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Why Can’t You Exercise After Lip Fillers?

Most people want to know how long one must wait to work out or do strenuous jobs after filler treatment. This article focuses on why one can’t exercise after lip fillers if they can work out before lip filler, the advantages of lip fillers, problems associated with exercising after lip filler, how to care for your lips and the recovery period.

Lip filler is a nonsurgical procedure to eliminate wrinkled lips and enhance volume. A gel substance is injected with a needle under the lip area. The process is quick, lasts for some minutes, and aftercare is very easy. However, lip fillers require downtime, especially if one does strenuous jobs or workouts like any other filler. When exercising, all the sweat can get to the lips putting the lips at risk of bacteria and infection. The type of filler and where they had them determined how much time they needed to rest.

Can You Work Out Before Getting Lip Fillers?

Funt & Pavicic (2013) explained that one is advised to pause exercise before getting the lips augmented; this is because exercise causes an increase in blood flow, resulting in bruising in the injected lips. Other things that should not be done before lip augmentation include; consuming aspirin, vitamin E, primrose oil and fish oil. This product can thin the blood and increase swelling.

Advantages of Lip Fillers.

Lip fillers come with advantages. Some advantages of lip augmentation include the following;

  • Lip augmentation gives one the lip structure and contours, improving the appearance of the face.
  • Lip fillers look natural because they use products naturally in the body.
  • Chukwujike et al. (2015) explained that fillers are naturally absorbed in the body, making them fuller. They are used to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines, especially in people who smoke because of poor blood circulation.

Problems Associated with Exercising After Lip Filler

When one has had a lip injection, here are some reasons why they should not exercise immediately after the procedure;

  • Effects of the product may wear faster than expected.
  • Exercising after the procedure could cause the fillers to move, causing unevenness in the lips.
  • Exercising can cause an increase in heart rate and pressure, increase blood flow to the lips and increase swelling and bruising.
  • Sweating during exercise can cause the moving of sweat to the injected area, causing bacteria and infection.
  • Excess pressure on the filler could cause it to come out. After the procedure, it is advisable to lie down and keep the head slanted for blood flow.
  • Islami et al. (2020)explained that if one has a hyaluronic acid filler, It could degrade because of direct UV rays.

How to Care for Lip Fillers

Apart from avoiding working out after fillers, here are ways to care for the lips;

  • Be gentle on the lips. Avoid touching lips frequently and scrubbing them so that blood vessels can heal and recover quickly.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated; this helps with swelling because extra fluid can leave the body quickly.
  • Avoid make-up because it could contaminate the injected area.
  • Eat foods that are not salty or spicy because they can irritate the lips and cause rubbing.
  • Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol because alcohol is a blood thinner and could increase inflammation, while smoking can cause infection and cause puckering of the lips.
  • Use lukewarm water while showering to avoid too much heat on the lips.
  • Avoid kissing for 48- 72 hours because it can increase pressure on the lips or cause bacteria.
  • Apply creams and take pills prescribed by your doctor to reduce swelling.
  • Do follow up with your medical expert to make sure all is well.

Exercising After Lip Fillers

If you have to exercise, here are a few tips to note;

  • Start with low-intensity workouts such as walking, then increase gradually.
  • Wear sunscreen because of UV rays that affect your filler.
  • Before, during and after exercise, drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated.
  • Apply balm before exercising to keep lips hydrated.
  • Stop and speak to your medical expert if you experience pain while working out.


As a person heal, they may experience sensitivity and mild bruising. It is normal, and the cosmetic doctor will prescribe medication to help and recommend other aftercare practices. When one follows the precautions, the cosmetic doctor gives, one will see a change after a few hours of the injection. After a week, the lips should feel smooth, natural and plump. According to Sánchez et al. (2017), lips should look symmetrical once completely healed. If unsatisfied with the results, a person can return to their cosmetic doctor for correction.

Am I an Ideal Candidate?

Lip injections are safe and effective and can be performed by men and women 21 years and older. Other factors considered before are if one had any other lip enhancement before if one is pregnant or breastfeeding, a smoker, under any medication and If one has any medical condition. These factors may hinder an individual from being the best candidate for lip injection. Visiting an aesthetician before the procedure is a way to know if skin health is okay for lip augmentation. If an individual is viable for a lip injection, the cosmetic doctor will recommend the best products for them and anything related to the procedure. Being an ideal candidate also includes having realistic expectations of the procedure. Please do not go overboard by wanting to change the appearance completely because it could turn out how one doesn’t want it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fillers

Do Lip Fillers Dissolve Faster When You Work out?

Working out after lip filler could increase the rate at which the filler dissolves, making the filler last for a less period than expected.

How Long Does It Take Lip Fillers to Settle Down?

Lip fillers are quick, and results don’t take long. After the injection, the filler takes around two weeks to settle on the tissues.

Do Lip Fillers Feel Hard at First?

Immediately after the injection, the fillers will look swollen and hard, but the feeling goes away over time, and fullness will be seen.


Exercising after a lip filler is not good, as enough downtime is recommended for quick healing. Lip injections are the fastest way to get enhanced lips, but if one is unsatisfied with the results, it’s okay to be back to their cosmetic doctor for correction. When one realizes any abnormality after the procedure, consult with the cosmetic doctor. Fillers are not for everyone, so it’s advisable to consult before getting into the procedure. One should also discuss how long results will last and signs their lips are losing fullness. Lip fillers can be reversed in cases of complications or results that are not pleasing.


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