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Why Can’t You Use Sunbeds After Lip Fillers?

Too much sun exposure may cause lip fillers to break down, so most cosmetic doctors advise their patients to avoid the sun for the first twenty-four hours. The article discusses what lip filers are, why onecan’t use sun beds after lip fillers and other things to avoid after lip filers.

Lip fillers involve injecting the lip tissue to restore lost volume and reduce ageing signsaround the lip and mouth area. It is mainly preferred to other invasive cosmetic procedures since they rarely cause any side effects, and its recovery time is quick. Individuals reap varying benefits from lip fillers, including fuller and plumper pout, an enhanced appearance and a more youthful look. Since lip fillers offer a temporary solution, there are certain things one should avoid, sunbeds being one of them. Exposing the lips to the excess sun may cause their effects to degrade quickly. Keep reading to find out why sunbeds aren’t allowed after getting lip fillers.

What Are Lip Fillers

According to Ghasemi et al.(2022),lip filler is aform of dermal filler that has gained popularity among many individuals since it is non-invasive and rarely causes side effects.Goel et al. (2021)stated that this cosmetic procedure utilizes hyaluronic acid as its primary componentsince the body naturally produces it. Other types of lip filler include collagen, silicone and fat. Yamasaki et al.(2020) stated that different people turn to lip filers for various reasons, including; reducing ageing skin, plumper and fuller lip and an enhanced appearance. Lip fillers have become one of the most popular surgical options since it is reversible, have few side effects and work faster than most anti-ageing creams.

Why You Can’t Use Sunbeds After Lip Fillers

Most patients inquire whether it is possible to use a sun bed after lip fillers and if any damage is incurred afterwards. After getting lip fillers, avoiding the mentioned things above for around two weeks is advisable. Additionally, one should apply sunscreen even when staying indoors, even on cold and cloudy days.

Too much exposure to the sun may cause cold sores around the injection site. However, that does not mean an individual shouldn’t bask in the sun. Regular exposure is fine, and no damage is caused. On the other hand, constant sun exposure may cause lip irritation and reduce the filler effects slowing down the healing process. Pascali et al.(2018)explained that the UV rays might degrade hyaluronic acid, one of the most used types of filler. If one has recently had a lip filler treatment, it is importantto consider this. In rare cases, excess sun exposure may cause skin discolouration at the injection site.Hence, limiting the time one spends in the sun is vital. Some tips on what to do and not to do when exposing yourself to the sun after getting lip fillers:

The DO’S

  • Always follow theaesthetic doctor’s aftercare advice to fasten the healing process leaving you with your desired look.
  • Apply sun protection lip skin care such as lip balm and apply sunscreen, especially one with a high SPF
  • Avoid using sunbeds two weeks after the procedure.
  • If by any chance one gets any complications or sunbathes, call the aesthetic doctor immediately.
  • Apply a topical antioxidant

The DONT’s

  • Avoid tanning beds.
  • Avoid getting suntan after the treatment, mainly if bruising occurs. Getting a suntan may cause skin darkening in the long term. One is advised to wait for around two weeks before getting tanned.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure to the lips for an extended period. It is always recommended to wear a wide-brimmed hat that covers the entire face.

What Else to Avoid After Getting Lip Fillers

Apart from sunbeds, there are other thingsone should avoid after getting lip fillers since they degrade their results quickly. They include;

Laser Treatments

Since lasers produce massive heat, they may quickly break down fillers. Hence, most cosmeticdoctors advise against such treatments in the first twenty-four hours after the procedure.


Even though it is allowed to take pain-relieving drugs, there are some medicationsone should keep an eye on. Most especially, blood thinning medication such as fish oils. They increase swelling and bruising linked to the filler treatment.

Using Makeup

It is advisable to wait for around twenty fours before putting any makeup on the lips. Applying a previously used lip skin acre such as lipbalm or lipstickincreases the chancesof an infection. Additionally, if there is a need to apply the makeup, ensure not to exert a lot of pressure.

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption may increase the chances of bruising after the treatment since it expands blood vessels. Hence it is advisable not to consume alcohol for the first twenty-four hours after the treatment.

Strenuous Exercises

Challenging exercises may elevate the blood flow, and in turn, it may lead to bruising on the lips. It is advisable to avoid swimming or jogging for around forty hours after the lip filler treatment.

Other things to avoid include

  • Exerting pressure to the lips, for example, using a straw
  • Facial massage for around two weeks

Frequently Asked Questions about Lip Fillers

How Do I Protect My Lips from Excess Sun Exposure?

An individual may try using a lip balm whose SPF is more than 15. Always ensure to cover the paler regions more.

Does Heat Dissolve Lip Filler?

Excessive heat may cause the filler to break down more quickly,degrading its results. It isadvisable to avoid excess sun exposure after getting fillers. One may have to wait for around one day.

How Long Do I Have to Wait to Sunbed After Getting Lip Fillers

Most cosmeticdoctors advise waiting around two weeks to use a sun bed after lip fillers.A person mayalso avoid other high-temperature places, such as saunas. Yoga is also not recommended since the body produces too much heat during the procedure.


Lip filler is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment involving injecting various parts of the lips for a more voluminous lip look. One of the lip filler patients’ most asked questions is whether it is okay to use a sunbed right after the procedure. Exposing the lips to excess heat causes them to break down more quickly; hence, the results do not last long. If one needs to, there are various things one should keep in mind and follow. They include; wearing a wide-brimmed hat, applying sunscreen or a topical antioxidant and following the cosmetic doctor’s advice. Other things to avoidaftergetting a lip filler include; alcohol, strenuous exercises, facial massages and makeup.


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