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Dermal Fillers

What Is the Difference Between Skin Booster and Mesotherapy?

Skin boosters and mesotherapy are both injections and are very similar. This article explains the meaning of both, their differences, benefits, aftercare tips and frequently asked questions.

Skin boosters and mesotherapy have become very popular. They are both injections used for rejuvenation and improvement of the skin.Their primary difference is that the skin boosters’ ingredients are more stable, particularly the hyaluronic acid, implying that the effects may last longer. The elements found in mesotherapy are also in skin boosters.

What Is Skin Booster and Mesotherapy?

Skin Booster

Skin boosters aim to restore dehydrated skin for a healthy and moisturized-looking profile. These injectables are used to treat the skin and are mostly famous for their potential to create a brilliant appearance. Skin booster comprises many components, but hyaluronic acid is the main one. According to Dovedytis,Liu & Bartlett (2020), hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body. It traps and retains water molecules in the body. Hence, it keeps the skin moisturized, giving it a good look. When skin boosters are injected, they moisturize the skin’s deeper tissues for a natural and plump appearance. According to Fundarò et al. (2022), hyaluronic acid can retain a lot of water. Therefore, it keeps the skin hydrated.


According to Paolucci et al. (2019), mesotherapy is a non-surgical and non-invasive rejuvenation method that uses small injections of a mixture of components to reduce various skin concerns. It is administered through many small injections that comprise several kinds of accepted aesthetic drugs that function to give the skin some improvements. This infusion of esoteric components rejuvenates and nourishes the skin and improves overall skin quality. Mesotherapy is the perfect treatment for clients looking to change their skin with little interruption. Unlike fillers, this procedure cannot add volume and give the face a good shape, but it has potential benefits for the skin.

Differences Between Skin Booster and Mesotherapy

The main difference between skin booster and mesotherapy procedures is the components used in both procedures. The details in mesotherapy may also be found in skin boosters like hyaluronic acid. The difference between skin boosters and mesotherapy is that skin boosters’ ingredients are very stable compared to mesotherapy ingredients. The effects of skin boosters may last longer, with fewer procedures required before the client enjoys their full impact.

Hyaluronic acid helpskeep the body moisturized, making the skin glow. It traps and retains water molecules in the body. Clients are advised to take lots of water to keep the body hydrated. This makes the hyaluronic acid work well by giving clients a youthful and attractive appearance. The stabilization of hyaluronic acid in skin booster makes the patient enjoy the desirable outcomes. Clients who wish their effects to stay longer should choose skin boosters.

The administration and injection protocols are also different for every procedure. Mesotherapy requires numerous small injections with a very good syringe into the mesoderm. Nevertheless, skin boosters are suggested for mid/superficial-dermis injection. Patients can enjoy the full results with only one treatment of skin booster. Mesotherapy enhances a strongrenewal of collagen and promotesskin’s general health. Therefore, it creates a positive microenvironment. Skin boosters’ procedures can be implemented monthly for hydration, firmness and radiance. While both systems enhance the skin’s quality, they have differences like treatment needed, number of injections and injection protocol and how long they last. According to Fytianos,Rahdar&Kyzas (2020), skin boosters last longer due to their stable ingredients. When using mesotherapy, cosmetic doctors have to include multiple small injections to achieve the desired results for the client. For skin boosters, cosmetic doctors do not have to inject multiple injections; one injection may be enough, and clients may enjoy the full effects. Since skin boosters and mesotherapy are used in the skin’s rejuvenation, clients should consult a professional cosmetic doctor to explain to them which treatment can be best for them.

Benefits of Mesotherapy Vs. Skin Boosters

These injections are famous due to their potential benefits. They enhance laxity, strengthen barrier function, boost texture, minimize deep and fine wrinkles, improve hydration, minimize hyperpigmentation and skin discolouration, and improve skin tone, elastin and collagen synthesis. Mesotherapy and skin booster injections also have antioxidant properties to protect patients from UV damage. They advance the fine lines and hydration of the skin. The hyaluronic acid in both absorbs water from the body to keep the skin moisturized and improves smoothness, elasticity and firmness. Skin boosters and mesotherapy improve the skin’s appearance but do not add volume or reshape the face.

After Care for Mesotherapy/ Skin Boosters

  • The injection site may appear swollen, red and tender after treatment. These effects will start reducing naturally and should be better after forty-eight hours though it may take some time to settle. Patients may experience slight bruising, which can take one to two weeks to resolve. Using arnica cream can help reduce swelling and bruising.
  • Patients are advised to avoid applying makeup for twenty-four hours after the procedure. They should also avoid picking and rubbing the injection site.
  • Patients should avoid any products that comprise glycolic acid, retinol and alpha hydroxy acids for seven days after the procedure. They should also avoid exposing themselves to hot temperatures, active activities, sunbeds and saunas for at least seventy-two after the process. Hot temperatures cause sweat, irritate sensitive skin, and prolong the recovery time.
  • Patients should evade swimming for seventy-two hours after the injection. Excessive alcohol after injection should also be avoided for at least two weeks.
  • When the sun is too hot, patients should wear sunscreen or protective clothing to protect their skin from sun rays.
  • After receiving a skin booster or mesotherapy procedure, clients should not get dermal fillers or Botox for two weeks after the procedure. Always consult a cosmetic doctor before taking any treatment. Infection may occur after injection. When patients notice some symptoms of bruising, they should see a cosmetic doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions about Skin Booster and Mesotherapy

What Is the Difference Between Mesotherapy and Skin Booster?

The components found in mesotherapy and skin boosters are similar. Their main difference is that skin boosters’ ingredients are more stable.

Can I Wash My Face After Skin Booster Treatment?

After the treatment, the cosmetic doctors clean the injection siteAfter six hours, patients should now clean the treated area, but they should do it gently.


Skin boosters and mesotherapy are similar in terms of their ingredients. They are both injections, but their main difference is that the skin boosters’ ingredients are stable, and their effects last longer. Some clients need clarification on these injections. When they want to undergo treatment, they should consult a cosmetic doctor to help them determine the best injection.


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