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Dermal Fillers

What Are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are marketed for patients who greatly desire to increase their lips’ plumpness. This cosmetic injection will help patients transform their lips into a desirable state and shape. The article explains what lip fillers are.

If dermal fillers ever crossed your mind, you might have wrestledbetween getting lip fillers and other types of facial injections.Each person has unique featurestheyare proud of. Some ofthebeautiful body appearances one isborn with, while others got enhancedafter undergoing cosmetic procedures.Either way, everyone’s perfect the way they are. Misinformation and wrong attitudes towardcosmetic procedures have caused many to doubt their effectiveness, safety, and appropriateness. Many people are wrongly informed about lip fillers.

How Lip Fillers Work

Individuals have their own appearance goals and beauty standards. Lip fillers treatment is a good choice to add volume to thelips and achieve the desired lip image. Lipinjections entaildifferent substances like hyaluronic acid, implants, and fat. The treatment is highly customizable, and the excellence of the results one will get depends on how the procedure was done. Thismethodis quick and not painful; a personcan get a lip injection without taking painkillers. However, aesthetic doctors apply numbing cream around half an hourbeforethe injection time for a better treatment session. The aesthetic practitioner will start the procedure by injecting the filler, ensuring the fillers meet your expectations. That includes the right fullness, the desired shape, and the right lip area. The entire process will be pain-free, and if it’s a sensitive area, expect only a small, light pinch. According to Magalhaes et al. (2017),Lip injections take around 15-30 minutes.It will take longer if the treatment is complex or if one isinjected withother facialfillers. Immediately after the cosmetic doctor is done working on the lips, they will realize thelips have completely transformed, leaving onewith plump, admirable, young-looking, attractive lips. one may notice a slight lip enlargement, but that’s normal. The swelling will go down and completely disappear within a few days.

Why Do People Get Injected with Lip Fillers?

Everyone has specificreasons for getting lip enhancement treatment. Increasing the fullness and improving the lip’s outline is the common motivation formost lip fillers customers. According to Weiss et al. (2021),lip injectionswill;

Smooth out Wrinkles

Getting old is mostpeople’s major fear. Aged people might notenjoy laughing and smilingmuch because of the developed wrinkles. Lip fillers areeffective in smoothing out fine lines. One will restore theiryouthful look and reduce the old age look.

Make One Feel Good

Today, having plump and good-lookingfull lips is considered attractive. Social media and advertisementshave created the ideal, perfect lips as plump. For that reason, those with thin lips may feel they are not at their best because the size of their lips doesn’t fit the societal ‘beauty’ standards. Ladies get confident when they feel at their best looks. Hence, getting lip fillers and feeling attractive to the crowd gives them thefeeling of being desired by others. Shaping the lips, plumping them, and enhancingthe volume help achieve your cosmetic goalsand optimum beauty satisfaction. One will get tired of responding to positive complimentsfrom those admiring theirattractive andwell-pumpedlips.

Help You Hide Lip Imperfections

Cosmetic procedures help in covering up features onedislikes about themselves. As one gets older, the lips may become thinner or smaller. Flat lips can be uncomfortable, especially if one isconscious of theirlips’appearance. Volume loss at the lip’s corners is another feature that is not appealing to some people. A treatment like lip fillers is an excellent solution to correct dislikeable features and give the lips a glowing, perfect appearance.

What Are the Tips for Making the Right Selection of Lip Fillers?

A big concern for those unfamiliar with lip fillers is choosing appropriatedermal fillers for their lips. Dermal fillers should measure up to theirpurpose and enhance their lips’ beauty. Different dermal fillers are sold out there. The lips are a sensitive part of an individual’s skin. Thus, their major focus should be choosing the best one. Tips for choosing the right lip fillertype include; knowing onelip skin type, avoiding fillerproducts one isallergic to, doing extensiveresearch on different brands,and making a consultation appointment with theircosmetic doctor before the treatment.

Are Lips an Approved Area for Dermal Fillers?

According to Ballin et al. (2015), lip fillers are among the approved dermal filler by FDA. Other injectables that FDA approves include;

  • Augmentation of the chin, cheeks, and the back of the hand
  • Temporary absorbablefillersare allowed for severe and moderate skin folds and wrinkles around the sides of the nose, lips, and mouth
  • Permanent non-absorbable fillers are permitted for cheek acne scars and nasolabial folds
  • Modificationof contour deficiencies
  • The correction and restoration of facial fat loss in individuals with HIV

What Uses of Dermal Fillers Are Not FDA-Approved?

When an individual isconsidering lip fillers, that’s acceptable. Martin et al. (2019)explained that theFDA is against using dermal fillers for body enhancement and contouring in certain areas.One cannot use dermal fillers for;

  • Increasing buttocks size
  • Increasing breast size
  • Injecting areas like around the eyes, neck, forehead, nose, or between the eyebrows
  • Implanting dermal fillers into muscle, ligament, tendon, or bone
  • Increasing feet fullness

Can You Add More Lip Fillers After the First One?

One can undergo another lip fillertreatment three monthsafter the initial procedure. Additional treatment should occur only after the first one has healed. Consult themedicallip injector to confirm if their lips are healthy for another injection.

FAQs about Fillers

How Long After Lip Fillers Can I Wear Makeup?

An individual can wear makeup after the filler treatment through the instructions of the cosmetic doctor. But it is not advised to wear makeup as the lips are soft and tender after the treatment.

Can Lip Fillers Look Natural?

Yes. After the lip filler treatment, an individual can look natural from the procedure as the filler contains hyaluronic acid, which is beneficial and helps plump an individual’s lip, making it look more natural.

Do Lip Fillers Hurt?

The lip filler is a non-surgical procedure and does not require any surgery. A slight sense of discomfort is felt through this procedure, which is very mild. Individuals can feel uncomfortable with mild pain.


There is a lot to learn about lip fillers. Not everything is covered in this article. It’s advised to get more than one-syringe injection to achieve excellentresults. Lip fillers treatment is meant to enhance the lip’s beauty. One should be able to trustwhoever willperform the procedure and should bequalified and well-trained to do a clean job.


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