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What to Avoid Before Lip Fillers

Most people’s goal in undertaking lip filler injections is to restore or add volume to the lips, thereby attaining an attractive look. This article explains important tips to consider before and after the procedure, common signs of bad lip injections and the benefits of lip fillers.

Many people get lip fillers daily, but almost all have one thing in common. They undergo the procedure without knowing what they should or shouldn’t do to achieve the best results. Lip fillers are injections to the lips that help restore lost volume, shape the lips and make lips bigger. Most lip injection fillers are made of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is naturally available in the body. For this reason, it has a good effect on the lips, with almost zero chances of experiencing allergic reactions. To make lip filler injections successful, patients should know what cosmetic doctors expect from them before and after the procedure.

What to Avoid Before the Procedure

Do not take blood thinners five days before the procedure. According to Rail et al. (2019), blood thinners increase the chances of getting bruises and may cause bleeding in the area of injection, and some include aspirin, vitamin E and fish oils. One should avoid the procedure if they had recent dental treatment. It allows any wounds to heal and minimise the spread of bacteria.

Avoid lip filler injections if one is waiting to attend any big event. The chances of damaging the injected area are higher because of possible movements. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should avoid cosmetic injections. It is to prevent issues like swelling in the mother, and also, there might be effects of the filler on breast milk. Avoid taking alcohol 24 hrs before injection. Kim et al. (2014) state that alcohol increases the chances of bruising. Individuals are advised not to apply facial makeup when reporting for injection appointments.

What to Do Before the Procedure

A person should research to ensure that the cosmetic doctor is of qualified standards with the needed skills for the job. The quality of the cosmetic doctor used determines the quality of the injection procedure outcome. It also helps to minimise problems associated with bad lip injections. Some of the most common signs of bad lip injections are:


Bruising occurs when the needle is accidentally injected into a blood vessel within the lip. Broward (2013) stated that a small bruise is normal, but a large one may cause a haematoma, which forms a large mass under the skin and can damage surrounding tissues.


Allergic reactions may cause lumpiness. It can also be caused by a bad technic of injection or the use of a filler with high viscosity. Using force to remove lumps can affect the final result. Therefore, it is better to visit a cosmetic doctor when one experiences a lump.


It is the most serious problem that is caused by bad injection. It is caused by obstruction of a blood vessel, causing blood and nutrients to reach tissues. It results in the death of tissues. Necrosis causes whitening or purple discolouration of lip tissue and feeling severe pain in the lips.

Can You Correct Bad Lip Injection?

It is done by dissolving the original lip filler using hyaluronidase injections near the filler. According to Abduljabbar & Basendwh (2016), hyaluronidase is an enzyme that breaks the filler and speeds up the dissolving process that would have taken place. It is used to correct bad injections in other parts of the face, like under the eye area and cheeks, if the injected filler consists of hyaluronic acid. After getting the right cosmetic doctor, the patient should provide relevant and helpful information to the cosmetic doctor in carrying out the procedure. This kind of information includes:

  • Whether one is taking any medication
  • Do one bruise easily? It can enable the cosmetic doctor to recommend products before the procedure to prevent bruising.
  • Whether one has experienced herpes breakouts and sores due to a cold, it can assist in minimising possible breaks out.

Make sure you explain how you would like your lips to look after the injection. Creating a good picture for the cosmetic doctor enables them to give the desired outcome.

After Injection Treatment

What to Avoid After the Procedure

One is advised not to do any aerobic activity after the procedure to avoid filler from migrating from its area of injection since exercises increase blood flow which may cause swelling of lips. Individuals should avoid touching and pressing the injected area about six hours after the procedure. One should not schedule dental treatment at least two weeks after the procedure. It is advised to avoid using makeup too soon after the procedure.

How to Improve Recovery Time After the Procedure

One should stay hydrated by drinking enough water. Also, they can ask the cosmetic doctor when they can schedule a follow-up appointment. It is also important to call the cosmetic doctor when one has any concerns. Be careful while eating food. Using aesthetics to numb the skin can result in continuous numbness after the procedure. Patients might take hot drinks but might not feel it. It can result in bruising the lips. One should elevate their head to prevent blood from pulling in the treated part when sleeping.

Benefits of Lip Filler Injections

Lip fillers help to achieve a youthful appearance. Smoothening of wrinkles and lines at the end of each side of the mouth give a better appearance and eliminates the old-age look. It also helps to add up the volume of lips lost due to the loss of collagens. Lip fillers can form asymmetry in lips if one lip is smaller than the other; injections are done on the smaller one to achieve a better overall appearance. Asymmetry helps in creating an attractive smile. It also helps restore lip volume as it can add up the volume of lips lost due to old age making the lips plumper. The addition of volume in lips for individuals with small lips can increase the sizes of their lips through injections. The cosmetic doctor decides on the number of fillers to use depending on the desired volume of lips by the patient.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lip Fillers

Can Lip Fillers Look Natural?

Yes. It depends on how enhanced the patient wants the lips to look. To achieve a natural appearance of lips, choose an experienced cosmetic doctor.

How Will My Lips Feel with Lip Injections?

The lips will not feel any different if the procedure is done correctly. Lip injections are safe and immensely popular.

Can I Get Lip Filler in One Lip?

One can get lip filler wherever they are, and the cosmetic doctor decides what will work best to achieve the desired result. One can do lip filler in one lip.


Getting the best lip injection experience means that one gets the best preparation and best results when getting the injection. Always do research and decide on the best cosmetic doctor. Good preparation for injection is as good as getting the intended result. If one has concerns about how their body would react to fillers, it is better to consult a cosmetic doctor. It is better to have a clear expected result and ensure the cosmetic doctor can plan effectively to achieve that result. Lip fillers do not show permanent results, but several injections can improve their effects.


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