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When Did Lip Fillers Start?

Among the most famous cosmetic procedures known nowadays is lip filling. It promotes fuller lips and provides a glowing appearance around the mouth. This article explains when did the lip fillers start.

Lip fillers in ancient times were not as popular as they are currently since the procedures were specifically for the wealthy class of people. However, lip fillers are now fairly less expensive and available for almost everyone, which was not the case initially. One only requires a little cash, and theyprobably get their desired filler treatment and amount of lip fillers. The low costs of fillers are due to the booming nonsurgical procedures and the upgraded tactics, which result in an appealing result. These results have led to increased patients seeking cosmetic treatments globally.

The History of Lip Fillers

Lip fillers have existed for almost a century. However, the techniques used during ancient times are not the same as those used in modern times.Coran et al. (2012)explained more detailed information in 1906 when cosmetic practitioners tried injecting a paraffin liquid into the lip muscles. Thecondition underwhich the paraffin was injected was a liquid state using a powerful syringe made of metal. The metallic needles with their contents were usually subjected to a hot water environment during the procedures. However, thesystems were not fruitful; hence the practitioners had to lookfor other means of tryingconvenient ways of the process.

Mitra et al. (2014) stated that, in the 1960s, liquid silicone was introduced to be used instead of liquid paraffin. There were a lot of concerns about its effectiveness and the safety of liquid silicone. Due to these concerns, the bovine-type collagen was introduced instead. Bovine collage was much safer; thus, it was identified as the standard chemical for lip procedures.Hill et al. (2019) explained that Bovine chemicalhas many disadvantages, such as being too expensive with many delays during operations. The delays meant that the patient had to wait for several weeks to get the results of the procedures after the treatments.

Today, lip fillers consist of hyaluronic acid, the most common product that world-class cosmetic practitioners use. Hyaluronic acid is naturally obtained from the body tissues and along the body’s cartilage. It can combine with water and swell it to varying capacities, usually determined by the type of filler used once it is in a gel state, leading some sought-after to undergo lip filling. Hyaluronic acid may last for about 6 to 12months. Once its injections are done by a qualified aesthetic practitioner who has passed through proper training, it may lead to minimal risks, unlike the other techniques of lip filling.Lip fillers exceed the different types of fillers since the role of the media has facilitated its popularity, and most patients believe that getting fuller lips is the best way to moderate an individual’s physical features. More celebrities are also enhancing the use of lip filler procedures as well as other aesthetic treatments. Therefore,the norms on cosmetic treatments have greatly been transformed into a much more highly admired mainstream.

Lip Filler True Moments                     

According to Nguyen (2015), theneed for lip fillers boomed highly back in 2015. The boom was, however, due to speculations in the media about KylieJenner. She confirmed that she had received lip filler treatments that resulted in plump-up lips. Nguyen (2015)stated that the majority of clinics provided their data which showed an increase of about 70% in patient enquiries seeking lip treatments in the same year.

Though Jenner might be termed as the famous promoter of lip filling and other injectable fillers, this was just an era when there was a rise in botched cosmetic procedures. Therefore,once receiving cosmeticprocedures related to lip filling, patients should enquire a lot to get rid of advice from their practitioners to be ascertained if they have undergone any training or are certified by the board of cosmetic doctors.

What Are the Benefits of Lip Fillers?

Media plays a great role in beauty trends, controlling the cost of dermal fillers and promoting their demands.Some of the benefits of lip fillers may include the following:

  • We are improving the volumes and shapes of lips as well as revitalising areas around the lips.
  • It is a safer and nonsurgical procedure whose recovery time is minimal
  • They are usually reversible by the use of an enzyme known as hyaluronidase, which is generally inserted into the lip muscles
  • Lip procedures are usually versatile

Frequently Asked Questions about Fillers

When Did Big Lips Become Popular?

It was back in 2006 when Angelina Jolie had the world’s crown of being the most beautiful star. She was given an honour due to her glowing lips. After that incident in 2014, Jenner Kylie posted her picture as a self, which contained her newest fuller lips that turned several people anxious about lip injections; this was when beauty boomed.

Is There a Reason for the Lower Lip to Be Attractive?

About a thousand patients in which samples were collected from 35 states showed that a perfect lip shape is considered the lower jaw. Respondents of more than sixty per cent thought that a ratio of 1:1 between the upper and the lower lips seems more attractive. However, other cosmetic doctors suggest that Cupid’s bow is the most admired type of lip filling.

What Is the Perfect Lip Size?

Usually, lip width should lie about 40% for the lower face width and is equivalent to the middle limb. The width ratio to height is usually 3 to 4, so the oval face shape is ideal for aesthetic procedures.


Throughout history, cosmetic procedures were not affordable to most people since they entirely specified the procedures to rich groups. But due to the introduction of nonsurgical procedures in recent years with improved techniques, which result in impressive outcomes, several people have opted to seek aesthetic treatments.

The growth of lip filers has been greatly influenced by the rise of concern about facial aesthetics around the press and social media platforms. Non-aesthetic treatments are available and affordable since they are easy to obtain and have low downtime. Due to these reasons, the most popular and effective way of getting cosmetic treatments is through lip fillers.


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