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When Can I Kiss After Lip Fillers?

One of the benefits of lip-enhancement treatments is making the lips attractive and kissable. Lip fillerisan excellent way to transform the lips into a condition your partner will love. This article explains when one can kiss after lip fillers.

Many individuals are getting into this popular trend- lip fillertreatment. Lip enhancement is among the most appreciated non-surgical cosmetic processes in today’s beauty-driven world. Individuals are obsessedwith lip fullness, and getting lip fillers has become an alternative for transforming lips. Unfortunately, some people find this treatment demanding because of the many dos and don’ts. Although it’s a painless and quick process, the aftercare practices are not always easy to follow. Most peoplewant to be intimatewith special people and wish their favourite people to be a priorityto experience thebiggest life transformationslike lip enhancementtreatment.

Should You Hold Off on Kissing After Lip Filler Treatment?

Kissing is one of human’s best ways to express affection and love. It can therefore sound impossible to advise someone to resist kissing after undergoing a lip filler treatment. According to Wollina &Goldman (2020),the infection risk is the biggest concern aboutkissing after a lip enhancement procedure. After inserting a needle into the skin, it’s a health precaution to avoid anything that mightcause inflammation or infection for 24 hours. That may include exchanging kisses. Avoiding kissing gives the injection area enough time to heal. The holes from the needles are still fresh for the first two days after the injection. Hence, they should not be exposed to new bacteriato prevent severe outcomes later in their recovery.

Another reason kissing is not a good idea after lip fillers are to enable the dermal filler to integrate with the lip tissues completely. Kissing, especially long kissing, makes the fillers migrate to unintended locationsdue to the pressure from making out. If this happens, there will be unevenness, causing one part of the lips to appear fuller than the other. The fillers will unevenly pool on one side, and the other side will be left poorly defined and unattractive. One may also notice a funny ‘monkey mouth’ structure if the fillers travel above the Cupid’s bow. The damage will be too disappointing and noticeable, leaving one with no option but to dissolve lip fillers and repeat the procedure. Waiting to heal before the kiss is an excellent choice if one wants theirinjectedlip to heal. Three to seven days are enough to give your lips adequate time to recovertheir natural state.

Will Your Partner Understand Your Reason for Resisting Kissing?

Bertucci et al. (2021) explained that refraining from kissing is difficult for patients recovering from lip fillertreatment. It’s even harder for their partners, especially if they don’t understand how lip fillers work. Some lumps,bumps, swelling, and unevenness will remain noticeable for around two weeks. That is a long time since one notices their lips are not as healthy as they should be. Assuming thepartner will understand without explanationis not a good idea. Some romantic partners get offended when their romanticadvances are not reciprocated. Two weeks is when one lip may completely regain good health. Unfortunately, this might be too long not to exchange kisses. If one is not careful, they may misinterpret thereason as losing interest in them or finding a new partner.

How to Make Your Partner Understand Why You Can’t Kiss

Let Them Know You Will Get Lip Fillers

The partner should know when onedecidesto undergo lip filler treatment. Tell them in advance about this cosmetic procedure, the costs, where one will get it done, and how. Don’t underestimate the power of revealing such body transformations to your beloved ones. They may help you in doing research, making it easier to seek a high-quality treatment from qualified lip filler experts. Moreso, they will be emotionally, financially, and mentally prepared for any side effects that usually follow cosmetic procedures.

Let Your Partner Witness the Procedure

Your partner’s presence will give you the confidence you need to undergo lip filler treatment calmly. Being involved the entire time, seeing how the injection is done, and listening directly to your doctor’s advice on refraining from kissing will help them understand the seriousness of the procedure. They will be willing to support you and give you all the time you need to heal and accept other forms of romance you mayagree to as your lips recover from treatment.

Negotiate for Shorter Kisses

Short, sweet foreheadkissesor quick lip kisses are not close to the long, passionate lip kissing that gives you and your partner the satisfaction your body craves. Even so, a peck from the partner is a good option if you two completely cannot refrain from kissing. A ‘seconds’kiss provides an opportunity to synch with and tune into each other and feel moreconnected.

Don’t Neglect Your Other Body Parts

Your lips arethe only body part healing from a lip fillerprocedure. So, you can use your hands and other romance styles to expressaffection and connection. There is a common phrasethatromantic loverslike ‘hands make you feel half of kissing’ A passionate butt grab, holding each other’s back,and other touching advances will help you both feel loved and good.

Take and Give Kissing Feedback Positively

Lip injections might swell, making it uncomfortable for you or your partner toexchange kisses. Maloney et al. (2012)stated that your partner might feel you are a bad kisser, or you may feel your other half is not giving you the satisfactionyou crave for. That’s why you should be open and communicate your desires while listening to your partner’s feedback. It can be hard to confess your disappointments, but sharing what you want will help you find a solution that works for you both.

FAQs about Lip Fillers

Can Lips Be Affected When Kissing After Filler Treatment?

It is advised that an individual should not kiss after the procedure as the lips are soft and tender and can easily be bruised. When pressure is applied to the lips, it can cause the migration of the fillers on an individual’s lips.

Can One Exercise After the Treatment?

An individual is not advised to engage in strenuous exercises because of the pressure obtained from exercising. When pressure is extreme, one can cause the fillers to migrate. Also, the sweat produced from exercise can cause infection and irritation to the treated lips.

How Long Does Lip Filler Last?

After the cosmetic treatment, the fillers can last from around six months to a year. The longevity of the fillers is determined by factors like age and an individual’s body metabolism.


No matter how extensively one hasdiscussed why kissing is not a good idea after a lip filler procedure,seeking a full consultation from a well-trainedaesthetic practitioner is the best way to understand why refraining from kissing is important. They will give you goodmedical advice on adjusting your romantic life after getting lip enhancement.Kissing has many uncovered valuable health benefits. Still, avoiding it for a few days to help you achieve your dream lips won’t hurt!


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