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Zeer – revolutionizes public and personal safety by using machine learning

Zeer revolutionizes public and personal safety by using machine learning, wearable devices, and blockchain technology to create an autonomous safety response system.  Zeer is frictionless from emergency to response, and then to prosecution by saving data on the Stacks blockchain. Zeer can be activated with a push of a button or with a secret Safeword. Zeer also activates autonomously to health and situational data points, for example, during a heart attack. When activated, Zeer contacts the nearest ECC (emergency call center) and live streams location, medical information, and A/V footage from any smart device. By sharing this, first responders have situational knowledge to respond more quickly, effectively, and with less risk to themselves. This same data is streamed and encrypted anonymously to a public blockchain. Your data is now protected and immutable, ensuring that any crime that happens to you is well documented for later prosecution.

This is how Zeer began. The founder and creator, Adam David Jones, organized a voter registration event on Easter weekend in 2016. He was ready to leave when a friend asked him to a party with her. He agreed to go, though tired, because she had just met the man who asked her. When nearing the alleged party, the man said Adam needed to go first to make sure it was ok. That is the last thing he remembers. Adam woke from a coma a month later in a world-class trauma center with no memory of how he got there. He was told he was attacked and half his skull was removed in emergency surgery, but he couldn’t remember leaving the event. He found himself deaf in one ear, with dried blood and mucus coming from it. Over the course of the next several months, Adam learned to eat, speak, and walk again. He learned how to manage the depression and other side effects caused by the traumatic damage to his brain. He still suffers from PTSD, memory loss, and tonic-clonic seizures to this day.  

            The man accused of attacking him was arrested immediately after the attack, covered in Adam’s blood and holding Adam’s $60 in his pocket. When Adam and his family arrived at the trial a year later, they were told the man would represent himself. “Good. This should be easy,” Adam said.

            When Adam took the stand after his friend, he was confronted by the accused.

            “Do you remember me?”

            “No, clearly not,” Adam said.

            “So you can’t be sure that I did this?”

            “No, but all the circumstantial and physical evidence points towards you,” Adam said, before being chided by the judge.

            The man was caught covered in Adam’s blood, had Adam’s money in his pocket, and changed his story five times. Yet, he was still acquitted by a jury. A violent felon’s word won against a mountain of physical evidence and one woman’s testimony. 

            That day, he vowed to never let this happen to someone else. Had there been a shred of video or audio evidence to disprove the final story, the man would still be in jail today.

      Zeer faces the challenge of public awareness. After three years of development, Zeer is ready to launch. Anyone we meet believes in the Zeer solution. When Zeer hits the app stores next month, we need to spread the message that Zeer is here for you and is revolutionizing personal safety.

      The company has been bootstrapped since its inception by Adam and his family. This year, angel investors expressed an interest in becoming part of the team. Zeer is now raising some money to accelerate distribution.

      Everyone needs a personal safety system that will protect themselves and their families. However, some communities can benefit more. Women between the ages of 16 and 35 years old, and especially women who travel alone, are the people best served by Zeer Technologies. Zeer ends “he said, she said” excuses around sexual violence and harassment. This millennia-old problem can finally come to an end.

      The opportunities for Zeer technology are immeasurable. We invented this technology to protect people and solve crimes. However, the same tech can be used to prosecute war crimes, collect and analyze battlefield data, or collect video to prove an event occurred for journalists and other 4th estate reasons.

      If there is any advice we can give, it is to follow your heart. The world has enough businesses whose main objective is to generate more wealth for very few people. What the world needs is solutions for everyone’s real life. We are in Web 3.0. We are on the next digital frontier. If technology does not help people live a better life, it will become obsolete in 20 years.

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