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Dermal Fillers

When Can I Put Lipstick on After Lip Fillers

The lip filler treatment is a delicate procedure that requires a patient to be keen on how they will handle their lips afterwards. This article explains the dos and don’ts after fillers, and when one can apply make up after the procedure.

Many peopletakelip fillers because of their benefits. They makethe patient look younger with fuller and plumper lips. With lip fillers, one can contour their lips and cheeks, plump and increase the size of the lips, among others. The fillers have widely gained popularity in the recent past. They come in different qualities and prices. Thenon-surgical procedure may result in swollen and bruised lips after the procedure. However, the side effects last for a few hours. The treatment process is temporary, safe and non-invasive, making it preferable making clients who want youthful looks that appear natural.

Makeup Tips after Injectables

Many patients put on makeup daily before taking the procedure, and the urge may remain even post the treatment. However, after getting the treatment the following strategies are vital for the healing process;

Clean Face on Treatment Appointment

When scheduled for an appointment, arrive with a clean face withoutmakeup. Corazza et al. (2020)noted that makeup complicates the facial analysis and assessment before the injection. An injectable cosmetic treatment will need a clean face for a better positive result, as the doctor will need to see how the lips look before the injection treatments. No lipstick makes it easier for one to prepare and analyse their lips.

Avoid Make Up for 12 to 24 Hours

After the lip filler treatment, it is not advisable to wear make up for at least 24 hours. The bruising and the swelling associated with the treatment needs some time to help heal for better results. It is important to avoid make up to prevent any form of infection to lips; patients can used gentle free cleansers instead of make-up during the healing process.

Minimal Make up Application

Make up conceal facial spots, but it can also suffocate the skin. Patients should use lipstick or makeup for targeted areas like lips and use lipsticks or balms that blend with the skin.

Treatment Can Improve the Lip Routine

With the treatment in place, one can be advantageous as they can get their lips healed and well-mended. When the lips are well formulated, they improve the natural dimensions of the lips.

Aftercare Practices for Lip Filler Treatment

 The healing process determines how the lips appear after the treatment. King et al. (2018) stated that, for better results, patientsshould take foods that are easy to chew and soft. Bhojani-Lynch (2017) stated that the lips should not be strained at any moment for better results. One is advised to eat fruits and vegetables as they contain ingredients that speed up the healing process. One should avoid makeup and lipsticks after the treatment to prevent contamination or infection from ingredients contained within the lipstick. Also, avoid oral activities and kissing on the lips. Kissing can subject unwanted pressure on the lips that can migrate the filler to a different location on the face. Patients should also wash the lips or facegently it with a clean piece of cloth and warm water to remove any dirt or debris on the skin.

How Soon Can One Wear Make-up?

After 48 of the treatment, the patient can apply lipstick or lip gloss. No medical claims reject lip gloss after the lip filler treatment procedure. Evans et al. (2019)stated that sometimes patients might feel slightly tender lips, which should beleft for a day before applying make-up.For better results, cosmetic experts advise against lip gloss;itsingredientscould infect the small bruises from the filler injections.

Can I Rub My Lips Together after Lip Filler?

Do not rub or massage the lips shortly after lip filler treatment. The massage and rubbing create unwanted pressure on the lip, increasing the swelling or infecting the bruises. Although one canis tempted to touch and rub the lips, the rubbing or massaging could result in migration of the fillers and prolong the swelling.

How Long Will the Lips Feel Lumpy?

The treatment procedure of lip filler can result in bumpy and lumpy lips. It often comes as a side effect of the treatment. The lumpiness and swellinglast for a few days depending on the patient’s metabolism and age. As aforementioned, bumps are common aspect of the lip treatment will disappear shortly.

Can One Smile After Lip Fillers?

After a lip filler procedure, avoid smiling for some time to allow the lips to heal. Although difficult to avoid, facial expressions like frowning and smiling mightstretch the tender skin on the lips, making it more painful.

Can One Brush Teeth After Lip Filler?

The patient can brush their teeth after a filler procedure. Notably, the brushing should not hurt the soft and tender tissues; thehyaluronicacid used in most lip fillers makes the tissue soft and tender for some time. One is advised to be very gentle when washing or brushing the face after filters injection until the lips heal.

FAQs about Fillers

Can I Apply Lipstick After Fillers?

Yes, one can apply lipstick after the lip filler procedure, after 48 hours; the lips are probably healed after this duration.

How Long Does Lip Filler Last

The lip filler can last between 6 and 12 months, depending on the patient’s age and metabolism.

Can Fillers Go Wrong?

Fillers can result to adverse effects if thepatient has pre-existing condition they did not disclose to their cosmetic doctor; treatments could also backfire ifconducted byquacks.

Can One Feel Fillers On The Lips?

No. The patient should not experience unusual sensations, especially once the bruising and swelling have subsided.

Can You Eat After Lip Fillers?

Yes, one can immediately eat after lip fillers. However, soft foods that do not cause irritation are ideal shortly after the treatment.

How Long After Filler Can One Fly?

One can fly after a week;flying immediately after the procedure may worsen the swelling and bruising due toair pressure on the plane.


What a person puts on their face or lips after the filler injections will determine how best the healing process takes place. Patients shouldavoid applying lipstick immediately after the procedure. One can wait for at least 24 hours to apply the fillers for a better facial appearance. Salty and spicy food may provide negative effects on the lips post treatment. Notably, many lips filler procedures that lead adverse side effects result from unqualified injections. Hence, patients should seek the service of qualified cosmetic doctors to get the best treatment outcome.


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