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Dermal Fillers

What Will Look Like with Lip Fillers?

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as lip fillers are the trending way to restore lips volume without adverse complications. In the UK, more than 1 million people per year have adapted to lip filler treatments to enhance their natural look. This article dissects the world of lip fillers by explaining what lip fillers are,how one will look like with lip fillers, andhow to increase the longevity of the look.

The lip fillers popularity is soaring high as each day passes. There are various reasons patients turn to lip fillers, apart from plumped out and hydrated lips. According to clinicians, most younglings turn to lip fillers for fuller lips, while the older generation wants to reduce aging signs and restore lost volume to their lips. The lip filler treatment is a safe procedure and it is not painful.

What Is a Lip Filler?

According to Lockhart (2020),lip filler proceduresarenon-invasive. Itinvolves injecting the lips with a filler to give the patient their desired results. It may include restoring volume, reducing aging signs, lip asymmetry balanceand defining the lip contour.

Jeong et al. (2021) commented that the most preferred filler is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid filler is known for its water-absorbing ability meaning once injected into the lips, it increases its volume giving the lips a fuller look. Given that it is reversible, it rarely causes bruising and offers temporary solutions. Additionally, it exits naturally in the body, rarely causing side effects.

What Will I Look Like with Lip Fillers?

More Youthful

Taylor &Kathryn (2018) noted that lip fillers help reduce aging signs around the mouth. Since it tightens the skin, it helps the mouth appear youthful since fine lines and wrinkles are eliminated.

Natural, Voluminous and Plumped Lips

Cymrot&Natalia (2022) commented that, with lip fillers, you are assured of a more natural look since they mostly use hyaluronic acid, produced naturally by the body.When injected into the lips, the body reabsorbs the hyaluronic acid, resulting in fuller lips.

An Improved Appearance

One of the greatest advantages of lip fillers is fuller lips. Fuller lips result in a younger look. Most patienrs dissatisfied with certainfacial featurescan change their current appearance. Though make-up tutorials provide short-term results, lip fillers are a better option to enhance a youthful looking skin and lips.

How to Increase the Longevity ofthe Look

Follow the Aesthetic Practitioner’s After Care Advice

Following your cosmetic doctor’s aftercare advice is the most important step to make your look last longer. The riles include:

  • Avoiding alcohol
  • Avoiding strenuous exercises
  • Avoiding painkillers unless stated otherwise
  • Eating hydrating foods
  • Avoiding supplements that may exacerbate the side effects

Using SPF

Most individualswear sunscreen as part of their normal skincare regime. The facial skin is very thin, making it one of the most delicate parts of the skin. As a result, it is more susceptible to harmful UV rays. Too much skin burning and drying out may sap the HA from the skin and the filler. To extend the longevity of your filers, applying sunscreen every day may help.

Eat Well and Stay Hydrated

To make the fillers last longer, it is better to avoid sugary foods. Sugar interacts with collagen and elastin, it interferes with the skin’s ability to stay hydrated. Additionally, it may cause inflammation resulting in the breakdown of fillers rampantly. You should also cut down on dairy and caffeine consumption to prevent inflammation and boost hydration in the body.

Use Good Skin Care

There are various over-the-counter skin care products. However, some have dangerous ingredients that may harm the skin. So, before purchasing any skin careproducts, ensure their ingredients are safe for the skin. Additionally, retinol products may help since they increasecollagen production resulting in more youthful and firm skin.

Regular Maintenance Appointments

Constantly go for maintenanceappointments to make your look last longer. Since lip fillers normally last for about one year, getting more fillers will ensure the look appears more prominent without fluctuations.

Frequently Asked Questionsabout Lip Fillers

What Should I Not Do After Getting Lip Filers?

Though the side effects of lip fillers are rare, chances of them occurring do happen. Therefore, there are various things you should avoid after getting lip fillers to fasten the healing process and to avoid tampering with the fillers. Avoid alcohol consumption, facial massage, strenuous cardio and make-up application.

What Age Should I Get Lip Fillers?

In the UK,the legal age to get dermal fillers is 18.

Can Lip Filers Give Me a More Natural Look?

One of the greatest advantagesthat lip fillers have over other surgical options is they provide you with a natural look. However, it depends on the filler you choose and desired results you yearn for.


One of the most hastily rising trends is fuller and sumptuous lips hence the reason lip fillers have increased in popularity for the past few years. Lip fillers involve injectinggel-like subsaynces, such as hyaluronic acid or other substances beneath the lip tissues to achieve fuller and more natural lips. Worry no more if you’ve been wondering what you would look like with lip fillers. With lip fillers, you are assured of a more youthful look since it eliminates aging signs around the lip area. Additionally, you will have fuller and hydratedlips with an improved look. However, to make the appearance last longer, you must follow various tips such as using SPF, following the injector’s advice to the core, usinga good skincare routine, staying hydrated, and eating properly.


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