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What Does Skin Booster Do?

Exposure to UV light, pollution and stress are some of the factors that have contributed to having dull and dehydrated skin. Skin boosters are an effective remedy that helps achieve glowing skin. This article explains what skin boosters do, the process of skin booster treatment and frequently asked questions about skin boosters.

Skin boosters are injectable skin treatments that help restore hydration and enhance glow and radiance. This type of treatment is relatively new but has become more popular over the last few years. The effect of this treatment enables patients to look youthful and enjoy fresh, attractive skin. This treatment is a form of injectable rejuvenation therapy that has made many advancements in the cosmetics field. Skin booster provides a temporary anti-ageing solution that moisturizes the skin without leaving any after-procedure traces. Unlike traditional dermal fillers, skin boosters are not injected beneath the skin to add volume or shape to the face.

There are two types of skin boosters; mesotherapy and bio-revitalization. According to Khan et al. (2022), mesotherapy involves mixing various vitamins and minerals with hyaluronic acid. Bio-revitalization contains pure hyaluronic acid used to maintain skin moisture. Since hyaluronic acid in the body depletes with age, it causes the skin to appear loose and dry. According to Magda Belmontesi et al. (2018), when skin boosters are injected into the body, they stimulate fibroblasts that enhance collagen production and the body’s natural hyaluronic acid inside your body skin and therefore improve the skin tone and texture. Skin boosters do not restore lost volume as dermal fillers do. This treatment facilitates the skin’s repair and tightening mechanism.

Skin Boosters Help Eliminate Lines and Wrinkles

Skin boosters tighten the skin and helpreduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. This is done by restoring skin hydration that assists in smoothening wrinkles.

Skin Boosters Increase the Production of Collagen

Skin boosters are administered into the body through microinjections containing hyaluronic acid. This acid spreads within the tissues, capture moisture, and goes deeper within the skin, hydrating and stimulating collagen production.

Boosts Skin Hydration

According to Talathi (2020), skin boosters reinstate water into the skin. They are responsible for restoring the skin quality from the inside through hydration. Hyaluronic acid binds and keeps water together, maintaining a fresh, firm and healthy look.

Softens and Attenuates Expression Lines

Skin boosters are hydrating skin additives. Their ability to increase skin firmness and texture helps in boosting skin elasticity.

Reduce the Effect of Acne Scarring

Acne scars are difficult to manage. Most doctors recommend using skin boosters to lessen the effect of acne scarring.

Most common skin boosters are used for facial rejuvenation. Skin booster treatments are versatile. Therefore, it can treat different body areas like the upper inner arm and thighs, knees and abdomen. They are considered safe for all skin types, ages and gender.

Skin booster injections change how the light bounces off your skin. This helps to reduce skin pigmentation.

Procedure for a Skin Booster Treatment

Before the Procedure

The patient should consulta cosmetic doctor to have a preliminary discussion about the procedure. The patient can enquire more about the doctor’s competence.

During the Procedure

During the procedure, the patient will meet with the cosmetic doctor, who examines the skin and enquires about the patient’s previous medical history. Although the procedure is painless, a numbing cream can be applied to the area to be injected. The doctor will administer an injection into the epidermis from the intermediate layer to the layers beneath. The patient may notice some redness on the injected area, but it goes away a few hours after treatment.

After the Procedure

You might see some swelling, pinkness and tenderness in the area injected. According to Nikolis& Enright (2018), bruising can also occur, but it would disappear 5-7 days after injection. You should avoid skin boosters if you plan to attend an event immediately after treatment. Alternatively, you can get this treatment two weeks before an upcoming event to allow the injected area to heal.

Number of Treatments

Normal skin booster treatments have three sessions done 2-3 weeks apart. After the three sessions, most cosmetic doctors recommend maintenance treatments every 4-6 months for long-lasting results.

When to Expect Results

Results can be seen 2-3 weeks after the initial treatment. The skin becomes brighter and fine lines will look softer. Skin boosters promote collagen production. Therefore, it will make the skin look radiant and smoother 3-4 months after the last session. This treatment gives long-lasting results that can last for eight months or longer.

Frequently Asked Questions about Skin Boosters

How Long Does It Take To Get Skin Booster Treatment?

Getting skin boosters is a very quick process. If you get this treatment in one area of the body, the process can take approximately 15 minutes. It can take longer if you get an injection into more than one area.

Who Should Avoid Skin Boosters?

Although skin boosters are generally safe, you need to take caution and consult your doctor, especially when you are pregnant, breastfeeding, if you have bleeding disorders and if undergoing chemotherapy or steroids.

How are Skin Boosters Different From Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers have cross-linking bonds that make them stiffer and clumpier. When they get injected, they add volume beneath the skin. On the other hand, skin boosters are non-cross-linked. They are injected into the skin to improve hydration and the quality of the skin without adding volume.

Is Skin Booster Treatment Painful?

Before injection, a numbing cream is applied to the area to be injected. This helps prevent any pain that the needle may cause. After injection, you won’t feel any pain, just a sore feeling that disappears within a day.


Skin boosters are the most appropriate treatments that improve skin appearance without adding volume. They can be used together with other treatments like dermal fillers to offer natural-looking skin. Skin boosters should be customized based on the patient’s skin type and the state of the area intended to receive the injections to ensure that the expected result will be achieved after treatment. Most cosmetic doctors advise their patients to avoid doing any other procedure on their face for at least one week after the procedure. Always make an appointment with your doctor before treatment to familiarize yourself with care tips that would help you during recovery.


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