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When Can I Put Lipstick on After Lip Fillers

Lipstick is a staple of many people’s daily makeup routine, and if you’ve recently undergone lip filler injections, you might be eager to enhance your newly plumped lips with your favorite lip color. However, it’s crucial to understand when it’s safe to put on lipstick after lip fillers to ensure a smooth healing process and optimal results. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the ideal timing for lipstick application post-filler, considerations for choosing the right lipstick, and essential tips for caring for your enhanced lips.

When Can You Safely Apply Lipstick After Lip Fillers?

The timing for applying lipstick after lip filler injections can vary slightly from person to person, but here’s a general guideline to follow:

Immediate Post-Filler Period (Day 0-2)

During the first 48 hours after your lip filler treatment, it’s essential to allow your lips to heal and minimize any potential complications. Avoid applying lipstick, lip balm, or any other lip products during this time to prevent infection or irritation.

Days 3-7

Around the third day after your lip filler treatment, you can generally start applying lipstick if you wish. However, it’s essential to do so gently and mindfully. Your lips may still be slightly swollen and sensitive during this period.

Week 2-4

By the end of the second week, your lips should have mostly healed, and any initial swelling should have subsided. This is an ideal time to resume your regular lipstick routine. Your lips will feel more natural, and the results of your lip filler treatment should be more apparent.

Months 2-3

At this stage, you should be able to apply lipstick as you normally would, enjoying the full effects of your lip filler treatment. Your lips should appear plumper, smoother, and more defined, making lipstick application even more appealing.

Choosing the Right Lipstick After Lip Fillers

When you’re ready to apply lipstick after lip fillers, keep these considerations in mind to ensure a flattering and comfortable result:

Opt for Moisturizing Lipstick

Choose lipstick formulas that provide hydration and moisture to your lips. Look for lipsticks with ingredients like shea butter, hyaluronic acid, or vitamin E to prevent dryness or flakiness.

Avoid Matte Lipsticks

Matte lipsticks can be drying and may accentuate any dryness or texture on your lips. Opt for satin or creamy lipstick finishes for a more comfortable wear.

Use a Lip Liner

A lip liner can help define your lip shape and prevent lipstick from feathering or smudging. Ensure that the lip liner is applied gently to avoid excess pressure.

Avoid Overlining

While lip fillers can enhance the shape of your lips, it’s generally best to avoid overlining your lips with lipstick. Embrace your natural lip contours and work with the enhanced shape.

Patch Test New Products

If you’re trying a new lipstick product, consider doing a patch test on a small area of your lips to ensure that you don’t have an adverse reaction or sensitivity.

Essential Lip Care Tips

To maintain the health and appearance of your lips post-filler, follow these essential lip care tips:

Stay Hydrated

Proper hydration is key to preventing dryness and maintaining the longevity of your lip filler results. Drink plenty of water daily.

Lip Balm with SPF

Apply lip balm with sun protection factor (SPF) to protect your lips from harmful UV rays and maintain their youthful appearance.

Regular Follow-Up Appointments

Schedule regular follow-up appointments with your provider for lip filler touch-ups and evaluations. This ensures that your lip enhancements are maintained and adjusted as needed to achieve your desired results over the long term.

Consult with Your Provider

Keep an open line of communication with your healthcare provider if you have any concerns or questions about your post-filler lip care. They can provide personalized guidance and reassurance.

Alternative Lip Makeup Options

While traditional lipstick is a popular choice for adding color and definition to the lips, there are alternative lip makeup options that can work exceptionally well for individuals with lip fillers. These alternatives offer various finishes, textures, and benefits, allowing you to achieve different looks to complement your enhanced lips.

Lip Stains


Lip stains are lightweight, long-lasting, and provide a natural flush of color. They are excellent for a subtle, “barely there” look that enhances your lip’s natural shape.


Apply lip stain to clean, dry lips and allow it to dry. For more intensity, layer the stain as needed.

Lip Gloss


Lip glosses add shine and dimension to your lips, making them appear fuller and plumper. They can also be layered over lipstick for added depth.


Apply lip gloss directly to your lips or layer it over lipstick. Opt for clear gloss or choose shades that complement your lip filler results.

Lip Tints and Balms


Lip tints and balms offer a moisturizing, subtle hint of color. They are perfect for everyday wear and can keep your lips hydrated.


Swipe lip tint or balm onto your lips for a comfortable and nourishing look. Reapply as needed throughout the day.

Lip Liners


Lip liners can be used to define the shape of your lips and prevent lipstick or lip products from feathering. They are essential for achieving precise and polished looks.


Outline your lips with a lip liner that matches your lip filler’s natural shade or the color you intend to use. You can also fill in your lips with the liner for a matte finish.

Liquid Lipsticks


Liquid lipsticks provide intense, long-lasting color and a matte finish. They can be used to create bold, striking lip looks.


Carefully apply liquid lipstick to your lips, starting from the center and working outward. Wait for it to dry to achieve a matte effect.

Lip Powders


Lip powders offer a unique, velvety texture and can be applied lightly for a sheer finish or layered for more intensity.


Use a lip brush or your fingertip to dab lip powder onto your lips, building the color as desired.

Metallic and Shimmer Lip Products


For a touch of glamour and dimension, consider metallic or shimmer lip products. They can make your lips appear radiant and eye-catching.


Apply metallic or shimmer lip products as desired, either on their own or over other lip makeup for a dazzling effect.

Lip Masks


Lip masks are designed to hydrate, nourish, and smooth the lips. They can help maintain the health and appearance of your lips, especially after lip filler treatments.


Apply a lip mask for the recommended duration, typically 10-20 minutes, and enjoy the rejuvenating benefits.

Custom Lip Blending


Experiment with custom lip blending by mixing different lip products to achieve your desired color, texture, and finish. This allows you to create a unique lip look that complements your personality and style.


Combine lip products like lip stains, lip glosses, and lipsticks to create your customized lip color. Use a lip brush for precision.


The timing for applying lipstick after lip filler injections depends on the stage of your healing process. Following the general guidelines and choosing the right lipstick products can enhance your lips’ appearance while maintaining their health and comfort. With proper care and attention, you can confidently enjoy your fuller and more defined lips with your favorite lip colors.

Nataly Komova