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Dermal Fillers

How Often to Get Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are used to enhance the facial appearance. Read this article to know how soon you can get another lip filler injection and the factors to consider when getting a lip filler. This article will also discuss the FAQs about lip fillers.

Before lip enhancement procedures, all a person could do to contour, pucker-up and conceal defects would have been with makeup. The beauty industry has several inventions for long–term solutions, including lip fillers. Lip enhancement can be done within minutes,lasting for as long as three to twelve months through fillers. Instead of undergoing an intensive procedure that may fail to deliver the desired effect, the patient can have lip fillers depending on the type of filler. If the patient does not like it, it can be dissolved. Read on to know more about lip fillers and how often you can get them;

What are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are injectablecompoundsthat change the lips’ shape, contour or size. Lip fillers are popular because they are less drastic than plastic surgery and are also non-invasive. They may be more suited for patients who do not want a permanent change; however, if they want to maintain the look, they can always get a re-touch.

How Soon Can You Get Another Lip Filler Injection?

Lip fillers have improved over the years, and the treatment is safe. You can add fillers after a previously done treatment. However, it is important to seek the doctor’s opinion to determine if you are the right candidate for the procedures, as it may not be safe in the long run. Hong, Kim & Kim (2019) stated that as the injections increase, so do the risks.

Factors To Consider When Getting a Lip Filler

You can have the lip fillers as often as your cosmetic doctor advises. However, the factors to consider before getting lip fillers for the first time will remain constant for the consecutive times you will have the treatment. The following are the factors that you should consider when having a lip filler;

The Look You Want to Achieve

Before you decide to have lip filler treatments, you should have a picture in mind about what you want the doctor to do. Do you want a subtle touch, a re-touch, or wish to have your lips reshaped?

The Doctor’s Opinion

Seeking the doctor’s services impacts the outcome of the procedure. You can ask your cosmetic doctor questions such as the cost of the treatment and what you should expect before, during, or after the treatment. You can also inform the doctor about your medical history so that they can decide on the type of filler to use. Some of the information that you can share is if you have had a lip filler and any allergies you may have.

The Cost

The cost of lip fillers in the UK varies.The cost may still be higher or lower depending on various factors. The cost of the filler will be determined by the following;

Geographical Location

The geographical location of the aesthetic clinic will determine the cost of the lip fillers because the practitioners in affluent areas have more overhead costs to cater to than their counterparts in low-cost areas. Affluent people are also willing to pay for cosmetic procedures. The cosmetology industry runs on demand and supply. The more patients, the cheaper the procedure.

Type of Filler

There are different types of fillers, and so are the costs. For instance, hyaluronic acid fillers seem to be the cheapest among all the fillers. Eldeweik (2021)and Cymrot (2022)stated that the hyaluronic lip filler is simple, cheaper, and offers a natural look at a lower cost. However, it is a temporary filler.

On the other hand, the more expensive fillers last for long and cost the highest. Hyaluronic acid filler is cheaper and more versatile. The main advantage of hyaluronic acid is that if the patient does not like the outcome, it is easily dissolved in hyaluronidase enzyme, unlike other fillers like collagen, which cannot be dissolved. The patient has to wait for it to dissolve naturally. Paap&Silkiss (2020) stated that hyaluronidase degrades hyaluronic acid.

The Doctor’s Reputation

Famous aesthetic practitioners are usually the most expensive.If you want your filler treatment done on a low budget, it will be best to avoid celebrity aestheticians. It is worth noting that the cost is not related to the quality, and you can find good services from experienced and qualified practitioners.The treatment results are better if the aesthetic practitioner has the expertise. According to Rauso et al. (2020), the client who avoids a professional cosmetic doctor to ease the financial burden and opts to self–injects is likely to suffer more complications than the patient who seeks the services of a skilled practitioner.

FAQsAbout Lip Fillers

Do Permanent Fillers Exist?

No, permanent fillers do not exist. However, a filler is ‘permanent’if it takes longer to wear out.

Why Are Lip Fillers So Expensive?

The dynamics of the cosmetic industry are based on demand and supply. Aesthetic treatments are usually expensive, and lip fillers are no different. Therefore, despite the increased popularity of lip fillers in the UK, most people do not seek lip filler treatments.

In the UK, Do I Have to Be Injected By a Licenced Person?

No, you do not have to be injected by a licenced person in the UK. Anyone can be a filler injector. However, it is best to check in with a licenced practitioner in case of complications.

Which Is the Best Lip Filler?

The best lip filler depends on the needs of the patient. However,the hyaluronic filler is considered the most common and versatile filler. The one factor that makes it outstanding is that if the patient is discontent with the treatment outcome, the filler can be removed or dissolved with hyaluronidase enzyme.


Lip fillers are a popular treatment among people who want to enhance the looks of their lips. However, lip fillers are temporary. The patient may wish to retain the enhancement and need a re-touch. The patient may get the lip fillers as frequently as they want, preferably under the doctor’s guidance. The patient who avoids involving an experienced person in the procedure may suffer more complications than the client who sought the services of a skilled practitioner. During the next visits, the patient needs to consider the factors they considered during the first visit but may need to inform the doctor that they have ever had a lip filler.


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