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Dermal Fillers

Can You Feel Lip Fillers When Kissing?

Lip fillers enhance the lips’ appearance and shape and keep them looking plump. Keep reading to learn more about lip fillers, whether they can be felt when kissing, their benefits, and possible side effects. Herein, you will also get the answers to frequently asked questions about lip fillers.

If you want to increase the volume of your lips and make them look plump, lip fillers are an amazing option. These fillers have several benefits. They are not permanent, although they require frequent maintenance. In addition, they have minimal side effects. Most people are often concerned about lip fillers and whether they can be felt when kissing. The quality of the lip fillers would determine whether they can be felt while kissing, although they often feel natural, and one would not tell the difference.  

What are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are a suitable solution for patients who want to improve the fullness of their lips. They are injectable substances that increase lip plumpness besides restoring their shape. In addition, lip fillers alleviate wrinkles on the sides of the mouth. The lip filling injection is minimally invasive.

Lip filler injections can be administered in an aesthetic practitioner’s office. The process is normally quick, and the effects may occur immediately depending on an individual’s anatomy. Lip filler substances include hyaluronic acid, polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), and calcium hydroxyapatite.

Can You Feel Lip Fillers When Kissing?

Lip fillers often feel natural, so they cannot be easily noticeable when kissing. However, patients should wait two or three days before kissing intimately. Pain and inflammation are often experienced after the filling procedure. However, they subside within a short period. Passionate kissing after the procedure may pressure the lips, causing compression of the blood vessels and heightening the pain experienced.

How To Maintain Your Lips Properly After a Lip Filler Procedure

  • Avoid using cosmetic products like lip balms on your lips after the procedure.
  • Ensure you sleep while facing upwards. Sleeping while facing downwards may increase blood pressure to the lips, worsening pain and inflammation.
  • Do not use straws since they may compress the lips. In addition, patients should stay hydrated to reduce inflammation and redness.
  • Do not engage in intensive physical activities 24-48 hours after the procedure. These activities may also increase blood pressure in the lips, which may worsen inflammation and redness.
  • Refrain from using blood thinning medications that may interfere with blood clotting.
  • Avoid smoking and consuming alcohol since these activities dehydrate the lips further.
  • Take hydrating fruits and vegetables, which may moisturize the lips and reduce inflammation.
  • You can also use natural, analgesic creams like aloe vera or arnica.

Do Lip Fillers Cause Duck Lips?

Accurate lip filler injections do not cause duck lips. However, some people inject more filler substances than required, which may dramatically plump the lips and distort their shape. Duck lips are caused by indiscriminate filler injections and constantly overfilling the lips with the filler material.

Indiscriminate injections involve injecting all areas of the lips with an equal amount of filler substance without considering the anatomy, shape, and type of lips. According to Trinh, McGuigan & Gupta (2022), constantly filling the lips with fillers would stress the lips and damage the blood vessels. Reduced blood flow to the lips would inhibit the formation of elastin and collagen, which are vital for healthier lips.

Smoking and consuming alcohol may worsen the situation since these activities dehydrate the lips and cause skin sagging. Furthermore, Toprani and Mane (2021) suggested that the chemicals in nicotine reduce the formation of collagen, which keeps the skin firm.

What are the Benefits of Lip Filler Injections?

Grippaudo et al. (2020) stated that lip filler injections increase the plumpness of the lips. Lip filler injections also improve the shape of the lips, reduce wrinkles, and enhance hydration around the lips.

Do Smaller Lips Make an Individual a ‘Bad Kisser?’

Most men prefer kissing women with plumper, well-shaped lips since they offer more ‘sensation.’ However, an individual with thinner, softer lips is not necessarily a bad kisser, although they are easier to hurt since too much pressure might cause pain in their mouths. It is important to be gentle while kissing to ensure the experience is worthwhile.

How Long Do Lip Fillers Take To Settle?

Lip fillers are often temporary. They last three to twelve months, although other lip fillers may last for two to five years. The longevity of the lip fillers depends on the individual’s anatomy and the quality of the lip filler used. Higher-quality lip fillers would last longer, although they still require frequent maintenance.

High-quality lip balms can also moisturize the lips after a lip filler injection. Fillers plump the lips by binding with water molecules in the dermis. Therefore, the fillers also improve hydration around the lips, which relieves dry, cracked, and chapped lips. However, the lip balm should not be used immediately after the injection since it might worsen the inflammation experienced.


Does Kissing Alter The Shape Of Your Lips?

Passionate kissing is intense, although the force exerted on the lips is not sufficient to change the shape of your new lips. Therefore, you should be able to kiss your partner passionately without any worries whatsoever. In addition, it is important to ensure you undergo a proper procedure that’s carried out by a highly trained medical professional.

Does Kissing Hurt Your Lips After Getting Lip Fillers?

Pain, tenderness, and inflammation are common side effects of lip fillers, although they subside within a few days. Therefore, avoiding sexual or intimate activities immediately after the procedure is important since they cause pain and discomfort. You should not kiss immediately after the procedure since the lips take a day or two to heal from the injections fully.

Are There Significant Observations Depending On The Type Of Filler Used?

Most lip filler injections utilize hyaluronic acid since it best improves plumpness around the lips (de Maio, 2021). Other filler substances that can suffice include calcium hydroxyapatite and polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA).

What Should You Not Do With Lip Fillers?

Ensure you avoid using an exfoliating agent for 24 hours after the procedure. Avoid using straws for 24-48 hours after the procedure. Also, avoid having a facial massage for a week or two.

How To Sleep With Lip Fillers

Ensure you sleep with your back while elevating your head slightly to reduce inflammation and pain on the injected site. Sleeping on your back also helps keep the lip filler in place.

How Much Do Lip Filler Injections Cost?

A lip filler injection price depends on the lip filler material used, the number of injections, and the respective price of the medical practitioner. Ensure you choose a highly qualified licensed aesthetic practitioner to guarantee a safe and effective procedure.


Lip fillers are injectable substances that increase the volume of the lips. They also improve their shape and hydration while ensuring facial symmetry. Lip filler injections must be administered by a highly qualified medical professional that is licensed. A lip filler injection costs vary, depending on the respective price of the healthcare professional and the type of filler used. Lip fillers cannot be felt while kissing, although the lips often feel plumper and more hydrated, thus enhancing the intimacy experience. Ensure you avoid using straws after the procedure. Also, avoid smoking and alcohol consumption since these activities dehydrate the lips and interfere with the efficacy of the lip filler injections. The side effects of lip filler injections include pain, tenderness, and inflammation. However, these side effects subside with time.


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