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What Happens After Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers should help one increase the volume and fullness of their lips. However, what happens after this cosmetic procedure is not always the same for every patient. This article explains what happens after the lip filler treatment procedure.

Having high expectations about something or someone is never a good idea. That is because if what one expects to happen does not turn outas onehad imagined, one will get crashed. Even so, it does not meanindividualsshould not have positive beliefs. When it comes to cosmetic procedures, good expectations will help us reach our goals. Having hope that a treatment like lip fillers will help us achieve our desired lip appearance will give us the right attitude and direct our actions to get whatwe want. If one has not yet pursued a lip filler injection, they might have expectations of how their lips will lookafter the procedure.

What Happens During a Typical Aesthetic Lip Injection?

Achieving one’sdream of voluptuous lips requires a quick visit to a cosmetic doctor’s clinic. Before one isinjected, the aesthetic practitionerwill apply a numbing cream like lidocaine to the chosen area. Ogilvie et al. (2020)stated that getting anaesthetizedreduces pain while receiving the treatment. Also, the numbing substances will reduce the sensitivity of the injected spot, allowing the patient to experience less discomfort and pressure.Many patients mention the slight pinchof the sharp needle inserted into their liptissues. The pain felt during a lip injection is manageable and will disappear almost immediately, depending on the professionalism and injection expertise appliedby the cosmetic doctor.After the treatment, the aesthetic doctor will send you home with a lip ointment and aftercare directions. Make sure you follow all the instructions to achievethe desired cosmetic goals early and for a long time.

What Happens After the Lip Filler Injection?

Based on the lip transformation and facial glow of celebrities who have lip injections and expect thesame results, lip filler injections are seen to give satisfying outcomes. If the aestheticprocedure were correctly performed, by an experienced cosmetic doctor, using the appropriate filler ingredients, one would enjoy the good benefits of lip filler. More so, as long as a personmaintainthe recommended aftercare tips, these are the results that will get after lip filler injection;

  • Fine wrinkles and lip lines areeradicated.
  • The lips will become symmetrical, evenness on the right and left sides andthe bottom and top parts.
  • Improved shape and contour of the lips
  • Enhancedvolume and size of the lips

How Long Will These Effects Last?

Normally, patients are concerned about whether the effects of lip filler will last long or only for a while. Of course, the patient wants to know if the lip glow-up is a long-term experience or if the excitement will be cut short after a few days. The good news is that investing in lip injections is worth it because the results are instant, and the benefits will serve you for weeks. The outcomes of lip filler treatment are not permanent because the body metabolizes the fillers after some time. Rzany et al. (2012)explained that most lip fillers would last about eight weeks. The aesthetic injection ingredients may last longer than eight weeks in patientswith slower metabolism due to their body’s slowness in metabolizing the fillers.Individuals can extend the desired results by going for periodic maintenancesessions. A follow-up visit to your cosmetic doctor is importantas it allows touch-ups and adjustments to your lip’s size and shape, giving you perfect lips.

What Should You Expect after Lip Fillers Treatment?

Don’t Anticipate Perfection

Cosmetic procedures improve facial appearance by reshaping parts of one’s face that don’t have the desired features. It’s good to be hopeful for the best, but don’t be unrealistic and expect the treatment to give you the look of movie stars. To avoid disappointment, anticipate improvement instead of perfection. Don’t count on lip filler treatment to saveyour failing relationship, make you have more friends, or give you a promotion at work. Instead, focus on the real benefits, such as your lips will look better, your overall facial appearance will improve, and you will feel happy and satisfied.

High Expenses

AestheticLip filler treatment isn’t covered by health insurance. This procedure costshundreds or thousands ofdollars, depending on the nature of the injection. Additional corrective procedures and follow-up care costs will also be on them. One should notopt for lip filler if you don’t have a good financial plan.

Know the Risks

According to De Boulle et al. (2015),some patients get dissatisfied with lip filler treatment because they are unaware of the side effects and possible complications. Be prepared for swelling and slight bruises after the treatment. However, these reactions should not make one reconsider theirdecision to get lip filler injections because they will disappear after a few days.

Recovery Measures

Most cosmetic procedures might need months, weeks, or days for the patient to recover. Huynh &Priefer (2020)stated that lip filler patients only need a few days to recover fully. The patientshould be ready to adjust after the procedure to achieve faster recovery. Some of the aftercare tips within 48 hours after the lip injectioninclude;

  • Avoiding makeup
  • Avoid intense exercise
  • Drink lots of water for faster healing
  • Avoid consuming too much sodium
  • Sleep with your head raised, and don’t sleep on your back or stomach
  • Avoid acidic foods and drinks that may irritate the lips skin


Whether one had high or low expectations about lip filler treatment, one thing is for sure; getting filler injection on the lips will give you attractive, voluptuous lips. One will love every transformation that will happen after getting this treatment. All one has to do is seek a professional lip injector cosmetic doctor, consult on the options, and push through with the procedure.


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Monika Wasserman