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Face Filler! How Much Is the Cost?

Face fillers help to create young-looking skin. This cosmetic procedure is meant for any client looking for a smoother,more youthfulface with no wrinkles. So, how much do face fillers cost? Learn more below.

Do you think face fillers will have the same hype as today in a few years? In the early 2000s, engaging incosmetic procedures and beauty surgeries wastaboo. The only people allowed to undertake these treatmentswere models and celebrities, who never admitted tousing them. Some clients tried possible skincare products, including natural oils, but never understoodwhy others and other social media idols had perfect faces effortlessly. It was a mystery how they maintained a smooth, youthful appearance despite being in their 30,40s and 50s. Empowermenton dermal fillers and skincare procedures brought light tocustomers seeking effective ways to restore their skin’sappearance. A client may feel ready to jump into the trendy face filler hype. Are you financially capable of receiving this treatment? How much do face fillers cost?

The Average Price of Face Fillers

Face fillershelp patientssmooth away facial wrinkles. Facial injectables providenatural-lookingfacial contouring around the right places, especially on the jawline. Lipko-Godlewska et al. (2021) suggested that face fillers lift cheeks, make lips plumper, and give a  facea super attractive look. All these facial improvements from oneprocedure.This makes the price high. Most facial fillers cost around $675 in each syringe.It dependsonthe cosmeticdoctor performing the treatment, how long a patientwantsthe filler to last, and the complexity of the procedure. The areatreated and desired correction also determine how much the aesthetic practitioner will charge a patient. Most cosmetic doctorsare dedicatedto offering their patients affordable, comfortable, and beautiful solutions. Affording a face filler is achievable if you are fully committed to getting a youthful look and achievingbeauty goals. Patients should have the plan to save for face fillers since they are costly. Maintenance is mandatory for face fillers to keep their shape and look intact.

Do All Face Fillers Cost the Same?

There is never a standard cost for cosmetic procedures and products.However, some cosmetic doctors quote a high price for fillers depending on the amount needed during the procedure. A patient may spend more or less, depending on the facial correction required at that particular time.Wu et al. (2016) showed that fillers on facial tissues wouldincrease face volume, smoothen wrinkles, and define a patient’s facial features. The leading facial fillers designed for different beauty goals include;

Hyaluronic Acid

This natural dermal filler option is often more expensive than other alternatives.Jin&Laopanupog (2021) stated that Hyaluronic acid naturally occursin the body and helps the skin cells retain moisture, creating a pump, healthy, and properly hydrated facial skin. The study above also stated other benefits of hyaluronic acid;

  • It makes a face radiant.
  • Its powerful hydration properties diminishwrinkles and fines, giving the patient an attractive, youthful face
  • It suitsany skin type, even  patientswith acne-prone and sensitive skin
  • Hyaluronic acidhasstrong antioxidant properties that shield the facial skin from radicals and pollution patients cannot control
  • Hyaluronic acid facial fillers are soft and have a numbing agent that reduces the discomfortbefore, during, and after treatment.

Poly-L-Lactic Acid Facial fillers

Synthetic substances like Poly-L-Lactic Acid facialfillers are affordable. The cost may belower than Hyaluronic Facial fillersbecause they are less natural. De Melo et al. (2017) suggested that Poly-L-Lactic acid facial filler is a collagen stimulatorand works by smoothing fine lines, building facial volume, and rebuilding the skin’s natural collagen. What makes this facialfiller more appealing despite its reasonableprice is its strength to create an admirable framework and structure for the face.Invest in this option if you want to treatsagging facial appearance and correct the face volume loss.

Calcium Hydroxylapatite

Using facial fillers containing calcium hydroxylapatitewill costa patientlargely.This substance is obtained from the bones, giving the fillers a thicker, soft, and more gel-likethan Hyaluronic acid fillers. Rho et al. (2015) showed that Calcium Hydroxylapatiteprovides firmness and deeper lines without wrinkles.

What Costs Should You Know About Facial Fillers?

Clients should prepare financially for pre-treatment, treatment, and aftercare. The pre-treatment costs include the consultation charges. It’s not free when a cosmetic doctor evaluates concern areas, reviews the medical situation, and recommendsthe right treatment plan. Utilize each minute of the consultation you paid for. Patients should disclose allergies, skin conditions, and beauty goals. Reveal whether you have taken any medication such as naproxen, blood thinners, ibuprofen, or aspirin because they are likely to increase the severity of bruising after facial filler treatment.

During Treatment Costs

The filler treatment costisfor the cosmetic doctor’s expertise and skills, the resources used, and the service a patient will receive. Among the three areas of prices, this stage is the most expensive. It’s essential to research all the possible facial filler procedures and suggest an option that meets a patient’s budget and intended goals and causes less discomfort. Being informed about the treatment alternatives will make it easier for a cosmeticdoctor to provide filler injections that suit thepatient’s facial needs.

AftercareTreatment Costs

All cosmetic procedures have side effects. However, these effects will subside after a few days. The treatment may make a patient experience unpleasant symptoms like hypersensitivity, bruising or swelling,temporary numbness or redness, and lumps on the injection sites. A patient may incur some post-treatmentcarecosts for a few days. Filler injections are medical procedures. Ensure a qualified cosmeticdoctor uses a safe treatment to avoid health damage in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions about Face Fillers

How Much Are Face Fillers?

The cost of face fillers is not constant or predictable. The cost depends on factors such as the location of a cosmetic doctor, the type of filler, and a patient’s desired goals. The cost of face fillers depends on the amount used on a face. More units of fillers will heighten the price.

Are Face Fillers Good for Lactating Patients?

Richardson (2021) suggested that lactating, pregnant patients under 18 should not have face fillers or any other type.


Face fillers are effective and popular cosmetic injectables. This treatment can address any cosmetic concerns. For instance, skin laxity, fine lines, wrinkles, poor facial definition, and thin lips. Find an experienced cosmetic doctor to provide a facial filler treatment that fits your specific facial needs. Different factors affect the cost of facial fillers, especially a patient’sgoals,and skin concerns. Discuss the available dermal filler options with optimal longevity and natural results.


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