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Where modesty meets fashion

Modest Mermaid is an Australian designed modest swimwear brand that mixes fashion with modesty to allow women to feel and look great while maintaining modesty with the added benefit of SPF50+. Modest Mermaid swimwear is fashionable and flattering which sets them apart from their competitors as well as performing well in the water. 

With a background in buying and 18 years experience for some of the worlds largest fashion brands, Emily Pask was the perfect person to fill the gap she found in the modest swimwear market, Bringing fashion and modesty together is the key to Pask success in building Modest Mermaid. Pask grew up in a retail family, her dad founded Big City Chic a bricks and mortar store focussing on plus size women bringing fashionable clothing to women in this segment. Growing up with this role model it helped her to identify and segment a market that I saw a gap in and wanted to focus on providing for. Pask is also a mum (which majority of their customers are) with a love of fashion and understands the desire to have more covered up options without compromising on fashion which she believe all women should have access to. 

The modest fashion industry is estimated to be a $270 billion dollar industry. There are 1.9 billion muslims worldwide, not to mention the other religions in which women want to cover up. 500M+ women worldwide are looking for fashionable and modest swimwear and clothing options. Modest Mermaid solves this problem for these women. They are an everything inclusive brand of: religion, belief, size, values, style. In fact the majotity of their customers come from three religions: Muslim, Jewish and Christian. In today’s world with so much animosity between groups, religions and countries it’s refreshing to see a brand where everyone is accepted and catered for. 

Pask can’t count the number of women that have thanked her for creating Modest Mermaid. Some of these women have never been in the water and had to watch their families and kids from afar as they had nothing modest they felt comfortable to join them with. Now they are swimming and enjoying these precious moments with their families making memories, thanks to Modest Mermaid. These women are extremely loyal to Modest Mermaid and have sung the brand’s praises to their communities helping to grow Modest Mermaid. 

One of the greatest challenges of Modest Mermaid is reaching their customers, there are 1.9 billion muslim people in the world thats atleast 500 million muslim women who want to cover up however they are geographically dispersed all over the world which is a challenge without huge marketing budgets to reach as many as possible.

This is also a huge opportunity. The market size and gap there is in the modest swimwear market allows for so much opportunity and growth for a company like Modest Mermaid. 

Pask says the best advice for other businesses is speak to as many customers as possible before launching into starting a business/designing a product. Customers are the key and it’s so important there is a demand and that your products meet that demand.



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