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How to Get Rid of Crow’s Feet without Botox

Botulinum toxin injections treat several aging signs, including crow’s feet. Herein is about getting rid of crow’s b feet without botulinum toxin injections, including; what they are and how to treat and prevent them.

The appearance of lines around the eyes without smiling signifiesthe crow’s feet. They are unavoidable since they are early signsof aging that appear naturally. Patients use botulinum toxin injections to alleviate them. However, other remedies other than anti-wrinkle treatments are useful in treating crow’s feet. Use this article to learn more about crow’s feet and other ways to treat them other than botulinum toxin injections.

What Are Crow’s Feet?

Crow’s feet are lines appearing on the eye area, mostly when there is a facial movement, like frowning or smiling. At a young age, facial lines become noticed when smiling, butthey become deep when aging, appearing even when a face is not in motion.The appearance of crow’s feet is due to several factors, but the common one is aging. Taking care of the skin is a way of embracing crow’sfeet. However, they may appear prematurely, and there are various ways of getting rid of them.

How to Treat Crow’s Feet

Different ways of treating crow’s feet include:

Dermal Fillers

According to Trevidic et al. (2020), dermal fillers treat crow’s-feet. They are administered on the crow’s feet using a fine needle. There are several dermal fillers; a cosmetic doctor helps patients choose the perfect filler with long-lasting effects and harmless components.

Chemical Peels

Sharquie, K. E., & Jabbar (2021) noted that chemical peels help reduce the appearance ofcrow’s feet, giving healthy skin and a youthfullook. After placing a chemical mixture on the face area, the best results are obtained, eliminating the old skin. This causes skinrejuvenation. There are various types of chemical fills, which include deep peels, super fiscal peels, and medium–depth peels. The results vary depending on the peel used and the skin type.

Laser Resurfacing

According to Farber et al. (2020), laser resurfacinginvolves extracting the upper and outer skin leaving it with a rejuvenated and perfect skin tone. Laser resurfacing also facilitates the production of collagen. The resurfacing procedure does not prevent the generation of more wrinkles since the muscle movement responsible for causing wrinkles willnot stop them.A cosmetic doctor gives painkillers before beginning the procedure to reduce pain.The treatment lasts afew weeks. Many cosmetic doctors prefer combining this process with botulinum toxin injections to make it more effective in treating crow’s feet.

Topical Creams

Many lotions, creams, and ointments in the market treat crow’s feet since.They prevent and reducetheirappearance. Patients should consult a cosmetic doctor before applying a topical cream on the crow’s feet. This helps determine a suitable product for a client depending on the skin type and effects after treatment.

Ways of Preventing Formation of Crow’s Feet

There are several ways of preventing the crow’s feet from appearing.They include:

Avoid Washing Your Face Too Much

Frequently washing your face leads to wrinkles since it destroys lipids and natural oils, preventing the appearance of crow’sfeet. Patients should avoidusing hot water. Cold water with a moisturizer is best for the skin.

Wear Glasses

Any movement in the eye area, such as rubbing eyes, facilitates the formation of the crow’sfeet. Patients experience blurry vision when aging.Clients should purchase glasses to improve their vision. Having an issue with reading a book and straining hard at work to use a computer are possible causes of crow’s feet.

Avoid Smoking

Nicotine in cigarettes reduces the production of collagen, which repairs and rejuvenates the skin. Despite smoking causing serious health issues, it results in premature aging and the formation ofagingsymptoms like crow’sfeet and wrinkles. According to Goodman et al. (2019), frequent smoking leads to the formation of crow’s feet around the eyes. The compounds in cigarettes lead to the breakdown of collagen responsible for retaining a youthful appearance, leading to early aging signs.

Good Night Sleep

Proper sleep facilitates the easy circulation of oxygen and retains the skin’s elasticity.Sleeping position can lead to wrinkles.Patients should sleep on their backs to avoid the formation of crow’s feet.

Wearing  Sunscreen

According toYamada et al. (2020), the sun’s rays can damage the skin. Therefore, patients should wear sunscreen to prevent the skin from getting damaged and forming crow’s feet and wrinkles.Exposing the skin todirect sunlight enhances thedevelopment of crow’s feet at an early age.

Healthy Diet

Embracing a proper diet is important to improve health and nourish the skin. Patients should consider adding fish, nuts, and avocados to their diet. Monitoringsugar intake and avoiding unhealthy meals are a way of recusing the formation ofcrow’sfeet. Takinga highamount of sugar hinders the normal generation of collagen. This leads to inflammation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crow’s Feet

At What Age Do Crow’s Feet Start to Appear?

There is no specific agewhen crow’s feet start appearing since it varies among clients due to factors like genes, how you expose yourself todirect sunlight andhow you take care of your skin. Crow’s feet appear when aging. Patients should learn ways of preventing them at an early stage.

What Causes Crow’s Feet?

Growing old may lead to the formation of crow’s feet since collagen production reduces. Collagen is a protein that helps rejuvenate the skin, making patients look younger. Old age is not the only cause of aging but also facial motions like smiling and frowning.

When Should I Begin the Crow’s Feet Treatment?

Smile lines are common when laughing, but with time, they deepen and appear when the face is still. These lines appear at different times; hence there is no specified period to begin treatment. Patients should treat crow’s feet before the symptoms start to appear.


Craws feet do not have a constant age when they should appear. Smile lines appearing prematurely or not embracing them may be why many clients get uncomfortable with their looks. Patients cannot avoid crow’s feet. There are several ways to treat them.Clients can use dermal fillers to treat crow’s feet and smile lines. Chemical peeling lasts longer, making it an effective way to treat smile lines. Patients should avoid direct sunlight to prevent the formation of crow’s feet.


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