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Zuodanli 159 Vegetarian Meals in 3-minutes Instant Porridge

Business Name and what it does

Zuodanli Health Industry Group (Jilin) Co., Ltd. was established in September 2013 with a registered capital of 159 million yuan. As a national leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, it takes “hoping the world without suffering” as its corporate mission and “honesty, gratitude, honor and disgrace, and loyalty and filial piety” as its development philosophy.

Zuodanli 159 vegetarian meal, Choosing 159 kinds of natural ingredients in five categories, including grains and beans, nuts, seeds, flowers, fungi and algae, “Chinese porridge, the taste of home” is committed to inheriting the Chinese food and nutrition culture, bringing quality life to the masses.

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

A bowl of miscellaneous grain porridge made a name for itself. In the tide of innovation and entrepreneurship, the founder of 159 porridge – HanDan, how does he start from “zero” to over 100 million in just one year?

Han Dan was born in a working family. His first job after graduating in 2001 was to learn Chinese herbal medicine from Master in a Chinese pharmacy, and learned some nourishing prescriptions that can be used as both medicine and food, which laid a good foundation for his future entrepreneurship. It was this experience that gave him a deep understanding of “the same origin of medicine and food”, so he believed that food was the best medicine.

After that, he went to different pharmaceutical companies, doing research and development of western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, from large to small injection, tablet to powder, and even laboratory to sales. Years of work experience have made him familiar with all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry. He also began to have different ideas about the treatment of diseases: it is a principle of traditional Chinese medicine that has been handed down for thousands of years, but how many people can really practice it?

In today’s world, people are in a hurry. Although many urbanites have money, they don’t have time to cook a few decent meals for themselves. Is there any kind of food that can be really supplement food with convenience and fast speed? With this idea in mind, he learned and practiced, turning over the medical works left by ancient great doctors and working in various pharmaceutical factories to broaden his horizons.

In 2006, he started his own business for natural medicine with the dream of food as an apprentice, and rush into the health and wellness industry. In 2009, in order to learn knowledge, he sold the mobile phone to buy a train ticket to study in other places. In 2014, for the funds of the entrepreneurial project, he mortgaged the only house for the whole family to live in and successfully loaned 500,000 yuan of entrepreneurial funds. From 2001 to 2015, it was Han Dan’s 14 years of rushing to make ends meet, and also the 14 years of hard study of “Ten Thousand Scrolls of Ancient, Modern and Eternal Days”. In the past 14 years, Han Dan has absorbed ancient and modern Chinese and foreign concepts of diet and health care, combined with the ingredients required by the human body, and repeated tests, and finally he developed a combination of different proportions, rich in nuts, seeds, flowers, 159 kinds of natural ingredients such as grains and algae, the five elements and five colors balance the diet and health, and provide the nutrients needed by the human body. It is called 159 vegetarian meals. 

After that he decided to go back to his hometown to start a business, because he was born in Changchun, grew up in Changchun, and the feeling of returning home after “a walk”, said Dan Han with a smile. Jilin Province is a major agricultural province with beautiful natural ecology and good resource environment. It is confident in developing green, high-quality and safe agricultural product and increasing the supply of ecological products. Zuodanli 159 Group is a company that produces high-end vegetarian products, and many ingredients in the raw materials can be drawn from this fertile soil. 159 Vegetarian Whole Meal is an innovative product. Once combined with local agricultural production, it will use the invisible hand of the market to guide the adjustment of agricultural planting structure. When developing the “159 Vegetarian Whole Meal”, Han Dan worked hard, and must organically graft the rich products of the black land in Jilin’s hometown into the product. For the same quality ingredients, Jilin’s products are the first choice. 

All things get ready, In July 2015, Zuodanli 159 starts to sell in the market, and it broke through 100 million yuan in sales in just one year. It is really a myth.

The challenges the business/market is facing

A Vegan Entrepreneur’s Dream-Vegetarians Lighting Up the Earth

A convenient multigrain porridge rich in 159 kinds of natural ingredients such as nuts and seeds, a product that embodies the dream of the developer not only meets the needs of countless people who are craving for food and fitness, but also has been recognized by experts and the industry for its innovativeness.

Zuodanli 159 instant multigrain porridge is not only time-saving, but also to lose weight, detoxify, beauty care, regulate the stomach and improve immunity. However, as it is a functional product with the same origin of medicine and food, after taking it for a period of time, some consumers might have Reaction symptoms like gastrointestinal discomfort, acne on the face, diarrhea, body aches, dizziness, bitter taste, etc., many consumers worried that similar situations eventually stopped taking. These symptoms are only temporary and the body needs to adapt to a process. Actually, don’t worry too much, when these situations occur, drinking more of water, time will fix these problems.

159 Vegetarian foods needs one-on-one caring after-sales service, and guide customers how to eat for best results throughout the process to meet different needs. Of course, not every customer has enough patience to ask questions, we have written all possible problems on our website to provide more complete information. Unknown challenges are always there, and we will work hard to solve them. 

The opportunities the business/market is facing

Now, people have great demand for vegetarian food, which can make them healthier and nutritious, and have high requirements for changes in the structure of the diet. The prospects and development trends of the vegetarian market can be clearly understood from the following five parts.

1. The prospects of domestic market development are good

Vegetarianism is a healthy diet that does not eat meat, poultry and seafood products. It can rely on fresh fruits and vegetables and other ingredients. Most people have also changed the concept of health and wellness, and they have higher requirements for foods. In the domestic market, people’s recognition and concept of vegetarian food are also increasing, and the development prospects in the market are very good.

2. Stable consumer groups

At present, there are more and more vegetarians and most of the vegetarians are mainly younger. Vegetarianism is not a belief, but a healthy eating method, which is beneficial to physical health and at the same time, establishes healthier eating habits. It has become a way of eating that modern consumers prefer.

3. The number of vegetarian enterprises has expanded

In recent years, there have been more and more restaurants in the market, and the speed of the industrialization of vegetarian food has accelerated. Many enterprises have emerged constantly. They have strict requirements on the production of products so that providing better service.

4. People’s awareness of health preservation is strengthened

Health care has become an important topic. People have higher requirements for health care. Most people pay more attention to health care in diet. Now more and more restaurants are inclined to the dietary structure of modern consumers. Whether it is young, old, or middle-aged, the awareness of health preservation and eating habits are constantly changing, and the awareness of health preservation is strengthened.

5. Vegetarian food has become the new trend of diet

Nowadays, people have a high rate of pursuit of healthy diet and vegetarian food. “In the life sciences, according to the life cycle calculation, the human lifespan can be calculated to 125 years old. According to the cell division, the human lifespan can be estimated to be 159 years old, so there is this ‘159’.” Zuodanli Health Industry Group Co., Ltd. Han Dan said in an interview.

When you choose 159, it seems that you are eating food, but you are doing one thing for the earth, which is energy saving and environmental protection. We are vegetarians to reduce animal husbandry and save more animals. We try to bring this good product to the world as long as the company can go on, hope more people stay away from suffering. 

Advice to others about business

It is often said that knowledge changes destiny. There is no end to learning. The truth is that he has clarified his life goals through learning, and knowledge has indeed changed his destiny, and it has also made him set up the ambition to use knowledge to continue to change the destiny of enterprises and others. As long as you want,

Everything is possible. Good luck for people who want to take actions…