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How Long Do Butt Fillers Last

Clients like to adjust their facial and general body shape. Butt fillers enhance the size and shape of butts. While there are other ways to add volume, dermal fillers are one of the most common procedures. This article discusses how long butt fillers last, including; the advantages and disadvantages of butt fillers and ways to make them last.

Some clients go to great lengths to obtain big butts. Plastic surgeons have observed an increase in demand for butt lifts. Some surgical procedures include fat transfer through liposuction and butt implants. Injections such as silicon implants and butt fillers add volume to the area. While most filler injections are advised against, there are exceptions when it comes to dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are successfully used to plump lips and reduce wrinkles. However, since the non-surgical procedure is not permanent, most clients want to know how long bum fillers last. This article looks into the advantages of getting butt fillers and how long they last.

What Are Butt Fillers

Butt fillers are injectibles that add volume and reshape the buttocks to enhance curves. It is a non-surgical procedure and has a low recovery time. Different dermal fillers can be used, but the most preferred filler is Sculptra. Other fillers, such as hyaluronic acid, are mostly used in lip and eye fillers. Christen (2022) mentioned that most cosmetic doctors use Sculptra filler for butt fillers.


Bentkover (2009) explained that Sculptra is a type of Poly-L-lactic Acid filler (PLLA) that stimulates an inflammatory tissue response with collaged placement. It induces the body to create more collagen. Unlike other fillers, such as hyaluronic acid commonly used on the lips, which add volume, Sculptra triggers an inflammatory response in the body. It is the most suitable filler on the butts since it does not use much of the product but creates a significant augmentation.

Advantages of Butt fillers

The procedure takes less time than most dermal fillers, and results can be seen immediately. There is less downtime, and patients can continue their normal activity after the procedure. However, as with many dermal fillers, a patient should not expose the area to heat after the treatment or do vigorous exercise. Butt fillers are an excellent option for patients who do not want to go through surgery but would like their bums lifted. The final result after a butt filler is a natural-looking shape and contour as opposed to surgical procedures. Goldie et al. (2018) noted that butt filler increases butt size and smoothens any wrinkles and cellulite. It is a good option when a patient does not have enough fats to undergo liposuction. The procedure does not require heavy sedation and does lead to scarring.

Disadvantages of Butt fillers

While the procedure does not pose risks like surgical procedures, Sculptra has disadvantages. PLLA fillers do not dissolve like other fillers. The procedure is not reversible, and one has to wait until the filler naturally fades. PLLA fillers like Sculptra are likely to form lumps and bumps, which can last as the filler or be surgically removed. Urdiales-Gálvezet al.(2018) discussed that filler injections also pose the risk of infection, especially if the filler gets into blood vessels. Butt fillers are not permanent; a

How Long Do Bum Fillers Last

Although the initial results can be seen after the procedure, non-surgical butt fillers using Sculptra require several treatment sessions to get the full effect. Saleem et al. (2022) suggested that butt fillers sessions are done after three months. De Lima Menezes et al. (2022) showed that Sculptra fillers give patients volume and effects lasting up to two years.

Ways to Make Butt Fillers Last

Sculptra is one of the long-lasting dermal fillers available. It is commonly used for butt fillers. A patient can do things to ensure that the dermal filler lasts longer and maintains a good shape. These are:

Massage the Butt

Massage the treated area within a week after the procedure. This will aid the boy absorbs the PLLA and filler particles evenly distributed throughout the bum.

Avoid Sun Damage

Too much exposure to the sun can cause skin damage and is one of the early signs of aging. Ensure to be hydrated and maintain a great skincare routine to avoid damage to the skin after the butt filler. Sunscreen can protect against skin damage when out on the beach.

Maintain Your Weight

Fluctuation in weight can reduce the curved and plumpness of the butts. A patient needs to maintain a steady weight with butt fillers. After getting Sculptra fillers, people who have long-lasting results maintain healthy body weight.

Butt Exercises

Exercises focusing on the butt area can maximize the results of the filler. The exercise does not have to be heavy or hard. A simple, lightweight exercise routine can boost your butts and make them more bubbly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Butt Fillers

Can I Get Butt Fillers?

Butt filler injections are suitable for clients who want to improve the shape and size of their buttocks without going through invasive surgical procedures. An assessment is done during consultation before the treatment to understand a client’s goals and needs. A cosmetic doctor will advise on the appropriate treatment method.

Can I Sit on My Buttocks After the Procedure?

After a butt filler, a client can sit on their buttocks. It is recommended to avoid putting too much pressure on the buttocks. It is best to sit on a soft couch or use pillows underneath. The cosmetic doctor can also advise a patient to lie on the front or side for a few days to let the filler settle. Like most dermal fillers, one can resume their activities immediately.

Will My Butt Look Natural?

Though most butt fillers are associated with an unnatural look, the right cosmetic professional will help a client achieve a natural appearance of the volume and shape you desire. Clients need to be clear on their goals and discuss them before the treatment with the cosmetic doctor. A client should look for a certified cosmetic doctor that is experienced in butt fillers to get the best butt filler treatment.


Non-surgical butt fillers are a great option for people who want to improve their bums’ appearance without surgery. The procedure takes less time and uses fillers injected into the area. The common filler used for butt increase is Sculptra which stimulates the body to produce more collagen leading to an inflammatory response. The procedure, however, requires several treatments over a few months before the last results are visible. Once treatment is done, the effect is a natural-looking bum that does not have stretchmarks or scars. Cons of Sculptra include bumps that cannot be reversed until the effect fades. These are rare and can be avoided by having the procedure done by a certified cosmetic doctor. The effects of bum fillers can last up to two years, and one requires touch-up treatment to maintain the look.


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