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Dermal Fillers

What Can Go Wrong with Lip Fillers

There are risks associated with lip filler treatment. Herein is about lip filler treatment, including common complications after lip fillers, infections, and how to avoid complications.

Most female patients wish to attain pouty lips. Bo patient plans on experiencing a botched liposuction procedure.Contouring lips is not simple with the advent of injectables like dermal filler treatment. The process is not risk-free. Know the risks of non-surgical lip augmentation before deciding to do it. It may be a cheap filler, an incompetent cosmetic doctor, or skin type. Patients cannot avoid botched lip enhancement. Use this article to avoid getting sausage lips while still looking stunning.

In What Ways Might Lip Fillers Go Wrong?

Some patients think getting lip fillers is simple and risk-free because of their widespread use on social media. Patients may expect good outcomes without lasting downtime if a qualified cosmetic doctor carries out the procedure. Dermal fillers may have undesirable effects.

Common Complications that May Arise

Asymmetry lips

Poor injection technique might lead to differences in lip fullness. According to Yan et al. (2022), the way filler settles may also create an asymmetrical appearance.

Tissue Death In the Lips.

Death of tissues in the lips is the worst outcome of botched lip injections. According to Farmer et al. (2021), blockage of a blood artery causes necrosis because it stops oxygenated blood and nutrients from reaching the tissues. Lip necrosis symptoms include extreme discomfort and loss of pigmentation (becoming white or purple). There must be prompt medical attention to prevent further damage and scarring.

Excessive Lip Filler 

Lips may look like a duck’s beak if you apply too much filler. When lips are overfilled, they may become rigid and make it difficult to form facial emotions. Lip augmentation is best performed with soft fillers like hyaluronic acid fillers. Wrong filler treatment causes undesirable results.


Diwan et al. (2020) stated that bruising is a frequent side effect of a botched lip filler procedure. It occurs when a needle pierces bigger blood vessels in the lip tissues. Bruising around the lips after an injection is expected, but if it’s severe, it might indicate that a cosmetic doctor didn’t perform the procedure well. A hematoma, a solid mass beneath the skin caused by bleeding, may form—the possibility of infection harming adjacent tissues and nerves.


According to Convery et al. (2021), most filler-related lumps and bumps disappear within 72 hours. Little, hard lumps may last for weeks or months if the treatment is done superficially.

Swelling and Redness

Redness, pain, and swelling on the lips are normal. Patients should avoid sun exposure for a few daysto mitigate symptoms. Avoid wearing cosmetics and consuming alcohol and coffee shortly after the lip filler procedure.

Are there any Unusual Complications That May Occur?

Serious uncommon risks occur after lip filler injections. There are rare cases of blindness and skin necrosis associated with filler treatment (patches of skin dying). Fillers are uncommon to induce blindness or skin necrosis since they must enter a blood vessel and move. There are a few uncommon risks you should be aware of:

Damage to the Lip Tissue Due to the Overextension

A large volume of filler treatment may cause stretched and sagged lips. 


Infections are improbable but not impossible. However, if caught in time, antibiotic treatment can be effective. Filler treatment can cause cold sores in susceptible patients.

Vascular Obstruction

The dermal filler injection into the incorrect area might cut blood flow, leading to tissue death. This may result in constant discomfort and discoloration of the skin. However, find an aesthetic practitioner to help with skin discoloration. An experienced cosmetic doctorknows the right location of the blood arteries in the face and lips, allowing them to perform safe procedures.

When Using Lip Fillers, How Can You Reduce Side Effects?

Some potential complicationsmay be reduced by following certain procedures;

Refraining from aspirin, which can thin blood causing bleeding.This may also minimize the risk of bruising. According to Mawardi et al. (2020),Arnica Montana may also provide mild advantages in lowering swelling and bruising after lip treatment. Possible contributors include changes in nutrition before and after surgery. Eating pineapple and other antioxidant-rich meals and avoiding alcohol after the injection may also be helpful.


Lip filler procedures have complications and side effects. Let a cosmetic doctor perform the procedure for desirable results. Many botched filler procedures occur because a patient was handled by an experienced cosmetic doctor. Patients can reduce side effects like bruising by avoiding alcohol and aspirin.


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