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Dermal Fillers

How Much for Face Fillers

The cost of face fillers varies amongst different doctors and clinics. This article explains more about what face fillers are, their benefits, and the factors determining the cost of face fillers.

Face fillers are natural or biodegradable substances injected into facial muscles like lip tissues, jawline, cheek muscles, and skin tissues under the eyes to improve facial appearance and complexity. They have recently gained popularity as more than a million patients in the UK annually seek to eliminate aging facial signs such as wrinkles, deep-rooted facial folds, lines, and thin lips. Injectable fillers can treat the above aging signs by introducing natural substances like hyaluronic acid and collagen, whose production gradually diminishes with age. How much do they cost? Filler treatments are a bit expensive, but they offer a natural look that feels real, thus making them worth the cost.

Why Do Patients Spend a Fortune on Facial Fillers?

Customers should be ready to spend a fortune if they wish to harness the benefits of facial fillers. They are more expensive than other dairy cosmetic products but more affordable than cosmetic surgery. However, many filler clients believe they are worth the price. Luthra & Amit (2015) highlighted reasons why facial fillers are worth the cost:

  • They are quick to deliver results. De Boulle et al. (2013) stated that facial filler takes less than 30 minutes, and patients can fully enjoy the plump natural look within a few days.
  • Facial fillers provide a natural look that feels real.
  • Fillers injections are reversible. By use of enzymes, HA fillers can be easily reversed if the patient is not satisfied with the result
  • They provide room for corrections in case of an aesthetic practitioner’s errors.
  • They are the best suited to fight aging facial signs like deep-rooted fine lines, accumulating wrinkles, hollow cheeks, and thin lips.

What Is the Cost of Facial Fillers?

The Food Standard Agency (FSA) has approved facial fillers as a safe cosmetic procedure, but they have not regulated their price. Therefore, like most cosmetic products or herbal remedies, their cost differs from one manufacturer to the other.According to Blanchard et al. (2019),facial fillers cost £ 250 to £800, depending on various factors. These factors include:

  • The type of facial fillers.
  • The facial area is to be treated.
  • Clinic price.

The Type of Facial Fillers

The facial filler injected under the skin can affect the clinic’s cost. Each type contains different active ingredients that can be either naturally produced or synthetic materials that are expensive to manufacture. In the cosmetic market, the following are the types of facial fillers available and their estimated cost:

HA(Hyaluronic Acid) Fillers

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance produced by the body to hydrate and make a face appear plump. Its production reduces with age; thus, HA fillers are manufactured to replace the lost produce. Albert (2022) suggested that Hyaluronic acid is a bit affordable, with a price of £250 to £400 per treatment, depending on other factors.

Collagen Stimulator

These facial fillers induce collagen through body mechanisms that help fight aging signs. The common collagen stimulator is poly-l-lactic acid, a biodegradable synthetic material.Dou et al. (2021) stated that the collagen filler costs approximately £300 to £ 500 per session.

CalciumHydroxylapatite (Caha) Fillers

CaHaisa natural substance existing in human bones and joints. They are derived from animal products to create CaHa fillers to soften facial wrinkles and finer lines. They are more expensive because they last longer than HA and collagen fillers.Zarkov et al. (2019) suggested that CalciumHydroxylapatite costsfrom £500 to £ 800 per treatment.

The Facial Area Being Injected

While aging, various facial parts are affected due to the low production of collagen, skin fat, and hyaluronic acid. Asa result, the face appears to have thin lips, harrowing cheeks, a deep-rooted jawline, sunken eyes, and pronounced laugh lines. Each facial area requires a different concentration of fillers and techniques to achieve a youthful look. Therefore, the cost of filler treatments may differ depending on the area to be injected.

The following are estimations about the price of each facial injection:

  • It is estimatedthat  £150 to £350 can do the jobof restoring the lip’s volume.
  • Cheeks: cheek fillers treat leathery and harrowing cheeks by increasing their volume and eliminating wrinkles and fine lines. They cost roughly between £420 to £670.
  • Laugh lines: to remove deep-rooted laugh lines, you require approximately £600.
  • Under the eye, fillers are injected to treat dark Circes and sunken eyes and cost roughly between £150 to£ 300.
  • Jawline fillers are more expensive than other facial fillers since they require a high concentration of filler materials to remove pronounced jawlines. Their cost ranges from £650 to £800 per treatment.

Clinic Costs

The cost of cosmetic procedures like injectable dermal fillers varies from one health center to another. Some clinics are more expensive than others depending on the following factors:

Geographical Location

Cosmetic medical centers in highly populated areas like cities or developed towns tend to be more expensive to perform facial treatmentsthan local vendors.

The Price of Cosmetic Practitioner

Itis worth spending a fortune on a more qualified, experienced, and skilled cosmetic doctor since they offer facial filler injections with minimal complications and last longer. A quack aesthetic doctor may be cheaper and impose more cosmetic risks and complications.

The Loyalty of the Patient

Most reputable clinics reward clients loyal to their services by offering facial filler treatment cheaply.

Clinic Reputation

The more famous the clinic is, the more expensive it might be to offer cosmetic procedures. A cosmetic doctor can review patients’ comments and ratings to know if the clinic’s cost goes hand in hand with the quality of the service they offer.

FAQs about Face Fillers

Can You Perform Fat Grafting on the Face?

Old age or environmental factors may cause a face to have signs like harrowing and saggy cheeks. Instead of cosmetic practitioners filling the cheeks with specific facial fillers like HA, they may perform micro-lipo-injection to transfer fat from fatty body parts like the buttocks and then process it before injecting it into cheek muscles. This cosmetic procedure provides a natural look that lasts longer thantemporal facial fillers like HA, CaHa, and many more.


The popularity of facial fillers comes from the fact that they can soften aging facial lines and wrinkles, reshape your lips, and increase cheek volume withminimal or no complications or side effects. Therefore, their cost may be expensive to some patients but worth the price. However, the cost of facial filler treatments may vary depending on the type of filler materials, the facial area being injected, and the clinic-recommended price. Nonetheless, if you wish to harness the complexity benefits that fillers offer in the UK, it is estimated you should be loaded with £ 250 to £800 depending on the above factors.


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