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Dermal Fillers

When Can I Wear Makeup After Lip Fillers?

Patients need to take precautions after getting lip fillers to get the desired results and to avoid infections and complications. This article explains what fillers are, when to apply makeup after the stuffing, when to do exercises after the fillers, when to take alcohol after the fillers, if the sun can affect my fillers, sleeping on treated areas and the frequently asked questions.

Many customers seek cosmetic procedures every year. The fillers are very important since they help the customers reduce the look of wrinkles and lines, smooth scars and help them maintain a youthful look. The aged customers have been looking for a way to make their faces look more youthful. Fillers add volume to the sagging skin, making the customer look more beautiful. After receiving dermal fillers, there are some things that customers should avoid. These can assist in prolonging the fillers and giving the best potential outcomes. They also aid in keeping patients healthy and preventing infection in the treated area. One of the most crucial things customers should avoid is applying makeup to their faces after undergoing a cosmetic procedure.

What Are Fillers?

According to Rho et al. (2015), fillers are dermal injections injected into the skin tissues, especially through the lips and the face. These injections transform customers’ faces by removing creases and wrinkles in the beginning, smoothening the face, giving lips a good structure and shape, making the lips look fuller, adding volume to sagging cheeks and giving patients a youthful appearance.

When to Apply Makeup After Lip Fillers

It is recommended to apply the makeup after the treatment but when the skin tissues are healed. According to Azhar et al. (2022), clients should stop using makeup on the face for a minimum of twenty-four hours after the procedure. Most cosmetic doctors advise customers to avoid applying makeup on the face after the fillers because it may make the fillers disperse within the other regions of the beginning due to the touching and the pressure applied in the injection site. The makeup can also interfere with the injection site, leading to infection. It is advised to stay away from applying makeup for two days. Customers should give the injection area time to heal.When applying makeup, clients should ensure their fingers and the brush they used in applying makeup are very clean. It will enable the patient to keep away bacteria affecting the injection site. Practise hygiene to avoid any infection in the injection site. Customers are advised to apply the makeup twenty fours after the treatment. Some customers prefer applying makeup on their faces to cover bruising and swelling that may appear. When applying makeup, ensure you do it gently to avoid using pressure on the injection site, which may worsen swelling.

When to Do Exercises After the Fillers

Exercises are very important in our bodies, so individuals should avoid exercising after the dermal filler treatment. Active activities increase the blood flow and increase the temperatures in the body. The increase in the blood flow can cause the swelling to become worse. The exercises may make the filler migrate from where it was injected to unintended places. It results in poor results, and customers may be forced to use another injection for corrections as it is avoided. According to Low et al. (2020), ensuring you stop exercising or any other activity can raise the blood flow, increase the temperatures and make the filler migrate. It is important to wait for the filler to recover so that you can continue your exercises and return to your normal routine.

When to Take Alcohol After the Fillers

Consumption of alcohol has become a daily routine for most customers since they claim to help them reduce stress, making them feel calm and relaxed. However, when they decide to have fillers, they should avoid taking alcohol a day before, during and after the treatment. Fillers and alcohol do not go together before and after the injection. The alcohol may increase the chances of bruising from the procedure, opening the blood vessels and making the swelling worse. If you are addicted to alcohol or not, please hold off from alcohol so that you may obtain the best outcomes from the procedure. When the injection site is healed, you may now go back to your normal lifestyle.

Can the Sun Affect My Fillers

It is important to always protect the skin from the sun, especially after receiving dermal fillers. According to Bertossi et al. (2019), when the skin is exposed to the sun, it results in some effects on the skin, like wrinkles, creases and sagging cheeks that make one look old. One can use sunscreen or protective clothing to protect themselves from sunny weather. It will make the dermal fillers last for a long time and recover quickly.

Sleepingon Treated Area

It is important to take care of your fillers after the treatment. Avoid sleeping on the injection site since it may make the swelling worse due to the pressure applied while sleeping. It can also make the filler migrate from one place to another and settle in unintended areas, leading to undesirable results. Stop being negligent and adhere to the instructions that the cosmetic doctor instructed one to do to avoid a lot of complications in the future.

FAQs about Lip Fillers

Can I Wear Makeup After the Lip Fillers?

It is recommended to avoid applying makeup after the cosmetic procedure. Customers can wait at least one day after the treatment to apply their makeup. The pressure that is put on the filler may make the swelling worse. Avoid using makeup immediately after the procedure.

Can One Tell If I Have Fillers on My Face?

Fillers look natural when they are conducted well by a professional cosmetic doctor. However, some fillers may look unnatural or not well taken care of when filled badly. Customers should take care of their fillers to make them look more natural. They should ensure they adhere to the instructions given by the provider during the treatment.

What Should I Avoid After the Fillers?

There are things that customers should avoid after undergoing a cosmetic procedure. They should avoid applying makeup on their face, doing active activities and exercises, smoking and taking alcohol and exposing themselves to the sunny weather.


It is recommended to avoid applying makeup on the injection site. Customers are advised to use makeup at least once a day, and when applying, they should go to it gently to avoid applying pressure on the treated area, which can make the swelling worse. Before undergoing the cosmetic procedure, individuals should ensure they find a professional cosmetic doctor to conduct the process well to avoid complications in the future. Ensure you take care of yourself after the treatment to make your fillers stay long and get the desired results.


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