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Dermal Fillers

What Do Fillers Do?

Fillers have various benefits, including restoration of lost volume, cheek lift, and reducing aging signs. Herein you will learn what fillers are, what they do, and the benefits of this procedure. 

Fillers have existed for around two decades; however, it looks like they have had a rebirth in the past few years. One reason is that several celebrities are embracing these fillers, making them a part of their skincare to help them accentuate some of their facial features. With advanced technology, it is possible to improve the appearance of several facial features, such as the cheek, lips, jawline, and eyes. Fillers are advantageous over other cosmetic procedures since they rarely have side effects and offer a more natural look. 

What Are Fillers?

Backset et al.(2019) noted that dermal fillers are a non-cosmetic procedure that involves injecting the soft tissue of the skin in various areas such as the mouth, eye, jawline, and cheek to prevent aging signs, eliminate dark circles and enhance the volume of the lips. The most used gel is hyaluronic acid. The acid rarely causes any bruising during the process. 

What Do Fillers Do?

ReduceAging Signs

The major cause of wrinkles is sagging skin. The more you age, you may experience nasolabial folds (lines around the mouth and nose) and smile lines which are hard to ignore. Fillers use hyaluronic acid, which helps restore volume below the skin’s surface. As a result, it fills in fine lines and wrinkles. According to Ugarte et al. (2022), Fillers tackle these aging signs since hyaluronic acid is a humectant, and drawing in moisture helps deal with aging signs.

Add Volume to Thin Lips

It is normal for lips to become thin with age. Thin lips may be caused by volume loss and changes in skin texture. Additionally, they may result in vertical lip lines making you look older. Devgan et al.(2019) noted that one might tackle this issue with fillers since they add volume to the lips, enhancing youthfulness. Also, they eliminate lines that cause lipstick to drift.

Cheek Lift

Like lips, cheeks also encounter volume loss over time. Reduced facial fat and sagging leave you looking permanently tired and with sunken cheeks. Cheek fillers help restore the volume to the cheeks giving you a younger appearance.

Benefits of Fillers

For Natural-Looking Results

Most cosmetic treatment patients always yearn for realistic-looking results. Nobody would love walking around with tell-tale signs showing that cosmetic work was done. Monheital.(2018) commented that, With fillers, you could pull off a natural look. Additionally, they retain your normal facial expressions, unlike procedures that cause lasting changes to one’s facial expressions. Dermal fillers are advantageous since the results take some time allowing the targeted area to be plumped out over time.

They Are Minimally Invasive

Fillers are minimally invasive compared to cosmetic procedures such as plastic surgery. It means that it is less drastic and its treatment period is shorter. However, the effect depends on the type of filler used. Notably, fillers take less than one hour to be completed. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about interfering with your daily activities; the recovery time of fillers is shorter. Normally, within a week, you are good to go. 

They Are Faster Than Creams

One of the most common benefits of fillers is their ability to reduce aging signs. Though anti-aging creams also offer the same effects, they may take longer to notice the full effects. In contrast, fillers offer quicker results in most cases.

It Is Temporary

Since fillers are non-invasive and normally use hyaluronic acid, they gradually dissolve and get absorbed into the skin. Unlike plastic surgeries, most people see this as advantageous since no commitment is required. Additionally, fillers can be maintained regularly, making you retain your youthful look with no surgery needed. Dermal fillers like lip fillers last up to 12 months, although some may last as long as five years.

They Are Reversible 

One great advantage of fillers is that they are reversible. If the patient is dissatisfied with the final look, it is possible to reverse the results instantly. You can get an injection with hyaluronidase enzyme that help break down the fillers, reversing the results.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fillers

How Long Does It Take to See the Complete Effects of Fillers?

Dermal fillers work more quickly than other surgical options. You will not wait for almost one year to reap the full benefits of the injections. That said, they take a short period to integrate into the tissues. You will notice their impact within two weeks.

How Do Face Fillers Work?

Face fillers work by increasing the amount of hyaluronic acid supplied to the facial skin. As a result, it enhances volume and revitalizes the skin, reducing wrinkle appearance and other aging signs, giving you a natural look. 

Are There Any Aftercare Tips After Getting Fillers?

After getting fillers, it is normal to experience various side effects, such as swelling and redness. However, that should not be your worry since the healing process will be hastened by following several aftercare tips. They include; eating hydrating foods, staying hydrated, avoiding hot temperatures, and avoiding strenuous activities and alcohol. 

Are Fillers Safe?

Fillers are a non-invasive and safe process. Since it mostly uses hyaluronic acid, produced naturally by the body, the chances of an allergic reaction are rare. 


Fillers are a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that involves injecting various parts of the skin to enhance volume, alleviate aging skin, and have several other benefits. Long ago, filers were not popular as they are today. Their popularity is due to the rise of many celebrities using them to accentuate their facial features. Some of the benefits of filers include reducing aging signs and enhancing the volume of lips and cheek lifts, among others. The number of patients getting fillers has increased drastically since this cosmetic procedure has minimal side effects, is non-invasive, and offers temporary results. Additionally, its effects are seen almost immediately.


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