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What to Expect after Botox

Having reasonable expectations is one way of making sure you do not get disappointed with your results. Botulinum toxin treatment is safe, with almost immediate results and no downtime. This article will discuss the botulinum treatment procedure, what happens after the treatment, the results and some frequently asked questions.

 Maintaining a youthful look is a dream of all clients. Unfortunately, you cannot escape the ageing symptoms like wrinkles. Botulinum toxin treatment is a cosmeticprocedure that reduces the appearance of laugh lines and wrinkles on the facial area. Theprocess is quick and lasts less than thirty minutes. You may experience side effects after Botox, including minorswelling andredness. These side effects will disappear, but if they persist, talk to your cosmetic provider, who will tell you if you can take any drugs.

What Happens after Botulinum Toxin Treatment?

The downtime is very short if a highly skilled anaestheticdoctor carries out the procedure. According to D’Souza & Ng (2020), botulinum toxin treatment is non-invasive. Some minor side effects, such as swelling and bruising, may appear after the anti-wrinkle treatment.However, they last for a short period and fade on their own. Talk to your doctor about the painkillers you can take if you experience adverse effects. You should also avoid rubbing the injected area for 24 hours to evadespreading the toxin to other body parts. Follow your cosmeticdoctor’s guidance to quicken your recovery and avoid worsening the side effects.

What is Botox?

Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin thatrelaxes the muscles making them less active. According to June et al. (2018), the toxin treatment smoothens fine lines and reduces facial wrinkles.

Botulinum Toxin Treatment Procedure

After consulting a qualified cosmetic doctor, he will ensure that the area to be injected is clean. He will then inject the botulinum toxin using a small needle.  Your number of injections depends on your skin and the injection site. You will only experience mild discomfort during the procedure since your cosmetic provider will apply a numbing cream to the injected area to ensure the whole treatment is painless.

After the treatment, you may resume your daily routines.  You may experience some swelling after the procedure, which doesnot last for long before they disappear. Bruising occurs in rare cases, but you should consider visiting a skilled anaesthetic provider. A good cosmetic doctor helps reduce any side effects. After the procedure, avoid rubbing the injected area since it may spread the toxin to other areas that have not been injected.

Botulinum Toxin Results

According to Park &Ahn (2021), the results of botulinum toxin injections are determined by the cosmetic doctor’s skills, the volume, spreading, and dilution of the product being injected. The appearance of the effects varies from one client to another, and in most cases, you may notice your skin becoming smooth after three days. You should experience the full effects of the anti-wrinkle treatment after four weeks. The effects last for three to six months.You can visit your doctor for another checkup o top-ups to prevent botulinum toxin results from being broken down by the body.

Botox Aftercare

You will be given several guidelines by your anaesthetic doctor after the treatment to facilitate quick recovery and prevent the side effects from worsening. They include:

Do Not Consume Alcohol or Engage in Any Hard Exercise

After the botulinum toxin treatment, do not drink alcohol since it worsens the bruising and swelling that may result after the procedure. According to Sachdeva et al. (2021), youshould not engage in hard and strenuous exercises 24 hours after the treatment since youmay end up scratching yourself or damaging your face while doing the exercise. Giving yourself a break from exercise for several days will speed up your recovery.

Do Not Massage the Injected Area After the Treatment

Physical face contact or rubbing the injected area may worsen the sideeffects and increase recovery. Anymassaging or rubbing of the injected area may spread the toxin to other body organs. Do not massage your face for 24 hours after the treatment.

Avoid Exposing Yourself to the Sun

Wait for twenty-four hours before exposing yourself to the sun or heated places like saunas. Too much heat can worsen bruising because it raises blood pressure.

Talk to Your Doctor

Keep in touch with your doctor to ensure you follow the correct guidelines. Some minor side effects like bruising and swelling, which may occur and do not take long before they disappear, should not stress you much. If you notice these effects worsening instead of disappearing, call your doctor.Also, before you decide on using any painkillers or drugs, you should consult your cosmetic provider

Frequently Asked Questions about Botox

How Should I Sleep After Botox?

Avoid pressing the injected area for 24 hrs. It is advisable to sleep on your back after the anti-wrinkle treatment.

What Will Happen If I Stop Using Botulinum Toxin?

If you stop having botulinum toxin injections, you will not experience any major complications, but the conditions you prevented using the treatment may start to appear. The results of botulinum toxin treatments last 3 to 6 months. If you fail to go for any top-ups, the botulinum toxin begins to break down. Once the toxin is broken down, the wrinkles may start forming again. If you want to stop using the toxin injection, you should consult your anaestheticdoctor, who will give you proper guidelines.

When Can I Begin the BotoxTreatment?

Botulinum toxin treatment should be done for clients above the age of 18. Also, botulinum toxin treatments are mainly used for cosmetic purposes to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. Therefore, one can go for the anti-wrinkle treatment when these signs appear.


Preventing and treating the ageing symptoms like fine lines is one of the reasons why people get botulin toxin injections. The anti-wrinkle treatment is effective, with minor side effects and no downtime.You can continue with your normal schedule after the treatment. Before you get the treatment, go for a consultation and ensure that your aesthetic practitioner knows the outcome you expect. The results are not instant; you may start noticing some effects two to four days after the treatment, and you will obtain the full results after thirty days.


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