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How Long Do Russian Lip Fillers Last

Pick up Russia’s new lip filler technique that plumps lips more stylishly. Originating from Russia, it is accessed in the United Kingdom, where people easily harness its effects. But how long does the Russian lipo filler last? Worry less as the article explains Russian lip fillers, why people try Russian lip fillers and elaborateson how long Russian lip fillers last.

The Russian lip filler technique involves injecting lip filler materials vertically in the central areas of the upper lip to achieve v-shaped plump lips. However, like other injectable lip fillers, the Russian technique provides temporal results that last for a few months depending on various factors. Surgical cosmetic lip implants last permanently because they replace the lost lip tissues with plastic-like materials. However, fillers tend to inject dissolvable materials that are gradually metabolised by body mechanisms with time.

What Are Russian Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are a non-surgical cosmetic procedure used to enhance or restore the volume of the lip by injecting the filler materials horizontally into lip tissues. It causes the lip plumpness and fullness to spread evenly to all lip surfaces. According to Adel & Noury (2021), Russian lip fillers are similar to dermal fillers. They are based on lifting the centre of the lips while other lip parts remain relatively in line with one face. Still, they are injected vertically, focusing on the centre of the lips to achieve a heart-shaped lip appearance.

Additionally, Russian lip treatments always take longer than standard lip filler procedures due to the necessary precision that the cosmetic doctor requires to fill only a specified part of the lips. The process can last for about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the speed of the injector. Russian lip fillers also have additional swelling and bruising effects that are completely normal and last for a few days before disappearing. Fortunately, Russian lip fillers last slightly longer than normal fillers because it requires more filler materials to achieve V-shaped plump lips. But oneneeds regular maintenance appointments to retain the admirable result.

Why Do People Try Russian Lip Fillers?

Most people already know the key difference between Russian lip fillers and normal lip fillers is the technique of injecting. Ghasemi et al. (2022) explained that most patients are slowly shifting to the Russian lip enhancement technique since it provides lips that are larger in plumpness without the risk of filler migration. In addition, some patients are uncomfortable with duck lips provided by standard lip fillers. However, they are all aimed at helping patients have plump lips that feel natural. Like common fillers, Russian lip enhancement plumps the centre of lips by injecting body proteins to help lift the deflated lips due to old age, environmental factors, or chronic diseases. Injecting collagen stimulators like poly-l-lactic acid can significantly promotethe natural production of body proteins and fats to keep one’s lips plump. Hyaluronic acid and collagen are natural substances one’s body cells produce to help maintain skin plumpness and hydration. Low production makes the lips appear deflated, dry and cracked. Genetics can also be another reason people try lip enhancement procedures. Some people are born with thin lips. 

How Long Does Russian Lip Filler Last

It is not a straightforward question since people react differently to medications or treatments. Russian lip fillers are not exceptional. They provide immediate lip enhancements that last for a few months. When filler materials are injected into the lips, they are gradually absorbed by body tissues until no signs of plump lips are noticed. Russian lip enhancement technique starts to wear off between the 6th to 12 months after the last injection. The following are factors that affect the longevity of Russian lip filler treatment:

The Type ofRussian Lip Filler

There are different types of lip fillers in cosmetic clinics. Each class can create Russian lips but differs in the longevity of its effects. Cozumel et al. (2021) stated that the most common lip fillers contain hyaluronic acid, a natural substance produced by body glands. It helps achieve heart-shaped lip plumpness and lasts 6 to 10 months, depending on other factors. Collagen stimulators like poly-l-lactic acid and calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHa) are famous for stimulating the natural production of lip fats and proteins to enhance lip volume. They are estimated to last slightly longer than HA fillers for 8 to 12 months.

The Concentration ofthe Filler

Like other medications and supplements, the more concentrated the filler material is, the longer it will take for the patient’s body to metabolise it fully. However, one should be in good health and frequently use dermal fillers to be injected with Russian lip fillers of high potency. It is to minimise any chances of complications.

The Skills ofthe Cosmetic Doctor

The qualification and skills of the cosmetic doctor can have a big impact on the longevity of Russian lip fillers. If the filler materials are injected wrongly into the lip tissues, one may experience some complications, and the result will not last long. Therefore, it is important to review cosmetic doctors’ reputationsbefore seeking lip augmentation.A person can easily analyse other customers’ comments and ratings online in search of the best practitioner.

Patient Body Metabolism

Every patient has different body structures that affect how the body processes, breaks down and absorbs medications or supplements. Russian lip fillers are also processed the same way as other treatments. Hence, the patient’s body metabolic rate can affect how long the body takes to dissolve filler materials.Wong & Tin Hau Sky (2020) explained that young people have a higher body metabolic rate; thus, lip fillers’ effects last shorter compared to seniors. In addition, if the patient is involved in vigorous activities like gym sessions, the Russian lip fillers will last less than the estimated timeframe.

Frequently Asked Questions about Russian Lip Fillers

How Long Do Russian Lip Fillers Take to Settle?

Unlike surgical lip implants, injectable fillers are quick and provide an immediate result with minimal or no downtime. Russian lip fillers take approximately 4 to 5 days to settle, depending on the recovery period from common mild side effects like bruising.

Can You Wear Makeup After Russian Lip Fillers?

One should wait for atleast 48 hours before applying any makeup. As anxious as a person might be to return to their makeup collections, using makeup immediately after injection can make your injection area more susceptible to swelling and bruising.


Russian lip fillers are injected vertically into the central lip tissues to plump the lips in a V-shaped manner. The treatment process is very quick and provides an immediate result that lasts for approximately 6 to 12 months, dependingon factors like the professionality of the cosmetic doctor, the type of Russian filler materials, the concentration injected, and the patient body metabolic rate. Becauseminimal side effects or no complications accompany the treatment, onecan have regular maintenance appointments to prolong your dream plump lips for years.


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