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Dermal Fillers

What Procedures Can You Suggest for Hands

Hands have thin skin hence signs of aging are easily noticed. The article outlines the various procedures suggested for hands, including; laser therapy, fractionated laser, and fillers.

Most aging signs, such as dry skin and brittle nails, are harmless. However, it may be a big concern for clients looking for various procedures to make their hands look more youthful. Although anti-aging creams may help, most clients do not find them effective since they are not long-lasting. Hands have one of the thinnest skin, so collagen loss is easily noticeable. They are mostly affected by sun exposure which fastens their aging process.

Hand Procedures

Laser Therapy

Lasers consist of multiple light wavelengths, which are absorbed by various layers of the skin. In laser therapy, a cosmetic doctor focuses the laser on a single part of the skin.

The various types of laser treatments include:

Fractionated Lasers

Seago et al. (2020) stated that the Fractional laser procedure involves skin resurfacing. The study above also revealed that it helps tackle sun damage and the appearance of fine lines. A specific area is targeted with a particular pattern damaging less hand tissue. It also makesit possible for fast recovery. Filippini et al. (2020) noted that Fractional laser results are seen after three to four sessions. Its downtime may be affected by various factors, such as the type of laser used. According to Kwon et al. (2020), patients take 2-3 days to recover after having a fractional laser procedure. Al-Niaimi et al. (2020) suggested that Patients may also experience skin redness and tenderness after laser procedures.

Intense Pulsed Light

Intense pulse light treats sun damage,hyperpigmentation, and acne.Contrary to popularbelief, it is not a type of laser. However, it may tackle the same issues lasers can. A broad spectrum of light is utilized to heat certain skin pigments, causing their breakdown.A higher risk of hyperpigmentation in patients with dark skin can result after treatment. It isimportant to consult an aesthetic doctor before the procedure. Tashbayev et al. (2020) claimed that Patients might notice swelling and skin redness after an intensed pulse light procedure. Luckily, within two days, they will subside.

Carbon Dioxide Laser

This type of laser treatment is the most intensive one. Its existence has lasted for quite some time and is popularly known for its rejuvenating benefit. Lan et al. (2018) noted that the carbon dioxide laser treats aging skin. In this procedure, the electricity from photons creates a far infrared spectrum, which is emitted in the beams and absorbed by the skin. This laser damages the targeted area, leaving the surrounding ones undamaged.

The carbon dioxide laser treatment is one of the few options targetingthe dermis and epidermis. According to Salah et al. (2020),the carbon dioxide laser procedure eliminates some parts of the epidermis, although it stimulates the regeneration of epidermal cells. The study above also claimed that it boosts collagen production, making the hands plumper through skin tightening. This cosmetic procedure addresses various issues, including fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars.

Unlike the traditional carbon dioxide laser treatments, which cause scarring and are more painful, this new versionhas a fast recovery process and tackles aging issues better. It is also less painful.


There are various fillers, hyaluronic acid, and collagen fillers being the major ones. Aesthetic doctors recommend fillers for patients with lost volume in their hands, resulting in sagging skin. However, most cosmetic practitioners prefer hyaluronic acid since it is natural and rarely causes any bruising during the procedure. Karasawidis et al. (2021) suggested that Hyaluronic acid fillers may last for around six to twelve months.

Poly-l-lactic-acid and calcium hydroxyapatite last longer.

No matter the type of filler, constant touch up is required to maintain the look. Fat fillers may also be used on hands. Since the filler industry is unregulated, seeking treatment from a qualified and experienced cosmetic doctor is vital.

Chemical Peeling

Conforti et al.(2020) noted that chemical peeling is an aesthetic procedure that utilizes acid for skin exfoliation. According to Amore et al. (2021), a chemical peel is usedto smoothen rough skin, alleviating aging signs on the hand, such as wrinkles. Itis advisable to moisturize daily to increase its effects’ longevity after chemical peel procedures.


According to Sobkowska et al.(2022), radiofrequency entails applying heat to the hand tissuesfor maximum tightening and combatting loose skin. Radiofrequencynormally requires one session, and you are good to go.


According to Fayyad et al.(2020), cryotherapytreatment freezes and eliminates unwanted skin lesions using liquid nitrogen. Shirzadi et al. (2021) claimed that the cryotherapy recovery process takes three to four weeks to heal fully. The amount of treatment needed varies from one patient to another depending on the actinic keratosis width and thickness.


Al-Khazraji et al.(2019) noted that sclerotherapy helps treat enlarged blood vessels found at the hand back. They are referred to as varicose veins. This treatment involves utilizing a chemical solution in the protruding vein that leads to theclosing and scaring of the main vein.

Frequently Asked Questions about Procedures for the Hand

Which Procedure Is Best for Ageing Hands?

Laser treatment is the most effective procedure. Laser technology is used to heat collagen, lifting and tightening the skin. This option tightens the hands’ skin through multiple treatments such as fractionated laser, ultra-therapy, and intense pulse light.

What Are the Major Causes of Wrinkles on the Hands?

Wrinkles are one of the most noticeable aging signs. They occur due to constant sun exposure. Although genetics can cause wrinkles, frequent sun exposure takes the lead. Patients with light skin are more prone to wrinkles. Other cause of wrinkles includes environmental pollutants and smoking.

What Are Fillers?

Filers is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure involving injecting various skin partsto enhance volume and reduce aging signs.

The Bottom Line

Skin aging is an inevitable process. One of the most noticeable body parts showing aging signsearlier is the hands. Various factors that make hands look older include brittle nails and sun spots. Although most aging signs are harmless, patients shouldconsult a cosmetic doctor if they notice unusual skin irritation. The symptoms may indicate precancerous skin cells. Aging hands are not a big concern; however, it may mess with appearance. Multiple procedures may help reverse the aging process, including laser treatments, fillers, radio frequency, and chemical peeling.Consult a cosmetic doctor to find the best option before undergoing any procedure.


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