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Dr. Laura Geige

Laura Geigaite

Laura Geige is an accomplished medical professional specializing in medical aesthetics, holding her qualifications from the prestigious Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. A multi-faceted talent, she excels in her roles as a dentist, a clinical trainer with the Harley Academy, and as an expert advisor to a consortium of companies within the health and wellness sector.

Laura’s breadth of knowledge spans across cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, laser aesthetics, injectables, neuromodulation, and medical devices. Her expertise in diagnosing and treating various skin conditions combined with her profound understanding of skincare due to her qualification in cosmetic dermatology has allowed her to make significant contributions to the development of a beauty brand’s product portfolio.

Her in-depth experience and unique skills have not only earned her the reputation of a reliable clinician but also a trusted advisor in the commercial arena. Laura leverages her extensive understanding of aesthetic medicine to train new entrants in the field, shaping the future of dermatology and aesthetic medicine through the Harley Academy.

Laura’s interest extends beyond the realms of healthcare and aesthetics. She finds solace in the joys of travelling, capturing the essence of her journeys through her lens. An aficionado of architecture, Laura often wanders around town, soaking in the brilliance of structural design and its history. Her passion for travel and architecture provides her a unique perspective on beauty, contributing to her aesthetic sense in her professional work.

While she admittedly isn’t a morning person when it comes to hitting the gym, she firmly believes in a balanced lifestyle and encourages the integration of wellness in everyday life. Laura’s diverse set of interests and her dedication to her profession mark her as a well-rounded individual with a deep understanding of aesthetics, health, and the art of living well.