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What to Avoid Before Lip Fillers

Are you ready to plump up those puckers? Before you dive into the world of lip fillers, let’s talk about the things you should steer clear of. Think of it like prepping for a red carpet event – you wouldn’t want any unwanted surprises, right? Say no to NSAIDs, bid adieu to that evening smoke, and put the vitamin E on pause. We’re serious about this – even sunbathing is off-limits. Why? Because these little habits can play spoiler for your lip enhancement dreams. But fear not! We here to spill the tea on the do’s and don’ts. Ready to pout perfection? Let’s begin.

Things to Avoid Before the Injections

Medications and Supplements

Before diving into the world of lip fillers, it’s crucial to understand the no-go zone. Medications and supplements can be the silent saboteurs of your lip enhancement dreams. Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs), fish oil, vitamin E, and certain herbal remedies – these are the party crashers that can mess with the magic about to happen on your lips.

NSAIDs, like aspirin or ibuprofen, can increase the risk of bleeding, turning your lip journey into a crimson mess. Fish oil and vitamin E, while great for your health, can also amplify bleeding. Herbal remedies? They may have side effects that can throw off your lip filler game. It’s like trying to create a masterpiece with expired paint – not happening!

Alcohol and Smoking

Now, let’s talk about some habits that can act as serious spoilers for your lip enhancement adventure. Alcohol and smoking – the dynamic duo of lip sabotage. Alcohol can increase the risk of bruising, while smoking can reduce blood flow, hindering the healing process.

Picture your lips as glamorous movie stars. Would you let them step onto the red carpet looking anything less than fabulous? No way! Smoking and excessive drinking are like sending your lips into battle without proper armor – a recipe for disaster.

UV Light

Lastly, let’s talk about sun exposure. Your lips need VIP protection, not a sunburn. UV rays can not only damage your skin but also interfere with the healing process post-filler. Sun-exposed lips might not recover as quickly, leading to prolonged downtime and potential complications.

Think of it like sending your lips to a beach party without sunscreen – it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Sun protection is like giving your lips an exclusive backstage pass to a VIP area, shielded from any unwanted drama.

Why Avoid These Things?

Ever wondered why steering clear of certain activities and substances is crucial before diving into lip fillers? The success of your procedure hinges on it. An unsuccessful session opens the door to a host of complications that we definitely want to avoid. The stakes are high, and here’s why:


Allowing these substances into the mix before the filler can pave the way for infection. It’s like leaving the front door open for unwanted guests – complications that can disrupt the lip enhancement party.

Filler Migration

Imagine the filler as a VIP guest who decides to wander off to areas they weren’t invited. Filler migration is a risk we can’t afford, as it might lead to uneven results and dissatisfaction.

Irregularities and Lumps

Nobody wants a lumpy lip landscape. Steering clear of certain substances helps maintain the smooth, flawless finish everyone desires. It’s like ensuring the red carpet is flawless for your lip’s grand entrance.


Think of scarring as the uninvited graffiti on a masterpiece. By avoiding specific activities, we reduce the risk of scarring, preserving the beauty of your lip enhancement.

Blocked Blood Vessels and Tissue Death

This is the worst-case scenario – blocked blood vessels leading to tissue death and potential blindness. It’s like playing with fire. By following the guidelines, we mitigate this risk, ensuring a safe and successful lip transformation.

What to Do On the Day of Treatment


Now that we’ve covered the “no-go” list, let’s shift gears to the “must-do” list. Think of your lips as a race car – they need fuel to perform at their best. Hydration is the key. Drink water like it’s your job in the days leading up to your lip enhancement. Hydrated lips are plumper, and the injection process becomes smoother. It’s like prepping the race car with the finest fuel for an optimal performance.

Eat a Small Meal

Eating a small meal before your lip filler appointment is crucial. It’s like giving your lips a power snack before their big moment. A mini-meal ensures that your blood sugar levels are stable, preventing dizziness during the procedure. You wouldn’t want your lips feeling weak on the red carpet, right?

Clean Your Face

Cleanse your face like you’re prepping a canvas for a masterpiece. Your face is the canvas, and your lips are the focal point. A clean canvas ensures the filler works its magic without any interference. It’s like providing the artist with a blank slate – pure and ready for creation.

Reducing Swelling and Bruising After Lip Filler Injections

Apply Ice

The party is over, and now it’s time for the after-party care. Ice packs and gentle massage are your lip’s BFFs. Imagine it as a lip cool-down session – essential to ease any swelling or bruising. Bruising and swelling, be gone! These post-procedure tricks are like the VIP after-party – exclusive, effective, and your lips will thank you.

How to Prolong the Results

Stay Hydrated at All Times

Want your lip glow to last longer? Hydrate like it’s your job. Water is the golden ticket to keeping your lips plump and hydrated. It’s like sending your lips to a spa retreat – pamper them with hydration, and watch the magic last.

Avoid Stress and Sunshine Exposure

Stress and sunlight are the ultimate lip enemies. Shield your lips from stress by practicing relaxation techniques. Stress can accelerate the breakdown of filler, leading to shorter-lasting results. Also, protect those lips from the sun by wearing a wide-brimmed hat. UV rays can degrade the filler and affect the longevity of your lip enhancement. It’s like giving your lips a shield against the forces that want to dull their sparkle.

Unleash The Power of a Perfect Pout

As we wrap up this lip adventure, remember – it’s not just about filler; it’s about embracing the power of your perfect pout. Say no to the saboteurs, welcome the pre-filler rituals, and savor the after-party care. Picture your lips as the protagonists in their own blockbuster. Take charge, shield them from stress, hydrate like it’s an art form, and let the magic linger. Your lips are the canvas; let the masterpiece unfold. This isn’t just about fillers; it’s a lip revolution. Now, step into the limelight, let your lips shine, and own the confidence that comes with your perfect pout.

Marie Salbuvik