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Rimas Geiga

A dedicated medical professional with a rich blend of experience in both clinical practice and pharmaceutical sales, I carry a deep commitment to patient care, seamless teamwork, and corporate integrity. As an individual, I believe in maintaining warm and cordial relationships with colleagues and patients alike, all while adhering to my core principles that make me a conscientious employee and person.

Holding a valid medical license (No. MPL-25404) since October 2020, I am currently a medical doctor at the GMP station of the VšĮ Vilnius District Central Polyclinic. I have been serving in emergency teams on calls and acting as an on-duty doctor since March 15, 2021. My work involves diagnostics, treatment, and first aid, all of which are executed with precision and empathy.

Before my transition into full-time medical practice, I spent a substantial part of my career in the pharmaceutical industry. From 2009 to 2020, I worked with H. Abbe Pharma, serving as a medical representative and regional manager. My journey with H. Abbe Pharma started in 2005 and culminated in me achieving targets and driving growth for the company in various capacities. My sales experience began with UAB Miecys, where I served as a manager and sales manager between 1996 and 2005.

A product of continuous learning, my educational background is an amalgamation of medical and managerial expertise. I hold a Master’s degree in Medicine from the Lithuanian University of Health sciences (1989-1996) and a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Business Administration from Vilnius University (2010-2013). Additionally, I am a graduate of the Klaipėda J. Kupcinska Medical School (1982-1985), where I trained as a medical paramedic.

To further sharpen my skills and competencies, I have invested time in numerous courses and seminars on topics ranging from “Oratory Art” to “Effective Customer Service”, “Professional Sales”, “Homeopathic Medicines and Their Use”, and “Management of Complex Situations”. My proficiency in MS Office, Salesmen, Softdent, and PharmaCODE, combined with my acumen for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, complement my work in the healthcare sector.

In my diversified journey in medicine, pharmaceutical sales, and management, I have learned to value the power of collaboration, integrity, and relentless learning. With each patient treated, sale made, or team led, I strive to contribute positively to the healthcare landscape.