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What Is Better, Skin Booster or Mesotherapy

Skin boosters and mesotherapy are very similar in some ways. This article explains the meaning of skin booster and mesotherapy, their benefits, side effects and the frequently asked questions.

Skin boosters and mesotherapy have gained popularity in both genders. This is due to their rejuvenation properties and ability to improve facial appearance. They are both injections and very similar to each other. With patients looking for resolutions to their skin problems, injections such as mesotherapy and skin boosters have seen a theatrical upsurge in many years of searches. Nevertheless, the searches implyan information gap during the differences between the two procedures. It is a great idea for patients to understand their differences to help them decide which treatment suits them well.

What Is Skin Booster and Mesotherapy?

Skin Booster

According to Bertossi et al. (2019), skin boosters are injections used by many patients to improve their skin appearance. It involves a sequence of superficial injections into the skin. Skin booster comprises stable ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. This ingredient helps keep the skin moisturized since it can trap and retain water molecules in the body. It also offers long-lasting results. Skin boosters can be used by anybody willing to enhance the skin’s appearance. They do not change the face’s shape but add moisturization to it. Patients suffering from dehydration may notice improved results.


According to Herbst (2019), mesotherapy is a common, slightly invasive method utilizing tiny injections of active components into the skin to regenerate, feed and stimulate the skin. Mesotherapy helps reduce pigmentation, free lines, wrinkles, and dryness and improves skin tone. It has enzymes, vitamins, and antioxidants to enhance hair quality, tighten and rejuvenate the skin.With mesotherapy, clients are advised to go for six to eight sessions for two weeks to get the desired results.

Which Is Better, Skin Booster or Mesotherapy

Skin boosters and mesotherapy are very similar. However, they have some differences. The main similarities among them are that the components in mesotherapy can be found in skin boosters. They almost share the same benefits. Skin boosters and mesotherapy improve the appearance of the skin. What makes the skin booster unique is that its ingredients are very stable than those for mesotherapy. According to Kleine‐Börger et al. (2021),the stable hyaluronic acid in skin boosters makes its effects last longer. Its primary function is to trap and retain water molecules in the body, keeping the skin moisturized. It also has many benefits for the body. It makes the skin look healthy and supple. The hyaluronic acid degrades with the ageing process. After the injection, hyaluronic acid helps in the healing process of the injected area. It possesses antibacterial properties and helps reduce the risk of infection in the treated area.

For clients who want injections that have long-lasting effects, skin boosters are the best. For skin boosters, few treatments are required for clients to appreciate the full impacts. In mesotherapy, several treatments are needed for patients to get optimal results. Six to eight sessions are required, with upkeep treatment one to two times a year. Most clients choose skin boosters since there is no maintenance, their treatments are few, and they last longer. The administration and injection are different in every procedure. Mesotherapy requires numerous small injections to the middle layer of the skin, whereas skin boosters require versatile injections. They are injected into the mid or superficial dermis.

Besides treating the face, skin boosters can treat the neck, hands, and decolletage. Most patients select the skin booster treatment since the procedure requires little to no downtime. The treatment can be combined with other injectable procedures with no interruption, and with one system, patients can see the changes in their skin.

What are the Benefits of Skin Boosters and Mesotherapy?

They almost share the same benefits. Mesotherapy and skin boosters help improve the general look of the skin. For patients searching for an injection that can help them relax and give them radiant and glowing skin, mesotherapy and skin boosters may be best for them. Skin boosters help improve the skin’s overall look by refilling the lost nutrients and moisture. They also help stimulate collagen production, leading to smoother and firmer skin.

According to Rizzi et al. (2021), skin boosters can help reduce wrinkles and fine lines. They helphydrate and plump the skin, making it look younger. They also enhance the skin’s texture and eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. Some patients look to brighten their skin. Skin boosters are the best for this purpose. Skin boosters keep the skin hydrated. This is because it is made with hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the body. It traps and retains water molecules in the body. This helps in keeping the skin moisturized, giving it a radiant appearance. Skin boosters have very minimum risks and many benefits to the body.

Are There Any Side Effects of Skin Boosters and Mesotherapy?

Like any other treatment, skin boosters and mesotherapy have their side effects. After the treatment, patients may experience swelling, bruising, discomfort, redness and mild pain. These side effects are normal. Clients should not worry about them since they disappear after a short period. They may start reducing after twenty-four hours and subside completely after a week. However, when they persist, clients should consult the cosmetic doctor who conducts the treatment for them.

Frequently Asked Questions on Skin Boosters and Mesotherapy

Are Skin Boosters Safe?

Skin boosters are effective, safe and temporary. They improve the density and hydration of the skin, leaving it with a radiant and youthful appearance.

How Long Do Skin Boosters Last?

They mostly last between six to twelve months. The client is advised to have at least two sessions for two weeks when undergoing the first treatment.

What Do Skin Boosters Do?

Skin boosters improve the skin’s elasticity, stimulate the production of collagen, keep the skin moisturized, improve the texture and tone of the skin, and make the skin look nourished and younger.

What Should I Avoid After Skin Boosters and Mesotherapy Treatments?

After injection, patients should avoid active activities and exercises that could increase their temperature and blood flow. Consumption of alcohol is also not recommended before and after the treatment since it acts as a blood thinner and opens up the blood vessels. This could lead to more swelling at the injection site. Facial waxing should also be avoided after the injection. This will give the injection site enough time to heal.


Skin boosters and mesotherapy are very similar in many ways. They share the ingredients, but their difference is that skin booster elements are more stable than mesotherapy treatment. Most patients choose skin boosters since they have long-lasting effects, and few treatments are required for one to enjoy the full impact. Go through the above article and choose your preferred treatment.


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