizer, like apparel, gloves, backpack, hardshell luggage manufacturers, but always wondered why there are only heavy accessories like made with steel, stainless steel, or zinc, otherwise, plastic which is getting more pollution problem.

Kevin had also worked in this business field over 20 years as a salesman & developer, but material area, like buckle & zipper manufacturers. During working at those manufacturers, he couldn’t have been free to stop thinking how to make better goods with more ergonomic, more beautiful, and more functioned.

With these ideas, two guys started aluminum accessory manufacturer on 2018.

Of course, it has been existed before, but we also could not have been satisfied on design, weight, strength, usage, etc.  

Based on experiences we had met thousands of designers, we decided to make our own designed one which is more usual, more aesthetic, and more price competitive.

That’s very ture they are not new invented one, and there are certain limiation on developing new types because those just have simple function. So, we have been paying attention on designs, and trying to get good harmonized shape with other material, like fabric, zipper, etc.

Our lives are simple. Customers will come to us IF WE ARE GOOD.

1) Precision is our quality

It was easy to make our slogan, but it contains lots of condensed meanings.

Raw material sourcing, product designs, mold developing & maintanance, production way, inspection goods,…, etc, any of them can’t be ignored. 

2) Make customers feel comfortable

They have been suffering from Long waiting samples, huge MOQ, Long lead time on bulk orders, Not on-time communication, etc. In order to solve those problems,

a. Wetool runs stock in drawer system. All products in black are ready in our sample drawers and small sample q’ty can be supplied within a week.

b. Wetool suggests 500pcs for MOQ, but black and silver which is mostly used on this field can be suppored smaller q’ty, and always ready to listen what customers need.

c. Wetool keeps lead time. it’s 4 weeks after PO accepted, and we have been keeping over 95% of our delivery promise so far.

d. Wetool never sleeps. Whenever, whoever ask question, we reply back within 24 hours.

Yes, it’s still quite far to be satisfied product quality by ourselves, and long journey is left in front of us. However, we won’t stop, nor be exhausted as long as our customers look for us.



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