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What the Nature Created


A brand of natural cosmetics established in 2017, the brand has 18 products, all natural and vegan made from at least 97% natural Ingredients and some organic. At Loni’s you will also find a selection of gift box combinations. The brand’s products are sold mainly online, which also include shipments to customers abroad and in selected stores in Israel. 

The woman behind the brand is Loni: 49 years old, lives in Tel Aviv, a single mother of eight-year-old Michael. 

She was previously a jewelry designer with an independent brand, studying aromatherapy and natural cosmetics. Since studying and establishing her brand, it has developed and nurtured its product line, spreading the gospel of natural cosmetics with a clear agenda to teach women and men that natural care full of vitamins and minerals that has not undergone industrialized processes is best for us, our skin and our body. 

Loni’s story is proof that determination and adherence to the purpose are the way to true success, Loni believed this was her way, she studied at night, worked during the day and all this as a new single mother to a baby. Fulfilling her dream ,female empowerment meets mission and inspiration is right here! 

How it all started: “When my son Michael was born, the mohel asked me to bring baby oil to apply after the circumcision. I read what it contained and was shocked to find that most of it was made of crude oil. I remember my father saying to me: ‘Grandma would squeeze almonds, make oil and spread it on you.’ “It made so much sense to me. I bought almond oil. Then I delved deeper into the subject and at night I read about aromatherapy, concocted formulas and distributed them to friends. Later I also learned it professionally.” 

Exciting moment: “The successful international handbag brand Mansour Gabriel, which belongs in part to a woman born in Israel, opened a pop-up store in San Francisco and invited me to sell my products there – it proved to me how good it was that I did not give up and went with the strong feeling that this is my way and that I will succeed. ” 

Product development : “There are products that take time to refine until they reach the final and correct product. Our deodorant was greasy at first and took a while to work. By the way, it is important to know that regular deodorant clogs the pores and sweat does not leave the body. The natural deodorant ventilates the place and allows sweat to come out. More men and women are looking for an alternative to the familiar deodorant, awareness has grown and I feel it in me in the last year that the deodorant is gaining momentum. “

Which product are you most proud of? “Without a doubt it’s my C-Citrus Glow-Getter Facial Serum Oil. A serum that helps lighten your skin tone, treats pigmentation spots by blurring them, an issue that bothers many women. The serum works directly on the skin, rejuvenating thanks to the encouragement of collagen production, which helps to slow down skin aging. 

Another thing that is wonderful about this serum it’s that it can also be consumed in a drip under the tongue, as it cleanses the liver, which directly affects the improvement of our skin quality. 

My C-Citrus Glow-Getter Facial Oil-Serum is one of my best selling products. when women start using the serum, they always come back to buy more of it and recommend it to their friends.” 

As an independent woman, what is most difficult for you in running a business? “Marketing is a very complex field, constantly changing and evolving and in recent years poses quite a few challenges. You have to innovate a lot, keep up to date with what is new and what is right, manage the site and make sure it is distributed properly. I am very careful to always be me, write about what I believe and choose a professional team that I trust and they believe in my brand to work in a successful and fun collaboration. ” 

What have you learned about yourself that can help independent women who are just starting out? “Throughout my life and especially in recent years I have always wanted to fulfill myself and engage in the things I believe in. In recent years I have been looking for the added value, which I have found in natural cosmetics and in the field of sustainability and taking care, not to be afraid to act and initiate. 

Women, and especially independent women, have tremendous power to create a change in consciousness, consumption habits and really bring a message to the audience and immense satisfaction for ourselves! I know that as long as I listen to my intuition and those of the professionals who accompany me and stay true to myself – I am on the right path to success!”

The most successful development: “The restorative hand cream that is made like a face cream and has a special formula. It contains raspberry oil, the best antioxidant in nature, and also hyaluronic acid. After using it once you understand the essential difference between hand cream sold in pharma stores and my natural hand cream. The results are visible after only a number of uses. ” 

Overseas plans: “I have been approached by chains from Japan, Dubai, India and Hong Kong. I am constantly growing and evolving, working on obtaining all the appropriate approvals and controlled quality production because it is important to me that the quality is maintained even as production increases. There are a lot of plans and a lot of new relationships created, very exciting! I am happy with the development but also take care to preserve the service, quality and base. “

What’s in the development: “Foot cream, new cleansing masks and glow mask for the face before an event. I’m constantly thinking of more ideas for more natural products, to combine combinations of gift boxes, reach more audiences and provide more quality products.” 

Favorite product of the competitors: “I love the ‘Hamaapilm’ company that makes products for men. They have made an amazing way and have a beautiful website. I very much like their aesthetics, product quality and overall concept. Today they are sold at ‘Saks Fifth Avenue’. 

What will you not give up when it comes to business? Beyond the quality of the products that is most important to me, there is the issue of sustainability and green marketing. I strive to produce with minimal waste of raw materials and packaging materials and largely believe in minimalism. When it comes to packaging – what can be sent by email and digitally, will always be sent that way. I Don’t use plastic and almost all the materials I use are recyclable. 

It connects me naturally with natural cosmetics, preserving the skin naturally while preserving our planet and for our children.” 

My agenda: “Someone wrote to me: ‘All our lives we have used products with parabens and nothing has happened . And I say, Really? Nine-year-old girls get menstruation and there is more cancer in the world. 

It’s true that we as a society and people are used to using industrial products, enriched with .. with the scents of .. and do not stop to think what is in these products? What do they do to our body? What substances are they leaving behind and what is their long-term impact on our bodies and on our children? 

Each and every one of us wants to maintain care, facial skin, cleanliness and more, but what is the price we pay when we choose industrialized and familiar and do not open our heads and wallets to something different, more natural, more raw and much much better and healthier for us!” 

Inspirational woman: “Gwyneth Paltrow, who founded the GOOP website, started writing newsletters in her kitchen in 2008 and today she sells products for $ 250 million. She collaborates with sustainable fashion and natural environment brands. She is quite an example of someone who went with her truth, shunned criticism and is very successful thanks to it. I would love to sell my products and give my gospel on a successful site like hers and develop more and more into a wider recognition in the world while maintaining the values of my brand.” 

Tip – try it at home: “Rub your face with half a lemon in the evening and rinse. It can lighten the skin and do some exfoliation. No need to mix sugar, bananas and eggs, the lemon itself is full of great enzymes that work well on the skin. In general, keep it simple. Whatever is good for you, do not get involved with mixtures, do not always look for the most expensive and always look at the product ingredients before purchasing and remember that these substances are absorbed into our body and it is important that we know what they are, how they were created and are they really good for us?”