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Why Do Male Patients Need More Botox Than Females?

Male patients require more units of Botox for facial treatments than female patients. This article focuses on why male patients need more Botox than females, the benefits of Botox treatment and frequently asked questions on Botox treatment.

In the last two decades, male demand for Botox treatment has risen by about 310% worldwide. Traditionally, this treatment was mainly done by women, while males were not interested in getting the treatment. Cosmetic doctors are more aware of the differences in treating each gender now that male patients are increasing. Men and women usually have different aesthetic goals when seeking Botox treatments. The latter seek the treatment to smoothen lines and wrinkles to achieve a youthful appearance. In contrast, males seek treatment to define sharp facial contours, reducing ageing signs and achieving a masculine appearance.

Satriyasa (2019) stated that males often require more Botox than females because they have more muscle mass than females. This means that more units of Botox are needed to treat male patients than the ones required to treat female patients. On average, women require 30-50 units of Botox for a standard upper face treatment, while women require 50-80 units to get the same effect in the same areas. It is also important to note that stronger men require more Botox injection units than slender-built men. Underdosing is the main cause of inadequate results in males. This means that for men to get the intended results, they may require additional Botox injections. The following factors focus on why males need more Botox units than females by focusing on some areas of the human face;

A Male’s Brow Shape Is Different to a Female’s Brow Shape

According to Patel & Malhotra (2018), a woman’s brow has a gentle arch visible a few centimetres above the brow bone. There should be much of an arch above a man’s brow bone. A man’s brow is straight and lower than the female one. This means that for males and females to achieve their ideal look after treatment, the amount injected may vary because the areas being injected are slightly different for the two genders. The cosmetic doctor should know where to inject in the brow area to achieve the different effects on both males and females. When Botox injection is done correctly in the forehead and periocular muscle, the position and shape of the brow are enhanced. This makes the final result look natural and youthful. When injections are administered poorly, the shape and position of the eyebrows are altered, making the final result appear unintended.

Men and Women Have Different Trouble Spots

Even though men and women have the same parts of the face, they may have different reasons for adding Botox injections into these areas. Men commonly get Botox treatments to improve the crow’s feet, while women are more concerned about the glabella, which is why most get injections into this area. Glabella refers to the vertical lines between the eyebrows. The severity of wrinkles in these areas can affect the amount of Botox required for injection.

Men Usually Have a Higher Hairline Than Women

Botox injection can vary slightly based on the patient’s hairline. A man with a shaved head may require more injections since the hairline may be extended. In this case, male patients may require more Botox than female patients.

Cosmetic doctors need to understand the anatomy of the forehead and the brows muscles to determine the amount required for injection. A qualified cosmetic doctor should know how the forehead works together with the eyebrows to perform a good injection procedure. Men require a more precise technique in placing Botox into the intended muscles so that the muscle can experience the full effect of Botox for better results.

Benefits of Botox Treatment for Male and Female Patients

when the right amount of Botox is used for facial treatment in men and women, the following benefits are achieved:

Enhancement of Natural Beauty

Botox is an effective anti-wrinkle treatment that reduces the appearance of facial skin lines and wrinkles. Since people first notice the look on your face when you first meet them, using Botox improves your appearance and give your face a youthful look.

Improves Many Health Conditions

Botox is used to treat people suffering from muscle pains. Injecting Botox helps the muscles to relax.

According to Logo (2016), Botox is also used to treat people suffering from underarm sweating, overactive bladder and urinary incontinence.

Botox Treatment Offers Nearly Immediate Results

Even though results are not visible immediately after treatment, the patient can notice changes in 5 days. Botox continues to work, and the patient can see the full result after 30 days.

Lasting Results

Botox results can last for about 3-4 months. You enjoy a smooth facial appearance free from lines and wrinkles during this period.

Botox Treatment Can Be Customized

When you meet your doctor for consultation, you agree on areas that need treatment. The doctor comes up with a plan for administering the injections based on your intended result. How the treatment is done may vary from one patient to the other.

Inexpensive Cosmetic Procedure

Botox treatments are inexpensive when compared to surgical procedures. Since Botox is measured in units, you can decide the number of units you want, depending on your budget.

The Treatment Is Fast and Is Non invasive

Botox treatment procedures can take approximately 15 minutes on average. The cosmetic doctor injects Botox into the specific areas using a small needle. The procedure is simple and takes a short time.

Frequently Asked Questions onBotox Treatment

How Often Do Men Need Botox?

Your body will break down Botox, and the muscular activities will return. Botox effect can last for 3-4 months though it varies from one person to the other. Cosmetic doctors recommend patients to get a Botox treatment once every 3-4months.

How Do You Know When It Is Time to Get More Botox?

You can get another Botox treatment when you notice ease in muscle movements, especially when you move the forehead. Wrinkles and lines begin to reappear.

Will The Droopy Eyelid fromBotox Go Away?

Botox treatments have minimal side effects when competent cosmetic doctors administer injections. According to King (2016), if unqualified cosmetic doctors administer the injections, side effects such as droopy eyelids may occur. Droopy eyelids should go away in about 3-6 weeks after treatment. If it prolongs, consult your doctor.


Whether male or female, choosing a competent cosmetic doctor for your Botox treatment is always important. A doctor who does not understand facial anatomy would not be able to administer the injections correctly, which would affect the intended result negatively. If you choose a qualified cosmetic doctor, you will certainly get good treatment. Men and women get Botox treatment to improve or restore their facial appearance. To achieve this, choose a cosmetic doctor who has treated many male and female patients so you can be sure he is experienced enough to offer a good treatment.


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