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What Can You Not Do After Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are growing in popularity because of the vast attention it has received, especially recently. Many people don’t know that this procedure Is not just something one can do lightly.  This article explains what an individual can do after the lip filler treatment procedure.

Lip fillers usually take only about thirty minutes to about one hour, but their results can generally last for as long as a year. Doing the right and enough research about this procedure will help one know what to expect not only during the process but also what to do after the procedure and what one can avoid doing after the procedure.

Introduction to Lip fillers

In the vast world of cosmetic procedures, thereare several things that one might do to look best, depending on what one might want to look like. Dermal fillers are injectionsthat might plump up wrinkles and smooth lines on the face or skin; the cosmetic doctor might inject fillers under the skin tissues in the areas of the mouth, nose, under the eyes or even on the lips.Luthra (2015)explained that lip fillers are under-dermal fillers and are usually used to increase the volume of one’slips. This very popular dermal filler usually takes about thirty to one hour. The most common substance used for lip fillers is hyaluronic acid, which is usually found naturally in the body and is generally found in several brands that differ according to what the patient might prefer.Anyone can get lip fillers, and as the popularity of this procedure grows, many people, particularly young adults and older people, are opting for this way of getting in your bestlook.

Why Use Lip Fillers?

The sun is an excellent source of heat and vitamins, but it can also cause unknown harm to the skin, for example, when exposed to a large amount of heat or sunlight. As one age, the lips may lose volume because of external agents such as the sun, smoking, or genetics. Patients might opt for lip fillers such as these different agents and therefore restore their previous lip size; one might also opt for lip fillers to correct the shape of the lips or get the right symmetry. But just like other procedures, one must take lip fillers seriously.An individual can opt to prepare themselves by doing the right research on various matters, such as what one issupposed to do just before they get to theprocedure.

What Can You Not Do After Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers usually take only a fraction of a particular time;however, as much as this procedure is serious, there are several things that one might consider abandoning for a while right after the procedure to aid the chances of complications.

Avoid Lifting Heavy Objects

The procedure usually involves a lot ofthe body; this mightmean that one might need to review a few things they normally do. Suppose one work involves a lotof physical work or lifting heavy objects. Rivkin (2016) explained that one might consider taking a break for a day or two because strenuous exercise or work might increase the heart rate and chances of swelling and bruising.

Wait Before Applying Makeup

Because the lips are delicate and sore after the procedure, one might consider taking a break from makeup for at least a day or 24 hours to reduce the risk of infection.

Keep Off Alcohol or Smoking

It’s best to avoid taking a lot of alcohol or smoking right after the filler procedure for about 24 hours after getting the lip fillers. Karmacharya et al. (2015) stated that alcoholis a blood thinner, increasing the chances of gettingbruises or inflammation. Taking a lot of alcohol can also dehydrate one’s body; thus, keeping it off is advised. However, one can drink a lot of water to help heal.

Avoid Kissing After Lip Filler Procedures

Like smoking, kissing right after the lip filler procedure might apply a lotof pressure on the lips, making the healing process a little harder. Kissing or smoking will also increase the risk of getting infections.

Avoid Other Procedures

Because the lips might be sore after getting the lip filler, oneshould be more careful to avoid other procedures that might cause more damage. One can schedule a laser treatment about two weeks after the procedure if one plans to have a laser treatment. Laser treatments might cause the lip filler material to break down and dissolve more quickly. Singh & Nooreyezdan (2020) explained that one could also avoid any treatment or medications that might be blood thinners to reduce the chance of bleeding or bruising.

How to Speed up Your Recovery Process

Because the lips might be sore and tender, one should use a pillow while sleeping to avoid pooling in the treated areas.One can also be extra careful with their foodbecause the lips might be slightly numb right after the procedure due to using an anaesthetic. One might be careful not to take too much hot food, especially after the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fillers

Are Lip Fillers Painful?

Many patientssay they don’t feel too much pain;lip fillers are not painful. Furthermore, the cosmetic doctor can apply a numbing cream on one’s lips before and after the procedure to help with the pain.

Are Lip Fillers Safe?

Yes. Lip fillers are considered safe for injection; however, some report side effects such as bruising, swelling or redness that the nature of the procedure might cause. The best thing is that they usually go away after a short while.

Are Lip Fillers Worth It?

Lip fillers are an amazing way of getting rid of the various symptoms of ageing, such as wrinkles and frown lines. The best thing is that compared to other procedures, it is non-invasive and takes only a few minutes to be done, so weigh the benefits and side effects of these procedures, and you will find that they are worth it!

Can I Ride a Bike After Getting My Lip Filler Injection?

No, one should not ride a bicycle after the filler procedure as one is advised to avoid strenuous activity; therefore, one might want to consider scheduling their bike riding session a day or two after getting the lips filled.


Lip fillers are an easy procedure that might not take much of one’stime;however, just like any other procedure, a person might consider taking note of several things they might think to stop to help their recovery. One can consider several things to help improve recovery, such as drinking a lot of water and stop taking alcohol or smoking. Although one might want to look at the best results right after the procedure, onecan wait 24 or 72 hours before applying makeup or lip balms to avoid infections.


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